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During his time in Berlin, David Bowie briefly lived with punk rocker Iggy Pop. The cohabitation of the two was not easy. "We had very opposite daily routines. Besides Iggy always ate everything he could find in the fridge. This has annoyed me quite a bit. I was always the one who bought, and he ate everything. Sometimes I would get really tasty things, go to KaDeWe, to the food department, and a few hours later everything was gone again. That drove me crazy. So he moved out and got an apartment in the same house, directly across from mine", David Bowie told the "Berliner Tagesspiegel".

When he created the art figure of the Thin White Duke in the 70s, David Bowie was macabrely addicted to the white powder. He only got his cocaine addiction under control when he moved to Berlin, where he had peace and quiet from all the star hype.

David Bowie has two children: his son Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones is from his first marriage with Angela Barnett and is a director. In 2000, his second wife Amal Abdulmajid gave birth to their daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Biography of David Bowie

"Heroes", "Space Oddity, "Starman" and "Let’s Dance is just a small selection of hits with which David Bowie made music history. The brilliant singer and songwriter continued to amaze the world with his ever-changing musical style. Suitably he changed his look again and again and staged himself so to the total work of art.

In 2016, the pop icon passed away after a serious cancer, which he kept secret from the public until his death. We look at the moving biography of the music legend.

From David Robert Jones to David Bowie

David Robert Jones, as David Bowie’s real name is, was already an enthusiastic musician in his youth. At the age of 15 he founded his first band "The Konrads", however, David Bowie was probably too eccentric to be a band member, after falling out with several bands, he focused from the mid-1960s on his solo career. He renamed himself Bowie, the name of an American pioneer and released his first solo album in 1966. The world at that time could not do anything with his psychedelic pop and the album flopped in the charts. It wasn’t until 1969 that the singer made it to the top of the charts with "Space Oddity" to land in the charts.

The genre switcher

From then on, David Bowie’s career began, in which he permanently changed musical genres. In the early 1970s, he created the album "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" one of the masterpieces of the genre. When he moved to West Berlin in 1976, he processed the oppressive atmosphere of the Cold War in his gloomy Berlin trilogy. In the 1980s, David Bowie’s music became more pop-heavy: songs like "Let’s Dance" and "The Dance" and "China Girl are classics of pop music. The singer was also influenced by musical trends in the 1990s. His albums now featured elements of jazz, hip hop, and later electronic sounds.

Abolition of the sexes

In keeping with the constant shifting between musical genres, David Bowie also kept creating a new look: with glittery tops, heels and dazzling makeup, and then again slim-cut suits, he let the boundaries between the sexes dissolve.

Sexual Orientation

Fittingly, he played with the guesswork around his sexual orientation. When in the 70s created the art figure Ziggy Stardust and staged himself with a skimpy glittery body and garishly made-up face, he confessed to his bisexuality. When he switched to the shallow pop music genre in the 80s, he recanted his statement.However, his ex-wife Angela Barnett claimed to have caught him in flagrante during her marriage to Mick Jagger.

Whatever his sexual orientation, from 1992 until his death, model Abdulmajid, the person at his side.

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