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Small fat pads on Buttocks, hips and Abdomen, a Double chin and also stubborn fat deposits on Thighs and Upper arms can cloud the success of a strenuous sports program and healthy diet. It is not always possible to tighten the entire body through exercise and diet. Often small problem areas remain. The fat-away injection offers the possibility to remove these small fat deposits without a scalpel. Due to a natural breakdown of the fat cells, the fat-away injection is a particularly gentle form of fat removal.

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What is a fat-away injection and how does it work??

The Fat-away injection is a minimally invasive method of fat removal with the aim of dissolving and reducing small to medium fat pads. Unlike liposuction, no surgical intervention is required for fat-away injection.

A special substance is injected into the fatty tissue through fine needles, which dissolves the fat cells through lipolysis (a biochemical process to break down fats). They are removed via the lymph and finally excreted. For this reason, the fat-removal injection is called injection lipolysis in aesthetic medicine.

As a rule, the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine is used, a phospholipid from the soybean, which has been used in medicine for a long time to treat fat embolisms. After the injection of the active ingredient, there is a desired inflammation of the treated areas, which is necessary for the fat dissolving effect of the treatment.

The fat-away injection is well suited to the Removal of smaller fat pads on the body and face. This is how problem areas can be abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms, but also a double chin, bags under the eyes and one Strongly pronounced male breast (gynecomastia) treated by means of injection lipolysis.

How does a treatment with the fat-away injection proceed??

Injection lipolysis is a little time-intensive procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. A treatment with the fat-away-injection lasts only 15-45 minutes. The patient is immediately. Usually the procedure is performed under performed under local anesthesia.

Before injection lipolysis

Before the actual procedure, a Detailed consultation The consultation takes place with the treating physician, in which the patient’s wishes and ideas are discussed in detail. On the day of the treatment, the doctor marks the areas of the affected parts of the body into which the injection solution is to be injected. The injection itself is then performed with the help of a special syringe, which can make several punctures at the same time. The active ingredient should be injected as evenly as possible under the skin in order to distribute it throughout the fatty tissue.

After the injection lipolysis

After the grease-removal sprayer has been used, the affected areas of the skin turn red, swell up and a Pressure pain or a slight burning sensation one. These are desirable signs inflammation caused by the active ingredient. It supports the breakdown of fat cells. Anesthetic ointments can be used to relieve this pain.

The Result the removal of fat by means of a fat-away injection is not visible immediately after the treatment. Only in the course of circa six weeks can be used to estimate how much fat has been removed. It is quite possible that the treatment will have to be repeated to achieve the desired result. As a rule, 2-3 treatments are necessary, but in some cases a single session is sufficient. There should be eight weeks between sessions, Since at this point the tissue has fully recovered and is ready for the next fat-away injection.

Which criteria must be fulfilled, so that one is suitable as a patient for a treatment with the fat way syringe?

There are some criteria that can exclude a patient from treatment with fat-away injection. Thus, the patient should generally be in be in good physical condition, so not serious diseases (e.g.B. Cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases etc.) suffer. Also Blood clotting disorders can be a problem. In addition, the patient may Not allergic to soy products because the active ingredient used, phosphatidylcholine, comes from the soybean. in case of doubt, a soy allergy should be excluded in advance.

Who is injection lipolysis aimed at??

It must be clearly stated that Fat-away injection is not made for losing weight. Only if sport and diet do not help, the fat-away-injection is used. It can help, To reduce stubborn fat pads, it cannot, however, replace a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet.

Injection lipolysis is mainly aimed at people who have small to medium fat deposits, which are particularly stubborn and cannot be trained off. In the case of larger fat pads such as "riding pants" or "life rings", classic liposuction should possibly be preferred to fat-away injection.

Criteria at a glance

  • not suffering from serious diseases
  • no allergy to soy products
  • age of majority
  • no pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • not be (severely) overweight

What are the advantages of the fat-away injection??

