Deutschlandfunk advises against insults like “pisshead” and “asswipe”

Fuss about Deutschlandfunk contribution | This is how we are supposed to be politically
insult correctly

Deutschlandfunk Nova, a digital radio station owned by the public broadcasters, makes suggestions on how to allegedly offend in a "non-discriminatory" way Photo: dlfnova/Instagram

Curious contribution from Deutschlandfunk Nova.

The topic: how to insult someone, but correctly! And that’s "non-discriminatory". The public broadcaster dealt with this on Instagram, putting up a post with suggestions for – in the eyes of the authors – politically correct insults.

"You *******! That was yesterday. You can also insult without discriminating against bystanders," it says. As suggestions for supposedly non-discriminatory insults, the station suggests: "pisshead," "asswipe," "scarecrow," and "flat-earther".

How please? Public radio is now spreading the word that we should insult each other as "pissheads"?

THIS is causing a stir in the comments as well.

▶︎ For example, user "Kartoffelgraf" writes: "Public broadcasting teaches you how to insult each other in the most politically correct way possible. These are already incredibly realsatirische times in which we live."

The post apparently accompanies a radio report that the station had distributed a week earlier. It says: "Often insults are also directed against certain groups of people." An example: "If I say ‘You bum’ to someone now, I may not think of it, but it is specifically directed against a group of people."

Also interesting

Many people who would use such words would not even know what historical context they had. German studies professor Rudolf Drux explains in the article that certain groups have "outsider functions, which are then used as general swear words because they were once understood or assumed to be real outsiders in the course of history or are still outsiders today."

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And that’s why, according to Deutschlandfunk Nova, you shouldn’t insult "a group of people," but rather say "bucket" or "full of shit". It is even better not to use insults at all, but one can also "get creative" in finding swear words.

"Discrimination-free" insulting seems to be a recurring theme at the station. Back in March 2019, the station interviewed German scholar Anatol Stefanovich.

► The said at the time, it lends itself to the expression "asshole" to insult someone without discriminating against a group. "Simply because there is no group of assholes who could feel offended."Even animal names ("Du Sau", "Du Vogel") are unproblematic as insults.

Admittedly, "a certain contempt for animals" could be expressed here. But: these were not bothered by swear words, as they were not mentally capable of understanding them.

In the "Woke" world, however, Deutschlandfunk could get into trouble with the animal rights activists of "Peta"!

▶︎ They warn on their website that the expression "stupid pig" insults pigs, which are also intelligent animals. In general, animal metaphors are problematic, he says. Instead of "Lucky!" one should rather say "luck had", instead of "the sow rauslassen" "one on it make". After all, pigs would have to suffer from the consumption of meat by humans, would be killed by the millions and only "let out" when it goes to slaughter!

"Da steppt der Bar" trivializes violence that has been done to so-called "dancing bears". Instead, one could say "The dog is wagging its tail," because the dog actually enjoys it.

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