Duty free purchases should also be well planned

Products that air travelers purchase duty-free in the duty-free store may by no means automatically be imported into all countries of travel or home countries. Items that can be purchased after customs inspection at the airport cover a wide range, from chocolate and clothing to tobacco and spirits. When flying to and from non-EU countries, however, watch out in the duty-free store. Some goods may be imported into certain countries namely only in limited quantities (duty free).

Duty free in hand luggage

In general, the following applies on flights within the EU: what you buy in the duty-free store, you are allowed to carry on board as part of your hand luggage. During transport, liquid goods need only be kept in a transparent container that can be inspected by sales personnel sealed bags are. At EU airports duty-free products are checked in advance. Items purchased in duty-free stores outside the EU are not checked according to EU standards and therefore may not be carried in hand luggage on flights to the EU, consequently also on flights to Germany.

Do you have anything to declare?

In duty-free stores at EU airports and on planes on flights within the EU, passengers have been able to buy 200 cigarettes since 1. July 1999 access without hesitation. Although the boarding pass must be shown when making purchases, the Taxes are already included in the purchase price included. Thus, one does not run the risk of having to pay taxes after landing. If you are coming from a Non-EU country If you are traveling to a non-EU country, however, you are only allowed to buy certain products in limited quantities duty-free import into Germany. If the limit is exceeded, you have to pay duty on the purchases.

Travel allowances

The following quantities may be imported duty-free into Germany from non-EU countries:

Tobacco products, If the importer is at least 17 years old:

  • 200 cigarettes or
  • 100 cigarillos or
  • 50 cigars or
  • 250 grams of smoking tobacco or
  • a proportional compilation of these goods.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages if the importer is at least 17 years old:

  • 1 liter of spirits containing more than 22% alcohol by volume or undenatured ethyl alcohol containing 80% or more alcohol by volume or
  • 2 liters of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content not exceeding 22% by volume or
  • a proportional compilation of these goods and
  • 4 liters of non sparkling wine and
  • 16 liters of beer.

medicines: The amount corresponding to the personal needs of the traveler.

Fuels: For each motor vehicle, the quantity contained in the main container and up to 10 liters in a portable container.

Other goods: Up to a total value of 300 euros, or. for air or. sea travelers up to a total value of goods of 430 euros. For travelers under 15, the limit is 175 euros.

Before you travel, find out about the Duty-free quantities of their destination country. If you exceed the limit, your purchases from the duty-free store that you are transporting in your hand luggage may be confiscated on connecting flights. For example Maldives the import of alcohol is completely forbidden. Duty-free store employees do not always have the necessary knowledge about the import regulations of individual countries.

Hands off suspicious goods!

Sometimes goods you buy in duty-free stores can get you in real trouble at customs. As we reported, just a few years ago, a mystery shopper at KeflavIk Airport near ReykjavIk managed to buy Whale meat to buy. If he were to travel back to the U.S., he might even be sentenced to prison for the Icelandic specialty in his luggage!

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