Dream interpretation angel

Transcendent beings of ethereal beauty, with delicate, even faces and gentle voices: Angels represent the link between the divine and the earthly. They are similar to humans in appearance, but more powerful, beautiful and clever than them, often they are depicted with wings with which they move between the worlds. In ancient paintings, guardian angels watch over unsuspecting children playing on the edge of the abyss, and many religious depictions include angels with harps. They stand for the good and pure.

But there are also stories of fallen angels, and many stories and films ascribe to them the role of messenger of death who guides a dying person into the afterlife. What does it mean when we dream of these half-human, half-divine beings?? What does dream interpretation say about angels?

Dream Symbol "Angels – The general interpretation

Angels are considered messengers of God, they bring message from another world. And so, as a dream symbol, they also indicate that the dreamer has a Message out of its Subconsciousness receives. Perhaps you include so far subconscious desires and references too little into your life.

The angel in your dream can point out to you, as the personified good, how important your subconscious mind is to you and the way you live your life.

Other qualities we associate with angels are kindness and wisdom. To see an angel in your dream may indicate a soon to be Solution This dream symbol can also indicate a conflict and predict joy and prestige. You may receive help in a difficult situation or make an important new friendship or spiritual connection with another person. Also to see oneself in a dream as an angel, points to Reputation and Luck go to.

Also, this dream symbol can represent that you are looking for a Parent figure You are longing for someone who stands by you with good advice, cares for you and holds a protecting hand over you. They want to be loved unconditionally and receive recognition. However, your dream may also indicate that you should develop these qualities yourself and thus give yourself this recognition.

Traditionally, in dream interpretation, the angel has also been used as a Death messenger If one sees an angel in a dream, it is believed that hearing an angel speak indicates illness or death of a close person. If you see yourself surrounded by several angels in your dream, the following awaits you Harmony. He either already feels in inner harmony with what surrounds him, or he longs to be at peace with himself and the world.

If you see two angels in your dream, one of them bright and friendly, perhaps even radiantly beautiful, but the other dark or even intimidating, these angels symbolize the good and the evil. Your dream is a hint that you have to choose between these two sides.

Dream symbol "Angel – The psychological interpretation

Dream interpretation angel

Those who dream about supernatural beings such as angels should pay more attention to the Subconscious listen. Possibly you are in a conflict at the time of the dream and cannot find a rational way out of the situation. You long for an advisor, a reliable message about which solution is right for you. Your subconscious may already have this solution ready for you. Listen inside yourself and take your hidden ideas and wishes seriously.

On the other hand, in psychological dream interpretation, an angel can also indicate a wish for a Mother figure indicate. An angel brought Mary the message of her pregnancy, night prayers and songs ask the angels to protect the sleeping child. And so the angel is closely associated with motherhood in the Christian cultural circle. The dream symbol "Angel can be an occasion to take a closer look at one’s own relationship with the mother.

If you dream that you yourself are the angel, you should change your Behavior in waking life critically under the magnifying glass. Do you actually behave "angelically? Or does your subconscious rather point out to you to strive more for harmony and selfless love??

Dream symbol "Angel – The spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, angels embody the Celestial, Enlightened. They bring us messages from another level of consciousness, bring revelation. So if you dream of an angel, you want to open yourself to the spiritual path, maybe you are already connecting to another level.

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