Family planning: how many children you should have in which life situation?

Don’t forget in your planning that the pregnancy itself as well as the birth can be very exhausting. This is especially true if you have one or two children to take care of at home.

Measured against the German average, each woman has 1.57 children. So it is very likely that you will decide to have one or two children.

In many families it works well, no matter how many children are at home there. With love, understanding and plenty of patience, (almost) every problem can be solved.

Admittedly, the question of how many children you should have is very personal and can also only be answered by yourself. Nevertheless many people who want to become parents or already are, ask themselves the question of what best suits their particular life situation . In our article we would like to give you some Pointing out aspects you can consider in your family planning .

1. How many children are socially established?

In the minds of most people, the desired family consists of two children.

How many children should you have? Even though the question about the number of children is quite understandable, you should be aware of not depending on what other people think is right.

Generally, the number of children in most families ranges between 1 and 3. By no means does this mean, however, that only this range exists.

In practice, however, it turns out that even one child is a real challenge for many people. It becomes even more complicated when many babies are born at once.

Not everything in life can be planned, but you can influence quite well how many children you will have.

In particular, for every woman who wants to have children, sooner or later the question arises what number of children is planned.
If you want to have three or more children, you have to start thinking a few years earlier about the extent to which this can be realized. It is not always possible to get pregnant right away, so family planning can quickly come to a standstill.

Tip: When planning, don’t forget that pregnancy itself and childbirth can be very stressful. This is especially true if you have to take care of one or two children at home on the side.

2. One or two children – how many children should I have??

How many children will I have?

Measured against the German average, each woman has 1.57 children. So it is very likely that you will decide to have one or two children.
More about the numbers of the last years you can find here.

Most people think about how many children they would like to have even before they have their first child. Although this is quite understandable and also comprehensible with regard to fertility. However, in this case, you have not yet had many experiences.

It is always something else to know theoretically what it means to have children or to be able to plan your family. Having children and actually experiencing this in practice. A lot of things parents only become aware of after the birth of their first child.

If you already have one child and are now thinking about having a second child, you should consider the following Include advantages, but also potential disadvantages in your family planning:

  • less worries about health (these are much more pronounced with the first child)
  • with time the siblings can play together and you are not always the first contact person
  • Children can learn from and with each other without being neglected
  • every child is priceless (even in repetition, the first steps lose nothing of their charm)
  • the out or. Sleeping through the night is much more difficult, because children keep each other awake
  • less free time (if the baby sleeps, your slightly older child will need time just for himself)
  • with two children, colds accumulate and last more or less through the whole year
  • the family’s finances are suffering, as one parent is likely to leave the workforce completely or to a large extent in the longer term

3. Two or three children – the rather smaller difference

With two children, no child comes up short.

Numerous parents who have not one but already two children rightly ask themselves the question, whether it actually still makes a difference whether one must provide for two or three children. Apart from the fact that having children is not a walk in the park for any woman, the changes actually keep within limits.

If you have already had experience with two children, you will not be too easily put off. Most moms and dads now find it relatively easy to stay calm and not overreact to even the most stressful situations.

Many parents report that the third child more or less runs alongside. However, you should not make this decision quite so easy for yourself. If the number of children matches the number of adults, each parent can relieve the other one or the other time.

However, if three children are standing in the doorway and would like to be driven to soccer, ballet or guitar lessons, things quickly become complicated.

Even in the car or on vacation trips, it becomes relatively cramped with three children and the corresponding child seats. Of course, these rather logistical problems can be solved well with a little coordination and nothing stands in the way of the large family.

4. Three or more children – large families do not have it easy

Organizational talent is required in families with many children.

Of course, it is up to the parents themselves how many children they want to have. In principle, both advantages and disadvantages can be found for 2, 3 or 4 children. Sooner or later, however, the question arises, when it becomes too much.

Due to the usual size of the apartment as well as the limited space in the car it becomes sometimes with three, at the latest however with four children quite closely.

So in addition to the regular expenses for clothing, food and hobbies, a larger apartment must usually be found. In addition, the van often makes a big dent in the household budget.

Also vacation trips arrange themselves increasingly challenging, because not even one row in the airplane is enough for six people. The family room does not offer sufficient place and also in the vacation first the suitable rented car must be found.

Often the first test with four children in practice is quite complicated. Nevertheless, this should in no way prevent you from having a fourth child. Just think about it calmly and make yourself aware of these factors.

In many families it works well, no matter how many children are at home there. With love, understanding and plenty of patience (almost) every problem can be solved.

A extreme example of a family with 8 children can be seen in this YouTube video:

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