Corona vaccinations: current figures for germany as of today 02.02.2022

Latest Corona vaccination figures for Germany : Number of Corona vaccinations in Germany up 265 from previous day.911

Interactive Dusseldorf In the fight against coronavirus, hopes rest on a successful vaccination campaign. So far, around 165 million doses have been vaccinated in Germany; compared to the last report, the number increased by 265.911 wide vaccinations. Here you can find all the latest vaccination data from the Robert Koch Institute on the pandemic in Germany.

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Simple, complete, boosted – what vaccination status means for people in Germany

Since 27. December 2020 will be vaccinated against the Coronavirus everywhere in Germany. For the best possible protection, two vaccinations are needed for the first basic immunization with most of the vaccines that have been allowed so far. A second dose is due about three to six weeks after the first. Only the Johnson&Johnson vaccine currently needs to be administered only once to be considered primed. The agent is counted as the first vaccination, but is also included in the statistics for people who have received basic vaccination.

Vaccinated people can still carry the virus and infect others, but they are well protected against the health consequences of infection, according to numerous global studies.

Current vaccination figures for Germany

To date, about 165.4 million vaccinations have been injected, of which 63.1 million were first-time vaccinations. The proportion of vaccinated persons with at least one vaccination in the total population is thus 75.8 percent. Compared to the last report, the number increased by 22.975 vaccinations. These are the figures reported by the Robert Koch Institute as of 02 February.02.2022 at 10:16 a.m.

In addition, according to the RKI, around 61.6 million people are considered "basic immunized" to date. This includes all those who have been fully vaccinated for the first time. Compared to the past data submission, 49 received.209 people received their basic immunization, usually the second vaccination. The rate of people in Germany who have received basic vaccinations is currently 74.1 percent.

Booster Vaccinations: How many have already been administered, who gets them

In September 2021, so-called booster vaccinations were released for all people who had already received basic vaccinations in the past. According to the "Standing Commission on Vaccination such a booster vaccination is sufficient to obtain a very good immune response and to be well protected against the virus again.

To date, a total of 44.3 million of these booster vaccinations have been given in Germany. Compared to the previous day, 193.727 new "boosters Administered.

Thus, the total number of vaccinations recently increased by 265.911. In the last seven days, a total of 1.679.997 vaccine doses vaccinated – an average of 240.000 doses per day.

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Corona vaccinations: Current figures for Germany as of today 02.02.2022

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Overview: Which countries vaccinate the most and which vaccines have been vaccinated so far

Most vaccinations have so far been carried out in North Rhine-Westphalia. More than 37.3 million vaccine doses have not been given in any other state to date. In terms of the per capita rate, however, another country takes the top spot. The highest rate for people with at least one vaccination is currently recorded for Bremen, where 89.3 first vaccinations per 100 inhabitants have been carried out so far.

Those vaccinated received one of the vaccines approved to date from Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson& Johnson. To date, 106.39 million vaccinations have been given in Germany using the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine (a 64.3 percent share), 31.64 million using the Moderna product (a 19.1 percent share), and 21.32 million doses (12.9 percent) of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccine from Johnson& Johnson has been administered 6.04 million times to date (3.7 percent).

Overview: Corona vaccinations in the 16 German states

  • Baden-Wurttemberg: 8.14 million first vaccinations (73.35 percent), 8.05 million second vaccinations (72.51 percent), 5.90 million booster vaccinations (53.16 percent)
  • Bavaria: 9.65 million first vaccinations (73.4 percent), 9.60 million second vaccinations (73.06 percent), 6.76 million booster vaccinations (51.42 percent)
  • Berlin: 2.82 million first vaccinations (76.97 percent), 2.76 million second vaccinations (75.35 percent), 2.00 million booster vaccinations (54.48 percent)
  • Brandenburg: 1.74 million first vaccinations (68.83 percent), 1.71 million second vaccinations (67.41 percent), 1.18 million booster vaccinations (46.78 percent)
  • Bremen: 607.63 thousand first vaccinations (89.34 percent), 591.11 thousand second vaccinations (86.91 percent), 405.12 thousand booster vaccinations (59.57 percent)
  • Hamburg: 1.50 million first vaccinations (81.23 percent), 1.47 million second vaccinations (79.57 percent), 956.77 thousand booster vaccinations (51.65 percent)
  • Hesse: 4.78 million first-time vaccinations (76.01 percent), 4.58 million second-time vaccinations (72.7 percent), 3.21 million booster vaccinations (51.03 percent)

Overview: Status of vaccinations worldwide

Worldwide, about five billion vaccine doses have been administered so far, which corresponds to a rate of 61.14 per 100 people. The following country has received the most vaccine doses to date: China. Here the authorities reported 3.00 billion vaccinations so far. With a rate of 98.99 vaccinations per 100 inhabitants, the highest vaccination rate worldwide is currently found in the following country: United Arab Emirates. The data is provided by the portal "Our World in Data" compiled by official authorities of states worldwide.

Data on Corona vaccinations in Germany are collected centrally by the RKI and published every working day by midday. The values available to the authorities of the individual federal states may be significantly higher than those reported by the RKI, as the reports on vaccination occurrences are sometimes transmitted to the institute with some delay. Therefore, the difference from the previous day does not always reflect the actual number of vaccinations administered on that day.

Meanwhile, 10.19 million infections with the coronavirus have now been confirmed in Germany since the pandemic began. With reporting status as of 02.02.2022 at 0 o’clock were last 208.498 new infections recorded, seven-day incidence currently at 1227.5. Since the virus broke out in Germany in March 2020, the RKI reported a total of 118.170 deaths caused by or with the coronavirus, at last 196 additional victims were recorded within 24 hours.

All the latest information on the spread of the liveblog.

Further data and graphs on the spread of the coronavirus in NRW can be found here, and we have prepared data for Germany and the world here.

This text was generated automatically on the basis of data from the Robert Koch Institute and the "Our World in Data" platform and is updated automatically on a regular basis – always after new data is made available.

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