Direct energy correctly

If you have been consciously working with energies for a long time, you will have noticed the following people: Those who much more than you! Who seem to be able to eat and drink what suits them, while it knocks you down and you react to it immediately.

There is a simple and logical explanation for this:

Your body becomes more sensitive and permeable!

Stresses from electrosmog, pollution of air, water, food and nature are physically painful for you to perceive because your body is changing to a light body.

Your body is currently experiencing great changes, because it is connecting to the light.

You have let go of many toxins and instead channel the light into your cells. Dark, negative energies coming from outside now fiercely repel cells spoiled by light.

Your cells do not want to give the light again

Your brain also vibrates in a higher frequency. Your pineal gland, the antenna to the cosmos, works at full speed and constantly receives impulses and information.

Hormonally, nervally and immunologically everything in your body is changing. Your body is connected to the light. It is comparable to the repair of a device, which is completely realigned. And this device (your body) now wants to be maintained.

That is why the best food is just good enough for you.

Protection from electrosmog is essential for everyone, because these artificial rays and aggressive frequencies destroy the light in you again.

Protect and wait your body, it is the carrier of your soul

The whole organism is reprogrammed. This holistic renewal, which can become quite exhausting and tiring, wants to be supported daily.

Protect yourself, every day. The attacks from the outside, also by stress, computers, cell phones, contemporaries with bad character, envious people, belief patterns and programs hostile to life, manipulations and other influences, steal your laboriously built up energies and you have the feeling not to get ahead.

Mineral deficiency is a very widespread light and energy robber, which promotes the aging process and many useless diseases. Steer against it.

These examples make it clear that there is helpful support that you just need to know and apply in order for it to work.

One of these tools is the pendulum – or the biotensor

With the right use of this tool you can clean your cells and keep the light in much less time. You can strengthen your aura and cleanse it of foreign energy, you can recharge your organs, eliminate fungi and bacteria, alkalize your body fluids, accelerate the effectiveness of minerals, and eliminate psychological and mental stresses.

You can simplify and speed up all your consciousness work and even be testable at the end. Thus you can help others (- but only at the end, before you come yourself).

You can have a positive effect on a physically distant soul through blood, a strand of hair or even a picture of a human being and/or animal.

In short: you get power over your life, resp. you take back your power

You feel freer and more independent and don’t need to be fooled by a U. You work with the light, let it guide you through life and no longer deceive you. You are aware of yourself, which is real self-confidence.

Briefly: You have with the skillful handling of pendulum or tensor a liberating means of power in your hand and available for daily use. It helps you to go through the turmoil of this time, to work on your health and to take your place that is intended for you.

Access to your subconscious is the key

A key to changing patterns and becoming a true reality creator.

Learn now the art of using biosynergetics for yourself and thus raise and keep your life in frequency.

Here you can register for the pendulum workshop:

Two exciting and enjoyable evenings await you, even if you are a beginner. Even if you have to work on the two dates (Friday 08.06. and Sunday 10.06., (from 19:00 to 21:00), the recording is available to you without restriction.

With numerical codes we accelerate the detoxification, reprogramming of the subconscious and healing many times over.

And the best part is: YOU DO IT ALL YOURSELF!

Be part of the two experience evenings with great results and expand not only your consciousness, but also your joy of life!

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