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The Sauna is for many rest and relaxation pure, but also for the health regular sauna is very good. Especially in the cold season, public saunas, fitness centers and swimming pools are very crowded.

The dream of many is their own sauna at home . However, many people are afraid of the high costs without even knowing them. Because having your own sauna is not even as expensive as you think. With a sauna of good quality, you will have many years of pleasure. No more travel time, and no more entrance fees. Which ways there are to your own sauna, and how you can use them build yourself, and you can save a lot of money, you can read in this article.

Build a sauna yourself

The benefits of sauna

Regular sauna bathing has a number of positive aspects for our health. Sweating simply sweats out toxins that have accumulated in the body. So the body is purified and purified. And the sauna and sweating is also good for the immune system, because this is strengthened, one becomes less susceptible to coughs, colds and colds.

In addition to health, the well-being is also strengthened, as every sauna fan knows. What is better than extensive sauna in the cold season.

Build a sauna yourself

If you would like to install your own sauna in your house, you have several possibilities. The simplest, and of course the most expensive, is to hire a company that specializes in sauna construction. But you wouldn’t be on this site if you preferred this option. You want to build the sauna yourself, your own sauna self-built!

And here there are two options at once: There are very many good Sauna kits. These have everything in them and everything prefabricated that you need for a completely functional sauna. You "only" have to build it. For an experienced do-it-yourselfer this is no problem, of course, you will get an assembly instruction included.

The technology is also prefabricated, everything is ready to plug in, especially the sauna heater is ready to use in most kits and only needs to be hooked in. However, even experienced do-it-yourselfers should leave the electrical connection to a professional (electrician).

Sauna kits come in numerous sizes and shapes.

Building the sauna completely by yourself:

If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can have a sauna also Build it yourself. This is of course much more time-consuming than building a kit, the extra effort should not be underestimated. Because who has never built a sauna already needs a lot of time to inform themselves. Denn wenn man entscheidende Fehler beim Bau der Sauna macht, zum Beispiel bei der Hinterluftung, dann kann alles umsonst gewesen sein und man baut die Saune im schlimmsten Fall wieder ab.

There are special stores where you can order everything you need for the sauna self-build, because that is not so easy to find in the hardware store. Special wood must be used, the wood for the sauna should tolerate the heat well and not splinter. The Types of wood suitable for sauna construction are e.g.: Abachi, Zedernholz, Espe, nordische Fichte. These woods and more you can get here – Sauna building material.

The biggest advantage of building your own sauna is that you can adapt it perfectly to the available space.

If you want to dare the project then you get on the Internet good support in the form of building instructions and construction reports. Wir mochten Ihnen ein paar Seiten empfehlen:

  • Numerous information and plans can be found on
  • A nice overview for do-it-yourself can be found here – poolpowershop-forum.en
  • Informative blog that follows the construction of a sauna –

On these pages you will find a lot of helpful information if you want to spend your Build your own sauna would like.

Requirements for the location of your own sauna

Basically you can install your sauna anywhere in the house, from the attic to the basement, everything is possible. Consider however the Wohlfuhlfaktor, who would like already by the full cellar up to the farthest corner around to the Sauna to arrive.

Ideal is also a beautiful view, when you look through the glass door, preferably of course with a view of the outdoors. Wenn Sie Ihre Sauna im Keller bauen mochten, dann ist ein ausreichend grober Raum perfekt, denn Sie sollten auch Platz fur eine Schwalldusche und mind. have two relaxation loungers to relax between sauna sessions.

By the way, many people think that having your own sauna can lead to moisture problems, but this fear is completely unfounded. It is important to have enough fresh air, this is best via a window, or an adjacent room that can be well ventilated.

The sauna in the open

Of course you can also build an outdoor sauna, also here you have the choice between a Kit or the self-construction. Important for the outdoor sauna, you need a 400 volt power connection with 5 x 2.5mm cables (heavy current). Of course, an outdoor sauna is more elaborate, more expensive and also the running costs are higher (electricity).

The cost of its own sauna

Is it worth it financially to build it yourself vs. a kit? The answer will surprise you, because this is in most cases a clear no. As can be read in many reports on the Internet, the do-it-yourselfers often do not even get the material for the price of what a finished kit costs, not to mention the work that lies ahead of course.

So if you want to build a sauna yourself to save money, you should do the math beforehand so that it doesn’t end up being more expensive.

Costs per sauna session

A cozy evening in the sauna costs money of course, with heating up a sauna consumes electricity for about 5 euros, the larger the sauna the more electricity is needed of course. Build the sauna so really only as large as you are needed.

We wish you a lot of fun building your own sauna – happy sweating.

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