Festive table decorations for the holidays

Glass baubles glitter on the tree, candlelight bathes the home in a cosy festive light – and in the best case, the distributed gifts alone conjure up a blissful smile on your face. When everything is just right under the tree, the holiday table shouldn’t be forgotten either. Festive table decorations ensure that the glamour continues in the cabin at the numerous meals. The festive table decoration can look different for each family. For those who are undecided, we have four ideas that can be implemented for any size table.

On holidays most people spend most of their time at the dining table. Whether roast goose, carp or potato salad, they all get a festively decorated stage these days.

Festive table decorations for the holidays

Festive table decorations can be so different. in many families one sets on a traditional color design. But a table set in dark, earthy colors also fits the holiday season.

Festive table decorations for Christmas

The feast of Christmas treats is celebrated in many families with numerous rituals and traditions. This quite often includes the color scheme of the festive table. It often coincides with the colors of the Christmas tree. Those who are more tradition-conscious in red and gold will also adopt this for the festive table decoration of the Christmas table. Picking up elements of holiday decorations on the dining table is not a bad idea. Fir branches in a vase, candles in Christmas silhouette and stars on the tablecloth underline the special character of the all but sparse meals with the family.

A stylish, festive table decoration is limited to a few colors and materials. It may glitter, but please not quite as radiant as the decorated tree in the living room. In addition pine cones, needle branches and of course candles – together they conjure up a festive mood on the table. Metal accents, such as silverware polished to a high shine or brass dining utensils, can be used as a visual highlight.

Plain table with different colored water glasses, etc. With light linen tablecloth and midcentury chairs

Beautifully layered and without the usual decorations is also quite nice. Completely haphazard, however, even such a simple table design is not. Plus: If you greatly reduce the table decoration, you have more time for other things. Unwrapping presents, for example.

A tablecloth somehow belongs to the holiday table. A large linen tablecloth is perfect for the many family dinners during the holidays.

Simplicity and quality at the Feietagstafel

The absolute contrast to festive table decorations with decorations and greenery is a dining table set in a simple, almost puritanical way. Functionless decoration remains stowed away in the cupboard here. Instead, emphasis is placed on sleek, high-quality dishes. The classic white starched tablecloth forms the basis. Food is eaten from plain plates and served on simple wooden boards, on a baking tray or directly from the pot. The idea behind this is that nothing useless takes up space on the table, but the minimalist arrangement is still given a formal setting by the tablecloth, which is usually unused in everyday life. We use the "good dishes", there is excellent wine with the meal and in the end everything can be cleared away quickly. Because let’s face it: the numerous preparations on and around the holidays can be energy-sapping. Spending less time on elaborate table decorations means more time for loved ones.

Champagne and glamour only on New Year’s Eve? Must not be. For the Christmas dining table, fine sparkling wine can also serve as inspiration.

Festive table decorations with a penchant for opulence: lush colors, fine materials and the "good dishes" are an integral part of these table decorations.

Enjoyment with glamour factor

Christmas is only once a year. So why not go all out for the festive table decorations? Meaning: in the decoration and in the materials used, the focus is on decadence. Replace a plain white tablecloth with one in deep green, dark blue or wine red. They not only give a noble colored basis, but forgive fallen red wine glasses and gravy stains without further ado. Cremant or champagne is served before the meal, from fine champagne bowls. With the table decoration we set with this idea completely on Opulent. Instead of individual fir branches, seasonal fruits like pomegranates and winter flowers come in sprawling bowls in the center of the table. velvet ribbons hold cutlery and napkin together. And what must not be missing are menu or place cards.

What’s on the menu is almost secondary when it comes to glamorous table decorations. Potato salad and sausages would be however already a violent style break.

On the Julebord bowls full of food are rather out of place. The delicacies get their own table, so that at the modern Scandinavian dining table there is room for the most important thing: good conversation and a glass or two of aquavit.

Christmas decoration yes, but please not too engaging. There is enough room for elbows and glasses at this Christmas table. The fun of putting the dishes away when the food is put on the table is eliminated. Simply because it is on its own table.

Modern Scandinavian julebord

The Julebord is a Scandinavian tradition, not unlike our Christmas parties. While in this country it is more common that the same sometimes only takes place in the new year for scheduling reasons, the Julebord season already begins in mid-November. Typical for the Julebord, translated Christmas table, is the classically set table. The prepared food has its own table. And that is covered with the most delicious delicacies. Eating, drinking and talking about the past year is the main focus here – usually in a noble setting. This can also be adopted for the holiday table at home. On the table include place settings and cutlery, glasses and a little decoration. Just not too much. A pair of candles, maybe one or two figures, done. On the julebord, however, there must be room for serving platters and bowls full of delicacies. Fish and seafood are served in Norway and Sweden, as well as Christmas ham and roast beef. In short: everything that can be prepared.

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