Fifa 22 in the test: ea now really plays in the champions league

"Fifa 22" in the test | Finally "FIFA" is fun again solo!

The action on the pitch has been significantly improved Photo: EA Sports

For decades, there has been a new edition of the popular console kick every year. Every year EA Sports promises a better game – clearly. This year, however, the developers seem to have really tweaked the game, because FIFA 22 feels better than ever before. Our test.

Over 700 international teams, more than 17 000 original player names and values and lots of other details from the world of soccer. Alone this mass of original licenses makes "FIFA" for fans to Nr. 1 with the virtual kicks.

We have tested the game with the Playstation 5 Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

And yet, EA Sports hasn’t made such a step in terms of gameplay, i.e. the actual core of a soccer simulation, in many years.

Fluid, intelligent and comprehensible

Therefore, we put a focus on the action on the pitch. Here is a real development step compared to "FIFA 21" noticeable. Especially the intelligence of the players, the MIT players in the team, has improved significantly. The developers juggle there very quickly with the term "AI" (Artificial Intelligence), so artificial intelligence.

The main menus has been redesigned for Fifa 22, now offers more overview Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

We can say: From the defense to the midfield to the attack, the computer-controlled players behave more intuitively than ever before. As is common in modern soccer, a player on the flank sometimes runs almost to the opponent’s baseline to serve as a face-off and double-passing station on the way there. Class!

Also interesting

In general, the movements of the players, including the opponent, are more comprehensible than last year. They don’t seem so uncontrolled anymore and also involve the other players more, seem to react to each other.

The new default camera setting is a bit more distant, but gives you more overall view. It can be adjusted in the settings Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

We have tested the game on Playstation 5. For the next-gen consoles (i.e. also Xbox Series X/S (and Stadia) EA Sports talks about a new technology called "Hypermotion." It should be responsible for ensuring that the movements of the players on the court are particularly realistic. We can only say: Mission accomplished! Because also in this point "FIFA 22" can go one step further.

Balanced difficulty

Players pick up the ball out of the air, volley it at the right time, or the attacker flies through the sixteen and heads it in after a sugar cross. Scenes we haven’t seen in "FIFA" for a long time. But most of all, it’s fun because the intelligence of the opponents and goalkeepers is also pretty darn well balanced. From a certain level of play (we play "professional" and "world class"), goals have to be played out well in order to overcome the defense and the goalkeeper. These act so naturally that frustration seldom arises because one thinks, "But this is bad programming."

Fifa newbies get a very urban introduction to the controls and learn basic tricks from YouTube star Lisa Zimouche aka Lisa Freestyle Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

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