E-mail application – what you should know

Here you will find useful tips and information that you should bear in mind when sending an application by e-mail!

An alternative to the classic printed application, especially one that is inexpensive, is the e-mail or online application. Online application, which is now the rule almost everywhere.

Read the job advertisements carefully to avoid your application going the wrong way to the company. Some job advertisements state that applications sent by mail will not be considered in the selection process.

5 tips for writing an e-mail application

E-mail application - What you should know

What you have to consider when creating and sending an online application, we have summarized for you below:

A serious e-mail address:

Mail addresses that go by the name of "hasi86", "pusteblume" or "superman" may cause a laugh in the personnel department, but they do not leave a positive impression.

Under no circumstances should an email be sent with the sender address of the current employer.

If you don’t have a "normal" email address, you should definitely set one up for sending applications. This is free of charge with many providers.

Meaningful subject:

Formulate a clear subject line. This way, the personnel department knows immediately what your request is and you avoid ending up in the spam filter.

Short mail:

A short text in the e-mail is sufficient. You do not have to repeat what is already in your application anyway.


Dear Mr./Mrs. XY,

I hereby apply to you for the position of IT consultant. You can find my complete application documents in the attachment. I look forward to your feedback and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

With kind regards,
Max Mustermann

mail attachment and file format:

All application materials should be submitted in a Document to be sent. No recruiter is happy to receive an e-mail with 15 attachments, which may even be in the wrong order.

The best way to send your application is in pdf format, which is often requested. The file size should not exceed 3 – 7 MB. The following also applies to the order: Cover letter, resume, references and other attachments.

However, pay close attention to whether something else is required in the job advertisement. Does the company really want all the documents or just the cover letter and resume?? What file format should the attachment have? What is the maximum size of the attachment of the mail?

Smiley ban:

We all like to use smileys in emails to express our feelings. However, these have no place in an e-mail application. Therefore, a strict smiley ban applies to your application documents.

Online forms:

In addition to the application sent by e-mail, many companies use online forms. Here, applicants are asked to enter their data step by step and upload documents. Filling out an online form can be quite tedious. Even if this is frustrating and you quickly get annoyed, it is important to fill out the form with the utmost care and not to forget polite forms. Read carefully what is required under each item. Also make sure to upload the documents in the right place in the right format.

Online job board

You now know what to look for when sending an application via email. Use your knowledge and apply! In our online job exchange you can find vacancies for graduates, trainees, internships and holiday jobs in gang Austria!

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