Corona tests in hamburg: at the central station, airport or at the family doctor’s office

Which testing possibilities for a Covid 19 test are currently available in Hamburg? clarifies.

  • Hamburg airport: In the test center of Centogene (Terminal Tango). Open Monday to Sunday.
  • Freepass gargle test Reeperbahn: Only bookable online with credit card. In February daily tests possible. Not yet bookable for March.
  • Alstertal Shopping Center: Appointments bookable online. Partly even on the same day.
  • Grobe Backerstrabe 9: Opened. Appointments Monday to Saturday.
  • Cafe Knuth in Ottensen near Mercado: Appointments can be booked from Monday to Sunday, always only one week in advance.
  • At the family doctor: Often only without symptoms and after consultation.
  • Corona Test Point at the Gansemarkt: Mobile testing and company-wide testing campaigns also possible.
  • Doctor call 116 117: Only with symptoms
  • DM and Budni: From approx. 50 euros you can buy antibody self-tests at the drugstore chains in the store.

Hamburg: Here Corona tests are still possible before Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Hamburg – The coronavirus situation in Hamburg does not seem to want to relax. The Hanseatic city is struggling with a rapid increase in new infections and thus the interest in corona virus tests is also increasing among the Hanseatic citizens. But where in Hamburg can potentially infected people get tested? For whom is the test center at the Hamburg main station* suitable? What is the difference to the gargle test on the Reeperbahn? And which tests are free? provides an overview of testing options in Hamburg.

City in Germany Hamburg
Area 755.2 km²
Population 1.845 million
Area code 040

It should be noted that most test centers require prior online registration. The respective portals are linked in this article.

The test center of the DRK Hamburg-Harburg is only available on request by telephone and is therefore not listed. The telephone number and availability can be found below under "Coronavirus tests in Hamburg: Arztruf, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Hausarzt".

The test tent on the forecourt of the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe near Hamburg’s main train station can only be used by certain patient groups and is therefore not included in the list. More information about this test center you will find further down the page.

In addition, each family doctor has individual opening hours. All listed test centers apply to symptom-free patients. Anyone with coronavirus symptoms should still first dial the 116 117 number of the medical on-call service. This is also available 24 hours a day during holidays. In case of suspicion, the smear test is done here in one’s own home and the test is free of charge.

Near Hamburg City Hall: New test center – result after 20 minutes

From the 17. December 2020 In addition to the already known locations, it is now possible to be tested for Corona in the city center of Hamburg, near the city hall. The result of the rapid antigen test at Grosse Backerstrabe 9 should be available after just 20 minutes. According to the operator, the reliability of the results is 97 percent. The special: There is no need to wait on site for the result, but you get it after the test sent by e-mail. The test, which involves an oral-nasal swab, costs 49.90 euros.

Chairs are ready with sufficient distance in several waiting rooms in the new vaccination center in the Hamburg exhibition halls for the coronavirus vaccinations

People with symptoms may also come to the new test center. If the test is positive, the result would be sent directly to the health department. The test center is open from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. And also on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Daily up to 1000 tests are to be possible in the center.

Trade fair halls under discussion as new location for coronavirus vaccine

In addition to the test centers, there will now be two other facilities for the coronavirus in Hamburg. On the one hand, there is a new corona test center in Hamburg-St. Pauli*. Here, people can be tested for only 24.95 euros and receive the result just 24 hours later. The test center on St. Pauli applies PCR tests. They are more reliable than the antigen rapid tests.

On the other hand, a vaccination center is to be set up in the exhibition halls. With the finished and tested vaccine from the company Biontech, vaccination against Corona is finally possible in Germany. But: The agent must be cooled to minus seventy degrees Celsius at all times.

For this reason, regular vaccination at the family doctor’s office is not possible. The coronavirus test center in Terminal Tango at Hamburg Airport is also out of the question for these circumstances. Let alone the provisional test tent at Hamburg’s main station. According to information from NDR 90.3, however, logistically everything should be worked out by mid-December.

