“Dsds” contestant grumbles about jury: “people don’t have a clue!”

"DSDS" contestant grumbles about jury: "People have no idea"

  • This jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" really gives everything: They set up microphone bellows, sway and bawl along, accompanied on the piano.
  • That comes across – after all, someone on the jury was made the ultimate confession of love.
  • But of course: Someone always has something to complain about.

The fourth casting episode of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” offered above average. Maybe not necessarily in ratings, but in terms of the vocal performances of the candidates shown. Five out of nine made it to the Recall and three of them will soon be seen again by the TV fans during the singing trip to Italy.

Julia Hab (20), Raphaela Spirydowicz (27) and Daniel Muhadzeri (25) got one of a total of only 25 tickets for the foreign recall, which will take place in Apulia. So the sales of Italy will not be the dregs of the 19. “DSDS” season, but their crème de la crème compete and fight for a place in the live shows.

The grumbling Riccardo

Riccardo Paolino (25) will not be there then. That, when you heard him like this, is not surprising. He feels it is a “pity for Germany”, because he thought he was “the German superstar” already before the performance. For a rapper whose self-confidence and overconfidence go dramatically hand in hand, it was no wonder that the real culprits for his elimination were quickly found: “They don”t know anything about music, these people,” he grumbled to the jury after he had left the glass cube.

"Oioioi, Riccardo. So you don"t break hearts with rapping, that"s for sure. And in the singing part came nothing at all, not a single note."Even Florian Silbereisen, the walking attempt to really give every Honk something nice on the way, came to his limits. There were three crystal clear no’s for Riccardo’s "performance" on "I break hearts" (Kay One). The macho rapper then looked back on only one graciously: "Only the lady was nice."What is her name (Ilse DeLange, note. d. Red.), he did not know. When the mike was off, neither: "Full of embarrassment, I swear. What, is the camera still on?"

Declaration of love for Ilse DeLange

Daniel Muhadzeri demonstrated that you can also be polite to the jury. The 25-year-old barber from Vienna may have The Look (and probably the bluest eyes of the entire season, which Ilse DeLange also noticed), but he struggled with the Sound. So rather with the nervousness, because he can sing. “You have an awesome voice, but no idea how to use it,” paraphrased DeLange. Toby Gad judged more clearly: “This sounds like a lot of work. Your timing is a disaster.”

Then that do-gooder attitude of the new jury came through again. With all means the lamp-fevered Daniel was helped. Toby Gad sat down at the piano, DeLange and Silbereisen played the rhythm faction – and Daniel swam anyway (or even more so). “Man, Daniel, you want to be on “DSDS” and you”re wiggling around,” the hit titan almost burst his collar. But only almost, because he gave then nevertheless (“He has what!”) a yes. Toby Gad stuck with the no. The salvation fluted in the shape of Ilse DeLange the redeeming “Yes” to the 2:1 and the entry into the Recall. Daniel from the bottom of his heart: “I love you!”


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