Dog pees on the sofa – what you are doing wrong and how to get him out of the habit!

Your dog pees on the sofa? Here you are not alone, because some dog owners know the problem, which mostly occurs at night. You sit comfortably on his sofa and then notice that it is damp and in the worst case even soaked through. This is of course neither for the durability of the couch, nor for the hygiene pleasing and therefore it is also for you surely good to know that one can do here easily something against it.

The prerequisite for this is that you know the cause of the dog peeing on the sofa. These can actually be very different and it is not really possible to see a pattern. The dog pees on sofa, in the most different age groups and no matter whether male or female.

The reasons for this are usually very individual and can therefore often be found in everyday situations and mistakes in dog training, which you yourself often no longer even notice. For this reason, we have described for you in this article several causes and scenarios that are responsible for peeing on the sofa in the majority of cases.

A protracted bladder infection – probably the most common cause

Probably the most common cause is an obstructed bladder infection. This means that the bladder leaks without the dog’s intervention and thus unintentionally, the dog pees on the sofa. The cause of a dog’s bladder infection is bacteria, which usually enter the dog’s urinary tract while swimming.

Especially cold and wet weather is an extremely favorable situation for the development of cystitis in dogs. Have you been out with your dog in such weather lately? In this case, you probably already know the reason why the dog pees on the sofa. As I said, it can also be an infection of the bladder, so you may not remember the day. To find out if your dog has a bladder infection, you should take your dog to a vet.

The dog pees on the sofa to mark his territory

Also that your dog tries to mark his "territory" with it, can be a possible reason for the fact that the dog pees on sofa. He would claim the couch for himself, which of course should not be the case and is probably not in your interest.

Mostly this is the case when the dog is usually allowed on the sofa. We don’t want to condemn this like many others, because we think that everybody has to decide for himself. Nevertheless, especially in this situation you must be aware that this may well be a reason for the dog to pee on the sofa.

This does not mean that you have to forbid him to go on the sofa – but it is advisable to put him in his place occasionally or to reserve a certain place on the sofa for him.

Protest peeing

Another reason or scenario for how and why the dog pees on the sofa is the so-called peeing in protest – also simply called protest peeing. This would mean that the dog or the bitch does not like something at all. The most obvious thing here is that he or she may not be allowed on the sofa. The dog pees on the sofa and thus his protest is expressed so to speak.

In this case your problem would be a completely different one, namely the lack of acceptance on the part of your dog for a certain area of your dog training or also basically. Think about it: Have there been any disagreements between you and your dog lately, or any other resistance from the dog?

By fighting these and providing your dog with clarity, the peeing on the sofa can very quickly come to an end. Unfortunately, it is difficult to generalize what the actual causes of your dog’s discomfort are and what you can do about it. We just wanted to mention this possibility as well, because it does not occur very rarely. However, in most cases it is not protest peeing when the dog pees on the sofa.


It is something very annoying that you would not wish to any dog owner: the dog pees on the sofa. On the other hand, possible causes for this can be found quite quickly and targeted action can be taken against it. Mostly it is simply your own misbehavior in terms of dog training and the signals you give to the dog.

With all the discomfort about the dog peeing on sofa, but you should not forget one thing: Your dog is also just a living being. And we think that every living being – human or animal – thinks that it is doing the right thing with what it is doing. So please don’t assume that your dog has bad intentions and be patient with him, then you will soon have a house-trained dog.

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