Diamonds for sale vienna – we buy your jewelry pieces

They sparkle, shine and appear absolutely mysterious: diamonds are breathtaking little treasures that have long since made not only ladies’ hearts beat faster. In addition to the purchase of gold and silver, the purchase of diamonds is one of our offers.

Like precious metals, diamonds usually achieve a high purchase price, although the differences are enormous. Therefore, we do not dare to make general statements. We look at every diamond that is offered to us very carefully. The price per diamond is influenced by cut, weight, color and clarity. For every purchase request we take our time to make you a really fair offer. Of course, we are always guided by current prices.

As a trained and competent diamond appraiser we offer you a comfortable and above all serious diamond purchase in Vienna. The experienced appraisers of Jeweler& pawnshop advise you without obligation and competently, if you want to sell your diamonds (new cuts and old cuts) with and without certificates (or purchase invoices) at a market price. Also with set diamonds we offer you daily updated prices. And since we also buy and lend gold, silver, platinum in any form and condition for many years both in Germany and in Austria, we can make you good offers in this context. simply contact us!

Save yourself from a financial emergency!

The cut is what counts

This is how the value is determined

An important criterion for determining the price is the cut. The basic rule is: the more fiery your diamond appears, the higher the valuation usually turns out to be. If the precious stones are not professionally processed, they appear only as colored and lifeless glass. Their value is not to be seen with it and without the professional cut the price decreases. Also the color plays a certain role in the evaluation.
For example, we are able to recognize different shades of white without any problems. Depending on the gradation, a different weighting is noticeable. For the determination of the value of your diamonds we naturally also take the weight into account. Carat is used as the unit of weight. As a fourth criterion for determining the price we use the purity of the diamond. For the value of the diamonds it plays a role whether inclusions can already be made out with the naked eye or whether these are not to be recognized also with a massive enlargement.
There is no other stone in the world, which is so strongly associated with love, durability and strength as the diamond. You can rely on the fact that the typical shine of a diamond is everlasting. It will be preserved permanently and will therefore be gladly used for jewelry processing. Particularly high-quality diamonds can be recognized by their white color without yellow tinge. Diamonds purchase sale Vienna – we will be happy to advise you on site

If you want to sell your diamonds in Berlin, you can find more information at Juwelier& Pawn Shop Berlin

We buy all jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum with and without diamonds!

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