Fau plogging challenge: move, collect trash and protect the environment

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Move, collect trash and protect the environment

This year, FAU is participating for the first time in this "Clean City – Clean Forest – Clean Waters" event organized by the City of Erlangen. Already in July, a test run of a comparable action, the Plogging Challenge, was carried out by the Green Office.

Plogging, a combination of plocka (Swedish for "pick up") and jogging, is about collecting trash, exercising, and doing something good for the environment while moving around the city – or university campus. On 5. and 8. October is all about the plocka. At the end of the week, the collected waste is then calculated and the action is documented with pictures.

The university’s participation has now enabled two new collection areas on the university campus in the city center and on the south campus to be included in the "fall cleanup" as well.

The Green Office is calling on all fresh air fanatics, environmentalists and other motivated people on 05. and 08.10.2020 to the Plogging Challenge 2.0 on. In small groups or on their own, students and even employees can choose either the area on the south campus or the one downtown. Garbage bags will be distributed at the locations listed below.

When will the Plogging Challenge 2 take place.0 instead?

The FAU Plogging Challenge 2.0 takes place on 5. and 8. October 2020 instead. The tools are available for borrowing during the day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the respective collection points. With this event, FAU joins the "Clean City – Clean Forest – Clean Waters" campaign of the city of Erlangen, which has been in existence for more than 40 years. Working together for a trash-free city, this year of course also in the teams with due distance.

What’s in it for?

The campaign not only improves the appearance of FAU, but also sets an example against environmental pollution and for waste separation. Among other things, you can collect many of the disposable masks, which, due to their synthetic fibers, ca. It will take 450 years for them to decompose and no longer pollute the environment. But also the personal fitness is promoted in the community by the movement in the fresh air. Clubs and schools of the city will make the university and the city area cleaner together with the FAU.

How it works?

1. Together or alone?

If you want to have more fun together, you can form a small group, but individual collectors are also welcome. The collection takes place

  • am 5. October for downtown and
  • on 8. October for the southern area.

2. Prepare

When you have decided on an area where you want to collect, sign up on a list posted there so that a direct contact person from each group is known.

For the collection there are collection bags and if necessary gripping tongs available. These can be picked up at the following locations (see map):

  • in the city center (5. October): Parking lot between Bismarckstr. 1 and Bismarckstr. 1a (next to the glass/garbage containers) (map of the city center)
  • at the southern site (8. October): Intersection of Erwin-Rommel Strasse and Nikolaus-Fiebiger Strasse (map of southern area)

From for hygienic and ecological reasons, please bring your own work or gardening gloves for the collection in any case, as these cannot be provided and disposable gloves should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Collect – Separate – Document

The collected garbage can be delivered to the drop-off points at the intersection of Erwin-Rommel Strasse and Nikolaus-Fiebiger Strasse, and to the parking lot at Bismarckstrasse 1. The collected trash bags can be deposited in the designated areas and will then be picked up by the city. For glass waste two glass containers are available near the distribution points. Alternatively, glass waste can also be disposed of directly in the municipal containers.

A documentation of the collection with one or two pictures per team is desired but not obligatory. The pictures can be easily sent to the Green Office.

Please observe hygiene rules

During the entire action, a protective distance of at least 1.5 m from other people must be maintained. Where the distance cannot be safely maintained, mouth-nose coverings are to be worn. Gloves and tongs are recommended for collection.

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