Display your own number: this is how you can display your number

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Forgotten number? You want to get your find out your own cell phone number, because you have forgotten it and there is no one around who can send it to you quickly? Because you simply do not have the long sequence of digits in your head? Of course, if you don’t feel like remembering long strings of numbers anyway, or if you use multiple SIM cards, you can save the number(s) in your phone’s address book. But how do I quickly get to the display of my own number??

What is my number again?

Instead of long scrolling and the annoying question: ‘Under which name have I saved myself now??’ it goes however simpler. We reveal at this point, how you can display your own number show own number and find out in just a few steps. Because there are actually a number of possibilities. Often it is sufficient to enter a short service code. But there are also alternatives.

Our tips at a glance:

  • Tip 1: Own mobile number via speed dial (USSD)
  • Tip 2: Find out your own number on Android smartphones
  • Tip 3: Show your own number on iPhones
  • Tip 4: Query own phone number on Lumia Windows Phones
  • Tip 5: Disable phone number suppression
  • Tip 6: Caller ID: Find out your cell phone number for free by calling it

What is my mobile number again?

Tip 1: Show your own cell phone number by speed dialing

Especially prepaid customers surely know the possibility to query their current credit via speed dialing. This speed dial number, also called USSD code, usually consists of two or three digits and the special characters "*" or "#". To use the query, open the dialpad of your smartphone, type in the required combination and confirm via the call button (handset icon).

Find out your own number with the code *#62#

Did you also know that there is a speed dial for the query of the own cell phone number? Usually this speed dial is network dependent, but there is a general code *#62# which you can use depending on your smartphone. This query shows you details about the call forwarding, but also plays out your number. However, between the area code and the phone number are 2 more digits that you have to delete (z.B. 33, 55 or 99). However: If you have deactivated your mailbox, you won’t get anywhere with this service code.

Fortunately, there are other codes that you can use depending on your network provider. The USSD codes also apply to mobile providers that share the operators’ networks. As an ALDI TALK customer you can use z.B. the short code for E-Plus. Your mobile number will be shown on the display without any additional digits. If you don’t know exactly in which mobile network you are, you can do a network query or look up your mobile network in our list of mobile network providers. ;-)

Quick guide: Get your own number via USSD code

  • Open keyboard / touchscreen number field
  • Telekom customers (D1) use the short code *135#
  • In the Vodafone network (D2) type in the code *#62# (more Vodafone USSD codes can be found here)
  • In the E-Plus network, the USSD code is *100# and
  • If you are an o2 customer, enter the speed dial *101# (not always possible, then please use tip 6)
  • Wait until the Your own phone number is shown on the display screen (up to 10 seconds)

By the way: You can also use speed dial to find out in which mobile network a certain phone number is located.

Tip 2: Find out your own number via the "Settings" menu (Android)

Display your own Android mobile phone number

If you own an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, Sony), you can also display your mobile phone number easily via the settings menu. This works as follows:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Select the tab "General" or. "Options".
  3. Scroll down until you find the entry "About the phone", "Phone info" or "Device information".
  4. In the list you will find the entry "Status" or "My phone number".
  5. Done! Beside your phone number you will also see the IMEI (serial number).

Note: The name of the entries may differ depending on the Android version you are using. In addition, if you have just changed the SIM card, you may still see the mobile number of the old connection displayed. In that case there are some more tips ..

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge): Show own phone number

To display your own phone number for the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge), you can try this way:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Go to the "Device information
  3. Go to the "jam" of the device
  4. Click your way to the "SIM card status
  5. At the latter place you should be able to see your "Own phone number"

Tip 3: Get your own phone number from the contact list (iPhone)

Show own cell phone number on iPhone

For iPhone owners it’s even a bit easier.

  1. Go to the green phone handset (Phone icon)
  2. From there you can access the contact list via the tab in the middle (Contacts)
  3. Ready! At the top below the search you will find the entry "My iPhone. After that you will find your phone number, separated by the country code (+49 for Germany)

Tip 4: Display your own cell phone number on the Lumia (Windows Phone)

Also users of a Nokia or. Microsoft Lumia do not have to do without it when it comes to organizing your own phone number. :-) You can read it via the settings in the phone app:

  • Open the phone app (as if you wanted to make a call)
  • Pull up the menu bar from below (so that hidden menu items become visible)
  • Select "Settings", and look: The cell phone number assigned to the active SIM card is displayed at the top

Tip 5: Call someone without suppressed number

If you have a friend with a smartphone nearby, there is another way of course. Simply call the other person, and the number i.d.R. directly on the display (if it is not already stored in the phonebook). ;-) If the other person does not answer, there are no costs (provided that the mailbox does not start).

This will not work if your phone number is suppressed (you usually decided this when you signed the contract). To cancel the caller ID suppression, enter the character string *31# before entering the destination number. Voilà!

Tip 6: Caller ID announcement – dial a free hotline and have your own cell phone number announced via a call

Admittedly, this is the most cumbersome method, after all you have to dial a longer phone number. But on the other hand, this is also the universal method, in case all the others haven’t worked yet. ;-)

Enter the number 0800 9377546 and get your Announce mobile number for free. An automatic voice will read out the digits of your own mobile phone number to you.

10 Comments to Show your own number: How to show your number

  1. Cargo03 8. August 2016 at 19:59

Only, it does not solve the question: M-net customer / O2.
I do not see my own number on my phone (Galaxy J5).

Helped me a lot

Doesn’t work at all… great help thread. Own a Samsung S7.

the 0800 was the last rescue. Thanks!

Tip 6 worked wonderfully. Everything else failed. Thanks man.

Hello, have the S7 edge and since the system update Nougat many things no longer work…z.B. Find own phone number. Under device information it says Own phone number ->not available; under status -> SIM card status -> there is nothing about dialing a phone number…great update *eye roll*

i have saved my number under ICE!

  • ouch 30. June 2017 at 10:36

ICE – In Case of Emergency – very useful. Who knows the ICE abbreviation and hopes to catch an emergency contact looks stupid from the laundry.

It’s a no brainer that a smartphone (I use Samsung S7 with Debitel) can’t display its own number. I can remedy, but I do not find it good.

Tip 6 is definitely my favorite. It is not inconvenient to type in a normal phone number after all.

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