Fc bayern: lukas poldolski defends unvaccinated joshua kimmich

Poldi attacks politicians, doctors and researchers in vaccination debate | "Kimmich is treated like a felon"

For the program "Bayern Insider" on BILD TV (Sunday from 10 a.m.), BILD head of soccer Christian Falk (43) visited world champion Lukas Podolski (36) at his Polish club Gornik Zabrze.

Bild am Sonntag: Mr. Podolski, did you follow the discussion about Joshua Kimmich in Poland?? He clarified that he is not vaccinated and does not know if he will still do so. How do you see that?

Lukas Podolski: In Germany, the topic is as if a felon had been caught. I find that a bit exaggerated, the whole discussion. And it doesn’t do Joshua justice either to pillory him for something like this.

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You can see the complete interview on Sunday from 10 o’clock at the "Bayern Insider" on BILD TV, the television channel of BILD!

You yourself recently had Corona. How did you feel during this time?

I already felt a little weak. It’s similar to the flu, where you don’t feel well for a few days, you’re a bit under the weather. But I did not have a severe course either. So I don’t know what a severe course is either. Because I didn’t have it, I can’t judge that, as well as the whole discussion. I can only speak for myself.

You were also not vaccinated when you became infected.

Yes, I was not vaccinated. And now I’m not allowed to get vaccinated for six months – if nothing changes in the laws – until February, March. I’m still considered recovered.

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This means you don’t have to choose – unlike Kimmich. What do you do when the decision then comes up?

Everyone can decide for themselves. I don’t understand why they make Joshua Kimmich a felon, I don’t understand the discussion. There are also many clubs in the Bundesliga, I think, where players are also not vaccinated.

It is said that ten percent of the players in the Bundesliga are not vaccinated. At FC Bayern there are five, we know.

It’s just the way it is: now you’ve found someone, everyone gets in touch. Every buffoon from politics or from the researchers, doctors knows something and gives his mustard to it.

Would you like it if other players who have not been vaccinated come out and say: we will not let Kimmich stand alone like this.

Whether you have to come out now, I don’t know. Once again, I believe that everyone must decide for themselves what they want to do. Of course, the people in charge, the clubs, the doctors and the information are all explained to you: What are the risks? What are the side effects? You have the good right as Joshua Kimmich – or other player – to say: I do not want to be vaccinated yet.

Is there not the discussion with you in the league in Poland?

I am here a few months, and the discussion did not exist. With us players are also not vaccinated. I understand that this is a topic that has been on our minds for almost two years now. There are people who have severe courses. There are people who have died. That’s not a question. But there are other diseases where people die or where something happens.

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With Kimmich, there was the discussion because he makes the WeKickCorona initiative. You have to say: This one is mainly for people who help like nurses, but there was also a donation for vaccines.

Well, that’s just a discussion, you can’t do anything about it, if you advertise for a Corona vaccine. If that’s true, which I didn’t know before, then the questions come up. This is just a found food for the media to then say: You advertise a vaccine and then you do not use it yourself. But again: He can decide for himself.

Kimmich is not alone, he has other players who think the same way. The club leaves it up to the players to get vaccinated.

I don’t understand the discussion that you want to force someone to get injected with something. The pressure is increasing every day. Is he then a different person when he gives himself the vaccine? Does everyone then say: Kimmich, we’ll put you at Marienplatz like in the championship, you helped the people here? That with a shot and with a vaccination you ward off certain risks and you help people…

… and offers more protection to the society .

. clear! But Kimmich also said: We are tested everywhere in the clubs. That is what is done.

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This is Kimmich’s argumentation. He is in a test chain and is controlled more than others. He is of course in the luxury situation that he does not have to pay for the tests himself, the club does that.

In the end, there is no yes or no – there will always be discussions on the subject of vaccination and vaccine. Recover, not recover. Where do you enter, where do you not enter. We will not be able to put the discussion aside in the coming months and years.

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