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Whoever builds a wooden house or log house, usually also has the desire to build a sauna. In addition to the option of a sauna in the house, many people also consider a sauna control unit Log sauna or. Log sauna for the garden an alternative. Everything there is to consider around a log cabin sauna, I have compiled here.

On what should one pay attention with the log house sauna kit?

Above all, make sure that the logs have a minimum thickness of 7 cm. This is the minimum width that, in my personal opinion, allows the absorption of moisture in a wood-like manner. Only in this way you have the decisive advantage over a sauna in the house, which does not allow open diffusion, because here with formwork boards of ca. 2 to 3 cm thickness is worked.

There are partly still kits for saunas, to which the fastening material is not enclosed. So if the screws, wooden dowels or the mounting anchors for the base plate are missing, then the procurement at the local hardware store or even on the Internet will cost you significantly more than actually planned. Although you should not use too many screws in a real log sauna, but rather use wooden nails (so that the settlement is not hindered), but most kits are built in stud construction, so that the logs must be screwed to the stand beams.

Each manufacturer delivers the kits in a different composition. Partly essential parts are not included, such as the roof drainage, the door, the benches inside or the roof covering. Make sure you know what is included in the kit and what needs to be purchased separately.

The type of wood can also be different. Here is identical to a log cabin, the harder wood is more suitable. However, this is usually more expensive. Spruce (rather a softer wood), pine and larch are the common types of wood for a log cabin sauna.

Who plans a veranda, should order this accordingly immediately with, since thus the wood is identical.

What does a log sauna cost?

Of course, it really depends on the size of the log sauna and the thickness of the beams. Although you will find kits for smaller saunas from 5.000 Euro on the Internet (at approx. 6 cm thick logs), but a complete log sauna for under 10.000 Euro I have not found yet. It is important that you proceed similarly with a price comparison, as with the price comparison for a log house. You should build a small checklist of all the trades that are required for the construction of the sauna and then record the prices here.

The main costs in the construction of a log sauna are:

  • The water and electricity connection for the log sauna in the garden. Also note whether you need a sewage pipe
  • The base plate
  • The kit for the log cabin sauna. Note that the kit also includes all parts, such as.B. if necessary. The roofing, a rain gutter or downspout for roof drainage. Is the interior equipment – such as sauna benches – also included in the kit?
  • the painting and if necessary. necessary first glaze with an impregnation from the outside.
  • The stove / heating for the log cabin sauna
  • Costs for surveying and if necessary. The building permit (if not obtained together with that for the dwelling house)

The kit for a log sauna usually accounts for about 60% of the total costs. Thus you get a good indication of the total price.

In any case, the construction of the sauna is cheaper if it is built directly with the house, because many costs are then distributed between both trades. Especially the earthworks, the building permit and also the painting are much cheaper if the log sauna is built in parallel with the residential house.

As a rule of thumb I can say that a good, sufficiently large log cabin sauna in total from EUR 13.000 costs. By the own construction one can approx. 3.save 000 euros. So if you are a skilled craftsman and have a little time, you can expect total costs from ca. 10.000 Euro for his log cabin sauna. Upwards, of course, higher prices are always possible, if you have z.B. thicker logs would like to have or a vestibule or. a terrace.

Our tip: To the sauna house directly still another whirlpool. Ideal here are inflatable whirlpools, which can be moved mobile.

Should you equip the log sauna with a wood stove?

The sauna heater can be installed in all variants. An electric sauna heater is the simplest option. It is quickly installed and above all always ready for use. Without long preparation, the log sauna can be put into operation.

Real sauna fans, however, usually want a wood-burning stove for the sauna in the garden. Please note that this one needs a chimney as a vent and accordingly also a permission by the local district chimney sweeper.

Note that a wood stove usually requires a larger sauna to keep it from getting too hot. Also, the place around the stove must be covered with tiles or a glass plate on the floor protects it from flying sparks and pieces of wood that are already glowing. The wood stove must also be sufficiently removed from the wooden wall or this must be covered with a 30 cm plaster wall. All this serves the fire protection and is prescribed by the building authorities. The condition deviate partly per federal state and can be inquired with the district chimney sweep master. He also makes before commissioning the removal of the wood stove in the log sauna.