The biggest advantage of the fat-away injection compared to liposuction is that it is does not require any surgical intervention. Thus, it is less stressful for the body, is gentler, involves less risk and is less expensive less risks and has a shorter recovery time. The patient can go back to work the very next day, there are no large wounds or incisions. Only the small punctures made by the needles need to heal. The procedure itself does not take long either. This results in no long downtimes, which makes the fat-away injection also attractive for working people.

However, due to the minimally invasive procedure, not only a short recovery time is expected, but also lower costs to be expected. Compared to surgical procedures, treatment with the fat-away injection is comparatively inexpensive.

Another advantage of the fat-away injection is the particularly harmonious looking result. Due to the natural dissolution and ablation of the fat cells, no dents or bumps are created. Fat disappears evenly, giving a firmer appearance to the treated areas.

Once the fat has been dissolved, a permanent effect can be expected. In this way, it is also possible to reduce fat deposits that do not disappear with exercise and a special diet. Circumference changes of several centimeters are possible, which immediately makes the silhouette appear slimmer, fitter and beautifully proportioned. The treatment by means of fat-removal injections is possible in many parts of the body: in the area of the legs, knees, hips, abdomen and arms, as well as on the chin, face, axillary folds and chest.


The advantages at a glance

  • Gentle procedure
  • Low risk
  • Lower costs
  • Even removal of the fat and tightening of the overlying skin
  • Reduction of body circumference after successful treatment
  • Wide range of application

What complications and side effects can occur during treatment with the fat-away injection??

All in all, the treatment with the fat-away injection is a low-risk procedure in aesthetic surgery. However, in some cases complications may occur. Thus, as with any intervention, there is a certain risk of Infections. However, this is only to be expected to a very small extent with the minimally invasive procedure. In some cases, a soy taste was detected in the mouth after the treatment, which subsided after a few days and had no health effects. Also the formation of slight bruising through the punctures is not a cause for concern.

The appearance of Redness, swelling, pressure pain and itching is quite normal after the treatment. These side effects are even desirable, as they indicate the inflammation necessary for lipolysis to take place. The discomfort can be alleviated with painkillers and will subside over time.

What are the disadvantages of the fat-away syringe?

Despite its many advantages, the fat-away injection is not always the best solution. large fat deposits and overweight cannot be treated with this form of fat removal and even with small fat pads, the Effect not guaranteed. In a small percentage of patients, the injection of the active ingredient has no effect at all: no lipolysis takes place, so the fat is not broken down.

Whether and to what extent an effect is achieved, can not be determined before the procedure. The extent of fat loss can only really be assessed weeks after the treatment. Only then can it be said whether a further session is necessary or not. If this is the case, the entire procedure will be repeated.

How to choose the right clinic for me personally?

When choosing a clinic there are some things you should pay attention to. The attending physician should discuss with you in advance of the treatment a detailed discussion about your wishes and ideas as well as the possibilities the fat way syringe lead. It is important to have a relationship of trust with the doctor in order to be able to talk to him openly about everything. In addition it should over Experience in the field of fat removal have. Not only plastic surgeons, but also dermatologists perform injection lipolyses. However, it is recommended to visit a specialized clinic for the treatment in order to be able to enjoy the highest quality.

MediDate/Medical One can help you in your search. Together we will find a first-class clinic near you. Our cooperation with various premium clinics throughout Germany enables us to give you a recommendation that we fully endorse.


What is the cost of treatment with the fat-away syringe??

A treatment with the fat-away syringe can between 200 and 600 Euro per session cost. Depending on the size of the areas to be treated and the amount of active ingredient required, the costs may vary. The clinic and the doctor’s fee also have an influence on the price of the fat removal injection.

Depending on the success of the treatment, the procedure may have to be repeated, which in turn affects the costs. So it is hard to say in advance how much the fat removal treatment will cost.

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