Destiny 2: new end-game build survives everything, because no one can see you with it

In Destiny 2, the peak Dawns of Season 14 are impossible for many players. We show you a build for the hunter with which you hardly die and even pull the team through the endgame, because the enemies simply can’t see you.

This is the strong build: In Destiny 2, the enemies in the endgame like to knock you out with just one of the two shots. With the build presented in the article, none of this is a problem. Not only do you stay alive, you can also act as a savior in front of your colleagues if they died carelessly again:

  • The combo makes you the last hope for your team when you’re overrun by enemies on top or grandmasters. The inventor of the hunter build is Ilias Gaming. According to the German content creator, you "outlive all enemies" and are "intangible".
  • An invisible hunter is nothing new, of course, but Ilias gives the build some really cool tricks that are guaranteed to save your keeper butt multiple times in the endgame. In addition to invisibility comes add control and high damage resistance.
  • Especially in such hard missions like "Mirror Corridor" or "Test Site" the build shows its true power. These two strikes are harder than some raid sections with the numerous champions and enemy hordes.
  • You can theoretically use the build in any Season, but some subtleties make the combination enormously powerful in the current season of the splicer.
  • MeinMMO explains all mods and exotics in detail and gives you tips on how to play them.

By the way, if you prefer to freeze everything with the Warlock instead of moving in the shadows as an elegant hunter, you’ll get the perfect build here:

Hunter loadout for top rider dawn

Choose as class the void hunter, the night stalker. Equip the lower tree "Path of the Pathfinder. Thus you can make yourself or your team members invisible by throwing smoke bombs. Opt for the daring dodge.

  • The smoke bomb is your loaded melee attack here.
  • Cloak yourself or the team and you’ll automatically get the "Heart of the Pack" buff. This makes you (and the weapons) faster and gives resilience as well as recovery.
  • The other subclass bonuses revolve around getting grenade and melee energy (i.e. the smoke bomb) quickly when you use your skills.
  • As a super, you don’t fire the "big" arrow here, but can heat very many arrows in quick succession at your opponents. If you hit bound enemies, it rains spheres of power, extra damage and the "Heart of the Pack" buff.
  • "Heart of the Pack gives you about 1/3 of the maximum stats per stack. This way you can ignore resilience and recovery on the armor and still survive. According to Ilias Gaming, you should still skill Mobility to 100 – so that you can always dodge it.

Pack this Exotic: Omnioculus – exotic chest protector

The exotic chest armor Omnioculus

The Exo armor from Season 13 isn’t pretty, but it’s really useful. The part relies fully on smoke bombs and gives you a lot of useful bonuses with invisibility. This way you can carry (and charge) a second smoke bomb. If you have made yourself or the team invisible, you will suffer less damage and if you hide colleagues, you will get melee energy.

Ilias notes that many keepers rely on the Sixth Coyote’s exotic breastplate, which greatly assists you with invisible dodging. Since you are mostly in a team in the endgame, he recommends Omnioculus for this build.

These are the weapons you should take with you

When choosing weapons, you must always pay attention to the givens of the mission: Which champions are coming, which elemental shields need to be broken, and what do your colleagues on the team have with them? The following are recommended as strong weapons for the build:

  • You should take an Ikelos or "Seventh Seraph" weapon as your primary weapon. This will then reliably create war spirit cells. Especially the Ikelos-MP is a top choice.
  • As a special weapon you should take a grenade launcher with you. In the kinetics slot there is ignition code (preferred with flashy grenades), in the special slot looter salvo. Or do you still have the Exo free, why don’t you reach for the Durresammler.
  • As a power weapon you can use Anarchy. The Exotic Grenade Launcher currently rocks PvE completely. Alternatively Ilias recommends the Xenophage. If you want it legendary, you can also use a rocket launcher.

All of these weapons are really strong in Season 14 and can also be found in our ranking of the most used guns:

7 important mods that make the hunter immortal

Pack these mods into your armor: The build relies heavily on war spirit cells:

  • Global Range: Significantly increases the range of your mini-nuke (1 energy – each element).
  • Burning cells: Cell Explosion Sets Enemies on Fire (3 Solar Energy). According to Ilias, it is better to do without alternatives like Rasputin’s Wrath in the endgame, because the enemies take too much here.
  • Cellular Suppression: If you shoot at a cell, all enemies in the vicinity will be suppressed for 10 seconds (4 Empty Energy). Cells will also hold up a bit more this way, allowing you to use them more often for suppression.

The "Charged with Light" mechanic is also used to make you even more resilient:

  • Protective light: As soon as your life indicator turns red, you get a damage resistance of a whopping 50% (2 empty energy). Protection activates automatically and consumes light stacks.
  • Charge Absorption: Gather Spheres of Power to charge you with light (3 energy – each element).
  • Alternatively, you can also charge with light through other mods.

Additionally, you’ll rely on this important mod from the artifact:

  • Break through and clear: Debuff bosses and champions for the whole team if you hit them with grenade launchers – and reload your holstered weapons (9 energy – each item, in class item only). This powerful mod can be found in the Season 14 artifact: Strong for the Endgame – New artifact mod turns you into boss killers

So you still have room for more mods in the build. this way you can push your mobility or pack anti-champion mods.

You still have enough space in the armor for ammo finders or other mods that you personally don’t want to do without.

Check out how Aztecross plays Shadowbinder with the featured build in the video here:

At this point you will find an external content from YouTube, which complements the article.

Show YouTube content

Dominate the Destiny 2 endgame with invisibility

How to play the Hunter: What your enemies can’t see, they can’t kill either. The build has many tricks here that will save you from dicey situations. Whenever possible, make the whole team invisible with smoke grenades, increase the durability and block passages with your long-lasting grenades.

This triggers a cycle that recharges all your capabilities. You will have the dodge, grenade or melee charged every couple of seconds, so to speak. If you ever get hit by a ricochet, it triggers your additional damage resistance.

Then shoot your war spirit cells to blind everything in a big way and then clean up or scurry to the next cover. You can also trigger the suppression again after 10 seconds – so don’t always completely destroy the cells right away. This is also how you loosely revive team members.

Also interesting:

For champions and strong opponents you have your grenade launcher. The weapon debuffs the strong enemies. With this build, however, your damage is secondary, you are primarily the last rip cord that keeps the team from being wiped. So be a little more patient than usual, the other keepers will thank you for it.

Do you also like to play with the invisibility of the hunter and trick the nasty enemies in the endgame? What do you think about the presented build? Do you maybe even have some additional tips or optimization suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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