Corona rules in bavaria more visitors allowed at sports and cultural events

The capacity limit for culture and sports will be raised to 50 percent, the Bavarian Council of Ministers announced on 25. Januar 2022 beschlossen. What other Corona rules apply in Bavaria.

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What applies to sporting and cultural events?

Cultural and sporting events may be held in Bavaria with capacity restrictions. To the 27. Januar 2022 wird die Kapazitatsbegrenzung von 25 Prozent auf 50 Prozent der verfugbaren Platze angehoben. Here, 2G plus continues to apply in indoor areas and 2G in the open air. The FFP2 mask requirement will also remain in place. For all those who have a booster vaccination ("booster"), the obligation to test will cease on the day of the booster vaccination.
No testing is required at the following 2G plus events:

  • Open-air sports venues for own sporting activities (2G plus still applies to spectators at sporting events)
  • offentliche Veranstaltungen (z. B. offentliches Gedenken, kommunale Events, Werbeveranstaltungen) und private Veranstaltungen (private Feiern) unter freiem Himmel, ausgenommen Sport- und Kulturveranstaltungen
  • Zoological and botanical gardens (including indoor areas)
  • Memorial sites (including indoor sites)
  • Amusement parks (including indoor areas)
  • Excursion boats
  • Guided tours in the open air

2G plus continues to apply for:

  • Sportveranstaltungen (als Zuschauer),
  • Indoor sports practice
  • Kulturveranstaltungen
  • Fairs, conferences, congresses
  • Exhibitions, castles (indoor)
  • Baths, spas, saunas, solariums, gyms, other recreational areas.

Sonderfall: uberregionale Kultur- und Sportveranstaltungen

In the case of supra-regional sporting events, to which more than 1.000 spectators are expected – such as Bundesliga matches but also concerts – are expected to 27. January 2022 spectators will be allowed again. A maximum of 25 percent of available seats may be occupied, with ONLY seating allowed, no standing room. Absolute upper limit of persons is 10.000 persons. In addition, the following applies: distance rules must be observed, FFP2 masks are mandatory, 2G plus and alcohol sales and consumption are prohibited.

What applies to driving schools and master classes?

Examinations, master classes and the entire driving school area will be accessible after 3G in the future.

What applies to unvaccinated children over age 14?

Underage students over the age of 14 are allowed to attend catering and hospitality services and engage in sporting, artistic and musical activities on their own without being vaccinated at 2G or 2G plus – as they are, after all, tested regularly at school. The decisive factor is that the children themselves are active, not passive consumers – they are therefore excluded from events such as concerts, cinema or stadium visits. By decision of the Bavarian Council of Ministers on 25. January, students – vaccinated or unvaccinated – are allowed to go to school from 27. January also participate again in offers of youth work.

Children under 14 are exempt from 2G and 2G plus anyway.

What are hotspot areas in Bavaria??

Despite further increasing incidences in Bavaria, the Bavarian Council of Ministers in view of the Omikron variant on 25. January 2022 decided that the hotspot rule will remain suspended.

In Bavaria, hotspot areas are those counties where the 7-day incidence exceeds 1.000 lies. Here public life comes to a standstill to a large extent. Except for retail, where an area of 20 square meters must be available per customer, these establishments must close: Restaurants, clubs and bars, recreational facilities and hotels; body-related services with the exception of hairdressers are prohibited, as are cultural and sporting events, conferences and congresses. Universities as well as extracurricular educational institutions, such as adult education centers, must switch to distance education. Schools and daycare centers remain open; 3G applies in the workplace resp. 3Gplus.

What applies to all with booster vaccination ("Booster")?

Those who have received their booster vaccination do not need to present a test at a 2G plus event from the day of vaccination onwards. Exceptions are visits to nursing homes and homes for the elderly – here the obligation to test continues to apply to all.

In addition, fully immunized individuals who caught an infection before the booster do not have to submit to another test afterward at 2G plus. This means that an infection is considered the same as a vaccination.

What applies to restaurants and catering establishments?

2G continues to apply in all Bavarian restaurants and catering establishments. In addition, the curfew will remain from 22.00 a.m. For more information, see: Curfew and closure of bars, clubs and discos

What quarantine rules apply in Bavaria?

What to do if I am suddenly contact person? How long do I have to be in quarantine? And from when can I exempt myself? Read more here: I am vaccinated and contact person – what to do?

Contact restrictions also for vaccinated and recovered

For private meetings of vaccinated and recovered persons, the following applies: a maximum of ten persons may meet, whereby children under 14 years of age are not counted.

Important: Once an unvaccinated person is present, a maximum of two people from another household may be present.

What applies to unvaccinated persons in Bavaria?

Unvaccinated persons may now meet privately or even in public spaces only with a maximum of two other persons outside their own households. Spouses, life partners and female partners are counted, respectively. Partners in a non-marital partnership as one household, even if they do not share a common residence.

Important: The restriction to two persons also applies if an unvaccinated person meets with vaccinated persons.

What applies to shopping?

All stores in Bavaria open regardless of 2G. There is no limit for stores for daily needs and with the decision of the Bavarian Administrative Court of 19. January 2022, the distinction between stores for everyday needs and other. Even the unvaccinated and unwell are therefore allowed to shop everywhere.

However, square meter restrictions remain in place for retailers: an area of ten square meters must be available per customer (in lockdown counties with an incidence above 1.000 it would be 20 square meters).

What applies to bars, clubs and discos in Bavaria?

Regardless of the incidence, clubs, bars and discos and also brothels are and will remain closed in Bavaria at the moment.

What applies to recreational facilities?

In recreational facilities such as pools or gyms, but also for conferences and congresses, the 2G plus regulation also applies, including the restriction to 25 percent of the maximum visitor capacity.

The following facilities and events are accessible without a supplementary test according to 2G:

  • Outdoor sports venues for your own sporting activities (2G plus still applies to spectators at sporting events)
  • Public events (z. B. public commemoration, community events, promotional events) and private events (private celebrations) in the open air, excluding sporting and cultural events
  • Zoological and botanical gardens (including indoor areas)
  • Memorials (including indoor areas)
  • Amusement parks (including indoor areas)
  • Excursion boats
  • Guided tours under the open sky.

FAQ on exit restriction/contact restrictions in Bavaria

More information and an FAQ about the Corona measures can be found on the website of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior.

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