Display at Hamburg Airport showing the way to the Coronavirus Center in Terminal Tango. In the foreground, the test tent at Hamburg Central Station and a picture of the outside facade of Hamburg Messe. In the middle, a person taking a coronavirus test

Current favorite for the central test center is the Hamburg exhibition halls. Messe Hamburg normally hosts major events such as leading gastronomy trade fair Internorga and the world’s leading maritime trade fair SMM, which unfortunately could not take place in 2020. In the meantime, parts of the total 97.000 square meters of exhibition grounds converted into refugee accommodation.

Now the multifunctional halls are to serve as a coronavirus vaccination center. Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania debate further centers around the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Which groups are vaccinated first is decided by the Robert Koch Institute in consultation with the federal government.

Coronavirus testing at Hamburg central station: who is the test center for??

Since the beginning of September 2020, there has been a large test center directly at Hamburg’s main train station, on Steintorplatz (next to the ZOB*). Here, up to 2.000 people to be tested for the coronavirus. However, the test center is not for everyone or anyone, there are clear guidelines as to who is allowed to have a corona test done here: According to NDR information, anyone who has no symptoms is allowed to be tested at the main station. The test center is intended for travelers returning from risk areas. The number of those is likely to be limited at the moment due to the second lockdown.

In addition, more people can be tested for coronavirus at the test center at Hamburg Central Station, which is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This includes:

  • Who according to the notification of the Corona warning app Contact Infected had.
  • Employees to Hamburg schools.
  • People who have been refused a test by the Public health department ordered.

Coronavirus test center at Hamburg Airport – paid tests at Terminal 1

Also at the Hamburg airport there is the possibility to be tested for the coronavirus. Up to the 8. November there were two test centers here: A test center run by the German Red Cross (DRK), where travelers could be tested free of charge (and on a mandatory basis), and a test center run by the private provider Centogene. As the airport Hamburg opposite 24hamburg.The DRK test center has since closed, but the Centogene test center at Terminal 1 remains open. The Corona tests here are subject to a fee and require prior online registration.

The Centogene test center at Hamburg Airport is open daily from 6.30 hours to at 30 a.m. As the provider makes clear on its website, only people who do not have any coronavirus symptoms can be tested here. If you are flying from Hamburg to a foreign country, you can have a Corona test done before your departure to avoid a possible quarantine in the country of destination. In principle, since 2. November 2020: Anyone coming to Hamburg from a foreign RKI risk area must undergo a quarantine of ten days after entering the country. The following exceptions apply:

  • Who is on a tourist trip can be discharged at the earliest five days after entry a Corona test and have the home office Quarantine thus end earlier (if the result is negative).
  • Who professional (or for his Study/education) was traveling and has the urgency of this trip certified by the employer, who can after entry or up to 48 hours before a Corona test and terminate the quarantine – in case of a negative result – prematurely. This applies to trips where the person spends less than five days in the risk area has stayed.
  • Even those who have been family visit If a person has traveled to a risk area, he or she can be tested after the Entry or up to 48 hours on Corona and end the quarantine earlier if the result is negative. The Quarantine obligation is not required if they have been in the risk area for less than 72 hours.

Coronavirus tests in Hamburg: Arztruf, German Red Cross, family doctor

There are other possibilities to get tested for the coronavirus in Hamburg. One option is testing by the family doctor. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you should call the practice beforehand to make an appointment for the test. This ensures that other patients are not put at risk. The laboratory result is sent to the tested person, for example, by SMS. The coronavirus test at the family doctor is only free of charge or. is only paid for by the health insurance if the affected person shows typical symptoms. Otherwise, the test must be paid for privately.

Those who show symptoms of coronavirus can also contact the doctor’s call. Under the telephone number 116 117, the medical on-call service is available 24 hours a day. A smear test is then taken by a doctor at the home of the person concerned. The test is free of charge.

Last but not least, the German Red Cross also offers corona virus tests for symptom-free persons in Hamburg. Potentially infected persons are advised under the telephone number 040 / 55 44 49 222. If prescribed by a doctor, the test is free of charge, otherwise 93 euros must be paid for the smear test and laboratory examination.

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