Do you need a building permit for the log cabin sauna?

In most cases, a building permit is required because the buildings, including the paved area outside the log sauna, exceed the limit for buildings without a permit. Get the building permit for the log sauna already ideally with the one for the residential house.

Note that the conditions when a building permit is required and also the procedure of application varies depending on the state in Germany. In the formulation, you must consult an engineer authorized to submit in this state, who must then also sign and submit the application.

When applying for a building permit for the log sauna, keep in mind that the cost will be significantly lower if you submit the building permit application at the same time as you submit the building permit application for the residential house. Often there are no additional costs at all.

Where to buy a log sauna?

Personally, I would always buy my log cabin sauna from the supplier who also builds my log cabin. So everything is from one cast and the logs are also identical. If you can mill a log house, you can also mill the logs for the sauna.

It should be noted, however, that you thus lack the interior decoration and furnishings. Electricity, stove and if necessary a water connection must be laid by local craftsmen anyway (if you can’t do it yourself). The same applies to the stove and the fireplace. Accordingly, only the furniture remains, such as sauna benches, which must be procured itself. This is on the Internet z.B. available at Amazon without any problems.

In addition to local suppliers who offer kits for a log sauna, you can also find many suppliers on the Internet. It should be noted that local suppliers are usually also able to do all other work incl. to carry out the building permit and thus be able to build the sauna from one source. This is especially interesting against the background of liability for the completely functional log cabin sauna.

So, if you are not building a house at the same time, or you are talented in craftsmanship and can erect many trades yourself, you should look for a local supplier who builds the log sauna.

Can you build the log cabin sauna yourself?

With a little craftsmanship it is possible to build the log cabin sauna yourself. To do this, you should first purchase as complete a kit as possible and have the plan for the base plate come in advance.

Then realize the floor slab according to the instructions. Note here that all necessary ground lines are present and arrive at the right place of the floor slab.

When assembling the kit, it is important that the first layer of logs is very accurately placed and, above all, absolutely in balance. Often, the base plate must be realized at a slight angle, so that z.B. rainwater runs off directly from the terrace. Accordingly, this must then be compensated for in the first layer of logs. Your entire sauna will only be straight and will later settle without warping when you have the first layer of logs in balance.

Everything else is based on the instructions for building the sauna from logs. In most cases it is possible to build the log sauna with two people. Plan quite six full weekends as construction time, because in the detail like the roof drainage or the interior fittings lie the time-intensive tasks.

Insure the log cabin sauna

I recommend including the log cabin sauna in both the buildings and contents insurance policies. This is mostly possible without much extra cost. Only with a wood furnace in the log sauna it can come to slightly higher costs.

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Since the insulation values of damp wood are not massively worse than after drying, it is obvious to look for the problem in leaks. In addition to the above, I would pay particular attention to the roof connection to the log wall and the roof structure itself (heat usually escapes upwards). Possibly borrow a thermal imaging camera and see where the heat escapes from. Subsequent insulating goes with sheep’s wool quite simply and quickly.

our log sauna is steaming in 3 places from the ends of the logs including noticeable warm drafts. Upon delivery, the material was damaged in some places and the outer of the three interlocking lamellas of the 90 cm planks was broken in some spots. Unfortunately, the delivery took so long and the storage space was limited that we were forced to assemble anyway.

Now with the first two heating processes the target temperature of 90 degrees is reached only after scarcely 2 hours. 2.10×2,10 sauna with 9kw stove.

Now the question is whether the air loss over the plank ends is the cause, or whether the steam is rather a sign that the wood first still liquid steams out and therefore possibly brakes the warming up.

Long question, hope but still understandable.

Thank you in advance and a good start to the new year!

It depends on the logs. Normally there should be no gaps and the logs should interlock directly cleanly. It is usually a non-uniform settlement due to a faulty screw connection, groove, etc. which leads to this.

Is it normal that after the construction of the sauna from tree trunks in some places the daylight can be seen?? Does the wood still settle and disappear the crack?

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