False leg amputated in linz: trial

The mistake happened at the Freistadt hospital

The amputation of the wrong leg of an 82-year-old man at the Freistadt Clinic in May of this year has a judicial aftermath. The attending physician has to be called in on 1. December because of roughly negligent bodily injury under particularly dangerous conditions before the Linzer Landesgericht, informed public prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Ulrike Breiteneder. The medical professional faces up to two years in prison.

Due to his pre-existing conditions, both of the patient’s legs were impaired. A transfemoral amputation had to be performed on the left leg. Before the operation, however, the defendant apparently marked the wrong leg, which nobody noticed. The fatal mix-up was only discovered two days after the operation when the bandages were changed. The hospital was "deeply concerned", the mistake was due to human error. The oo. The health holding company assured that it would take care of "transparent" investigations Take care of reconnaissance. In addition, a statement of facts was submitted to the Linz public prosecutor’s office, which led to the indictment. In addition, the health holding company issued a directive encouraging employees to perform even more precise safety checks. The elderly patient still had to have his second leg removed.

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Patient in Upper Austria amputated the wrong leg

At Freistadt Hospital, the wrong leg was amputated from an 82-year-old patient.

Alleged treatment error in Linz

No decision yet on second alleged treatment error. In January, the healthy prostate gland of a patient was removed by mistake at the Kepler University Hospital in Linz. In the case of two patients with suspected prostate carcinoma, biopsies (tissue samples) were taken.) had been carried out. The removed samples went to a pathology in Erlangen (Germany) for diagnostics. The findings there revealed that one of the two men suffered from a prostate carcinoma, but the other showed no abnormalities in the biopsy. However, the serious mix-up probably happened there. The error was discovered because the removed tissue parts were pathologically examined again after the operation. This revealed a discrepancy with the original biopsy finding, which indicated the sample mix-up.

The medical director Frisch informs about the treatment error

TO APA0460 FROM 20.5.2021 – Norbert Fritsch, medical director of Freistadt Hospital..and Jutta Oberweger, spokeswoman for the Upper Austrian Health Holding. Health Holding, on Thursday, 20. May 2021, anl. a press conference in Linz. An 82-year-old patient had the wrong leg amputated at Freistadt Hospital.

Investigation after amputation of wrong leg

After a patient had the wrong leg amputated at the Freistadt hospital, an attempt is now being made to find out why the four-eyes principle was apparently violated.

Investigations into incorrectly amputated leg

As in the case of the incorrectly amputated leg, the Linz public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into grossly negligent bodily injury, but has since transferred the case to the public prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg/Erlangen, Breiteneder said. More details were not known to her so far.

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