Culottes: here’s how we wear the classic pants now

Culottes are among the most beautiful models of pants, true classics that belong in the closet of every fashion lover, which is why we explain to you exactly what makes the must-have so special and how to stage it properly.

We love the classic pants in all colors and shapes and therefore tell you everything you need to know about stylish culottes

We love the classic pants in all colors and shapes and therefore tell you everything you should know about stylish culottes

Perfect for the upcoming festive season is this stylish culotte from ayen, which we have now chosen as our fashion favorite

You’ve all seen those fancy pants that are so wide you could easily mistake them for skirts – that’s a culotte. Today’s culottes fit a variety of styles and figure types – so it’s practically a true jack-of-all-trades in any lady’s wardrobe! It is suitable for the office as well as for street style looks and therefore a faithful companion in winter and also for the warm season. Luckily, because the classic must-have – with the right styling – suits every woman and therefore every fashionista should have at least one pair of pants in this cut in her closet. That’s reason enough to do a little research around the elegant piece and tell you where the popular pants come from, which models are on trend, how to style them properly and which model suits which type of woman.

The culotte: Originally a man’s trouser!

Originally, the culotte was actually just a pair of pants for men. Of course, the culotte did not always look the way we know it today. A good 300 years of history have made them what they are today – namely a must-have! The name "culotte" means comes, as the sound suggests, from the French language. That is why it is also called "Kulott pronounced. "Cul" means as much as "buttocks. Aristocrats wore items made of fabrics, such as velvet or silk and the model made of leather accompanied them to horseback riding. A large part of the common people wore their pants mostly made of linen or wool, which is why the culotte was also the common trousers throughout Western Europe. Still into your 20s. In the 18th century it was still worn on festive occasions at court and since then it has changed a lot and as we think: definitely for the better! Because the wide skirt with a high waist really flatters us women more than the original model.

The cut of the culotte

As far as the fit of the culotte is concerned, there is little room for maneuver, because they are always wide. Although some models are tighter on the leg, but the bulk of this garment takes voluminous forms. However, different materials provide variety. Whether cotton, leather or silk – the choice for ladies is huge. The important thing to remember about the culotte is that it should reach no higher than the ankle of your foot. The playram upwards is variable, so that some models reach only shortly over the middle of the leg. In contrast, the pants, which originated in the men’s fashion of the 17. and 18. Century has, in earlier times still very narrow and ended just below the knee.

How to combine the culotte correctly?

The culotte comes in many different cuts, variations and from a wide variety of fabrics. The look differs depending on the model. In general, however, the styling of the culotte is quite easy. This is because the pants are perfect for the office, a date or a shopping trip in the city. For the styling of the classic there are mainly two possible combinations. The casual cut of the item already hides many feminine curves under the voluminous fit – this can be an advantage for some ladies, but a small disadvantage for other women. For most figure types, it is therefore all the more important to emphasize the waist. The wider the culotte cut, the more important it is to focus on your midsection. This works very well with a cropped top or a belt for example. Tight-fitting shirts, blouses or tops are also the ideal styling partners in combination with the trendy trousers. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to focus quite so much on your feminine silhouette, you can also combine wide and long tops with the culotte and create a super casual and cool street style look with them. For all others: tuck a long top into the pants or at least a small section of blouse, T-shirt and co. tuck them loosely into the front of your waistband.

The matching shoes to the culotte

Also in the matter of shoes is possible with the Culotte a lot. White sneakers, for example, always go, but loafers, ballerinas and co. are also a stylish option and are perfect for Sunday brunch, a shopping trip or even a date. For wide-legged and heavier styles of culottes, it’s best to make sure you choose lightweight and visually more delicate styles when it comes to your shoe choice. For: the finer the shoe, the more elegant and feminine the look. To the Culotte in the office you can combine most likely beautiful pumps and a sweet blouse or also a white T-Shirt. Ready is the perfect business look, with which you look stylish and serious at the same time.

This is what you should keep in mind when styling with your shoes

Another little tip: All ladies who are not blessed with endlessly long legs should consider that the culotte makes the legs appear even shorter. Therefore applies: Those who want to see their legs long and slim in these pants should definitely wear heels!

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