Dragon quest builders: defeat golem – how to win against the first final boss

Dragon Quest Builders: Defeat Golem - How to win against the first final boss

After starting Dragon Quest Builder into the first chapter, the first final boss awaits you at its end: Golem. This giant stone golem poses a threat to your village and causes havoc. In this guide, we will show you how to easily defeat the tough guy and continue your adventure.

In order to defeat the golem you need either a lot of skill or a very good preparation. So you should have the appropriate Create items and the necessary Materials collect before you venture into battle against the first final boss in Dragon Quest Builder. We will show you how best to do this and what to look for in each stage of the fight. In our video we show you how the fight might go:

Dragon Quest Builder: Defeat first final boss – How to make it hard for the golem

It is fundamental that you Cantlin Chapter locks, as you will then need to use many units of "Bang balls" can produce. Also you should green portal build to give you access to the stone bullet monsters to secure. We’ll explain these steps in more detail in our list:

  • Pop bullet: Look for the bullet monsters and defeat it. Let these monsters Rock Bomb Splitter fall, with which you can build small bombs. All in all, you should have at least 20 Glaring Balls Prepare for the fight against the stone golem. With the bullet monsters you should note that they can explode and thus kill you. Therefore you should get a steel sword grab and hit the monsters extra fast as soon as they charge up. If you are fast enough all is well, if you are too slow they will explode and kill you.
  • Cantlin Shield: If you have a few small bombs in your inventory, you can use them to Orichalcum which you will find in the world behind the green portal. This material is very important, because with orichalcum you have the so-called Cantlin signs can build, which can protect your settlement. The second ingredient can be found behind the red portal. You will enter a desert, where you can encounter three enemies. These are two small and one big golem. Defeat the big golem with a bangy bullet and it will let Golemit FALL. For the fight against the Golem you should therefore use two shields build so that the boulder does not completely destroy your settlement.

alt="Dragon Quest Builder End Boss" width="620" height="" /> This is what the helpful Cantlin shields look like.

Golem: How to defeat the first final boss in Dragon Quest Builder

The battle against the golem is divided into three phases. Here it is especially important to protect your settlement from his high damage. Therefore use your Cantlin shields and don’t build them into your wall, but put them down at the right moment to block the Gelom’s attacks. After that you can mine them again and use them again. We’ll introduce you to the stages of the fight against the first boss:

  • Phase 1; The golem will start to line up in front of your wall and throw large stones at your settlement. So run directly in front of the city wall and put your Cantlin Shields so that they intercept the stone chunks. In total you have to fend off three boulders and you should be quick to place the shields at the right moments, dismantle them and set them up again.
  • Phase 2: After the golem has had little success with his stones, he goes into a frenzy and attacks you with whirlwind attacks. Use again the Cantlin shields and place them so that you can block his attacks. In case the golem comes from another side, you have your second shield for safety. As soon as you were able to block the end boss, he will become staggered and you can give him a Fireball MISS. But you should do this quickly, otherwise the golem will start again into the second phase.
  • Phase 3: As a final attempt, the golem will produce many small hammers, which you will simply have to kill to complete the phase.

alt="Dragon Quest Builder first final boss" width="620" height="" /> Now you can put the bombs under the golem.

Additional information about the Golem, the first final boss

Unfortunately, you will have to complete the three stages several times in order to actually defeat the final boss. The battle is not won until you 3 Bombs you could place under him. As long as this is not done, the golem will go through its three phases again and again. Don’t use too many bang balls for the hammerlings, otherwise there won’t be many left for the fight against the golem. Make sure that your settlement does not take any damage and therefore use the small bombs with care. There is a danger of damaging your city.

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