Current corona figures for nrw as of today 01.02.2022

Current Corona case numbers : 46.305 new infections recorded in NRW, 483 patients in clinics

Interactive Dusseldorf Since March 2020, the Corona pandemic has been preoccupying the country. At last count, authorities recorded 46.305 new infections in NRW. Here you can find all new figures of the Robert-Koch-Institute about diseases, deaths and recoveries.

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  • Data: Corona case numbers for NRW
  • Data: Tests and vaccinations in NRW
  • Data: Strongly affected regions in NRW
  • Data: Hospitalization values and situation in intensive care units in NRW
  • Data: Coronavirus in NRW distributed among age groups and genders
  • Graphics: All data on the Corona pandemic in NRW

Data: Corona case figures for NRW

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the health authorities in NRW in the past 24 hours have recorded 46.305 new infections counted. This is 13268 cases more than were reported last Tuesday, when the RKI recorded 33.037 new infections. At the same time, 37 new deaths were also reported, 21.214 additional covid patients were recorded by the RKI as recovered.

In the last seven days, the RKI in NRW received a total of 228.027 new cases reported. Per 100.000 inhabitants, 1272.1 new infections were thus reported last week. In the previous week, even lower numbers were recorded, at that time the RKI reported 195.984 new infections within seven days, corresponding to an incidence of 1093.3. The medium-term trend in NRW is thus negative, the number of Corona cases is rising again.

The latest data were released on Tuesday morning – as of 01.02.2022 at 04:17 – published by RKI. Later adjustments or additions by the RKI are possible. The daily figures recorded are subject to large fluctuations. For example, because there are fewer tests at the weekend or there may be delays in the reporting chain. Due to the current pandemic situation with an incidence of 1272.1, the RKI reports on case numbers and incidences are currently particularly inaccurate: among other things, because reports on new infections arrive late and laboratory capacities for PCR tests are scarce.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a total of 2.018.344 people have been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus in NRW; to date, the authorities have identified 21.132 deaths associated with Covid 19 disease recorded. However, the Robert Koch Institute also estimates that 1.555.902 Corona patients have recovered.

As of today, an estimated 441.310 people as actively infected with Covid-19, an increase of 25.054 active cases compared to the previous day. The figure is made up of the estimated number of recoveries and confirmed deaths and cases.

Data: Testing and vaccination in NRW

Since the end of December 2020, the coronavirus has been combated in NRW by means of vaccinations. So far, about 14.3 million people have received a first dose of one of the permitted vaccines. Compared to the report of the lecture, the RKI counted 3.413 new initial vaccinations. This means that 79.66 percent of all people in NRW have been vaccinated at least once so far.

Currently, for reliable protection against the virus, almost all licensed vaccines require an additional dose or. even a third vaccination. In NRW, about 13.81 million people are considered "fully protected" by their second vaccination so far. Compared to the previous day, 6.906 additional second vaccinations recorded by the RKI. The rate of people with "full vaccination protection" in the state is thus 77.05 percent.

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In the meantime, however, it is known that the vaccination protection of the vaccines approved so far wears off after five to six months. Therefore, since the autumn of 2021, the so-called "booster" has been used-Vaccination widely offered. Through them, the vaccination protection should be refreshed. So far, 9.93 million. people receive such a booster – that is 71.9 percent of all people who have so far been considered "fully vaccinated" were counted. Compared to the previous day, 26.451 additional booster vaccinations recorded by the RKI.

At the same time, testing for the virus continues in NRW. The number of weekly tests in the laboratories was 721.60 thousand in calendar week 56. Of these, 267 were recently.714 evaluated as positive, a rate of 37.1 percent. This also emerges from data from the RKI. Compared to the previous week, more people tested positive for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Previously, the rate was 26.9 percent, out of 809.38 thousand. Tests were at that time 217.722 positive.

Data: Strongly affected regions in NRW

The area most severely affected in NRW is Remscheid. Here in the last seven days there were 2718 new cases per 100.000 inhabitants. The region with the fewest infections is Paderborn, where the incidence is 609.7.

At least one new infection has been reported in every city and county in the country in the past seven days.

Data: Hospitalization rates and situation in intensive care units in NRW

The situation in hospitals has been considered an important indicator for assessing the pandemic since the fall of 2021. In the past seven days, 746 people with covid infections were hospitalized in NRW. The so-called hospitalization rate – the number of patients per 100.000 inhabitants of a region within one week – is currently 4.16. With a 14 percent increase in cases compared to the previous week’s value, the trend in hospitalization numbers is negative.

In the hospitals in NRW, 483 covid patients are currently being treated in the intensive care unit, 242 of which require ventilation. A total of 891 out of 5.121 intensive care beds available in the state’s hospitals.

Data: Coronavirus in NRW distributed among age groups and sexes

Older people are particularly at risk from the virus, as the statistics show. However, the virus has also been detected in children and adolescents. At the moment, the following data on infections in different age groups were recorded:

  • Age group 0-4 years: 71.594 cases (3.5 percent total share)
  • Age group 5-14 years: 317.115 cases (15.7 percent total share)
  • Age group 15-34 years: 648.008 cases (32.1 percent of the total)
  • Age group 35-59 years: 699.299 cases (34.6 percent total share)
  • Age group 60-79 years: 201.009 cases (10 percent total)
  • Age group 80+: 79.325 cases (3.9 percent total)
  • no age given: 1.921 cases (0.1 percent total)

Meanwhile, different studies have found that men are more susceptible to severe courses or even fatal consequences of Covid 19 disease. RKI statistics currently record more female infected persons in NRW. The following Corona values by gender have been recorded so far:

  • Men: 986.631 cases (48.9 percent total share)
  • women: 1.009.480 cases (50 percent of the total)
  • no gender specified: 22.160 cases (1.1 percent of the total)

Graphics: All data on the Corona pandemic in NRW

Below you will find various data visualizations of the officially reported figures on the Corona epidemic in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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