Dschungelcamp 2022 (rtl): anouschka renzi’s “princess shit” annoys jasmin herren

Tina Ruland creates jungle camp stress: "I don’t give away any of my food"

We remember: Shortly after moving into the RTL jungle camp, it came between Anouschka Renzi and Tina Ruland to the towel-gate. Renzi, who was torn apart by fans after the IBES premiere, had accidentally dabbed her face with Ruland’s towel, which she didn’t take too kindly: "It’s nothing personal, but I find it totally disgusting when someone uses my towels"." Even then, Anouschka Renzi attested to her fellow contestant a "lecturing manner".

Jasmin Herren and Anouschka Renzi in the jungle camp in South Africa

Round two in the jungle camp dispute between Anouschka Renzi and Tina Ruland follows then on day five in the jungle. Vegetarian Ruland defends her food vehemently. "I’m happy to let someone try, but I don’t give away any of my food," the "Manta, Manta" star clarifies. Too much for Renzi. "Just because you get a quarter of a sardine doesn’t mean you get a piece of your food? That is already a bit funny from the character." But it’s not just Tina Ruland’s character that bothers her .

Jungle camp spat u50: Tina Ruland vs. Anouschka Renzi – "You are becoming disrespectful, my dear"

When Anouschka Renzi gets upset about Tina Ruland’s "squawking voice," it becomes too much for the jungle camper to bear. "You’re getting disrespectful, my dear," Ruland lashes out at her opponent Renzi. "Do not get disrespectful, otherwise you will experience me times angry."Disrespectful means disrespectful, by the way, for all those who didn’t remember that from their German classes at 11 p.m. An escalating dispute like between Janina Youssefian and Linda Nobat is probably not to be expected here.

Also with Jasmin Herren it goes for Anouschka Renzi not better. The widow of Willi Herren has already made it clear several times since entering the jungle camp that she is not a fan of the actress. Accordingly, Jasmin Herren is then not very enthusiastic when she learns that she has to keep vigil with Renzi. "I have no desire for the old woman," says Herren.

Dschungelcamp 2022 (RTL): "This princess shit is getting on my nerves"

Jasmin Herren’s reproach to Anouschka Renzi? The actress is too passive for her, lets herself be served constantly and just sits around. "This princess shit is getting on my nerves. She has only ever had her ass handed to her. How does this woman get along in the world?", Herren asks himself on the jungle phone. "I can not work together with the sleeping pill. If that doesn’t work, I’ll kick that one’s ass, guys! Then everyone is awake."

After all, Jasmin Herren not only blasphemes in the back, but also gives Anouschka Renzi a piece of her mind during their night watch together – whether she likes it or not. "What is actually wrong with you? You’re told things 20 times and you still haven’t understood," Herren says to her jungle camp competitor. First, the actress defends herself: "I’m not doing this on purpose, I’m not doing this to annoy you."

Anouschka Renzi and Jasmin Herren have a falling out: "I don’t have to be told I’m antisocial"

At 57, Anouschka Renzi is the second oldest of this year’s jungle camp candidates, behind the walking old man joke Peter Althof. "That’s when you’re supposed to have a certain independence and a certain level of maturity," wonders Jasmin Herren. "One notices that everything was always put down to you. That is inconsiderate and no social behavior."

"So antisocial I do not have to be told," counters Anouschka Renzi but does not let herself be put off further – in contrast to Jasmin Herren. "I’m on the verge of an explosion," threatens the singer. All tactics, as Renzi suspects. But headlines has a Jasmin Herren, who has already unpacked details of Willi Herren’s death in the jungle camp, of course not necessary. "Oh you, I had so much press last year, I don’t need it."

Anouschka Renzi about jungle camp candidates: "I have the feeling that many here just make a show"

Anouschka Renzi moved to the jungle camp after ten refusals for lack of money. Do the other IBES candidates feel the same way, or are they perhaps even out for fame and followers?? Hard to imagine for Renzi, who is one of the jungle camp contestants with the fewest Instagram followers. "I also have the feeling that many of those here just make a show," says Anouschka Renzi.

It remains to be seen whether this groundbreaking insight will help Anouschka Renzi in the Dschungelcamp further. In any case, Jasmin Herren wishes that the actress leaves the jungle camp. "She should finally call her sentence and go."Renzi will probably not do her that favor, after all, she would like to keep her IBES fee. Let’s see who or what gets on Anouschka Renzi’s nerves next in the jungle camp.

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