&Finally get better at school – 5 tips that really help

This can be avoided by being strategic and addressing the issue of grades, BEFORE the class workn are coming up and the complete stress breaks out.

This article is for you, your school grades and your future.

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Here’s what you’ll take with you today:

+ How you in the long term your improve your grades can

+ What it was due to, That you have not had the success so far

+ What the Secret of the 1.0 is

+ How you generally better in school you can become

+ How to master every subject can

+ How to Enjoy learning you get back

+ How you can How to use tutoring strategically can

Which factors determine a good grade?

There are several factors, which are responsible for a good grade and these we want to show you here.

A class test, be it in Chemistry, math, German or even English is always structured the same way in the following three parts:

1) The recall knowledge

Retrieval knowledge is the form that most students always prepare well for, because it is the most obvious form.

In this part of the class assignment you just have to recall and reproduce things from the lesson/book/booklet or homework assignments, One-to-one.

How to learn?
There is only one thing that helps for recall knowledge, and that is memorization.

In the article Learning strategies we go into detail about this and show very creative and also proven methods, How to remember things best, because just reading and repeating something doesn’t do much unfortunately.

Especially when learning vocabulary, also look at this article: Learning Vocabulary

What else you need to consider in the process:

It is important to know that this part in a class assignment is mostly maximum 50% takes and it’s definitely not enough to just prepare for it if you want to write better grades.

2) application knowledge

In order to write better grades, it’s important to get involved in all three categories Prepare enough so you’re not surprised on the exam.

The application part is exactly such a part, which surprises many students, because suddenly you not only have to reproduce, but also still Think 2 steps further. &

And applying the learned knowledge to another example, which you have never seen before in this way.

In math for example then the values of the task change . But fortunately the principle remains the same or it is a text task, which describes this type of task.

How do you learn for it?
You can usually prepare for it very well with your book prepare, because these often have passages, in which they treat application tasks. &

So keep an eye out for those in particular and practice this intensive!

Furthermore, you can also enter your respective topic in Google type and get behind the Topic "Application write. Then there are often tasks or at least real examples.

By far the most important thing, however, is the Practicing tasks, that you have covered in class.✍️

Because in the class work will probably be a similar task type get to it and then you just have to play your learned pattern. That’s why it’s so important to understand the things you learn, so that you can also transfer it to a similar task type.

Many students commit the fatal mistake to learn things only by heart and can solve without understanding this part of the class work already no more.

3) Transfer knowledge

If you haven’t gotten to it in the class work yet surprised then it happens mostly here. These are the tasks, that everyone talks about after the class and felt everyone did something different.

Fortunately takes this part mostly only about 20% of a class work one and is therefore no reason for failure, but definitely often go here many valuable points lost and who Write 1.0 would like to have or generally a better mark would like, should occupy themselves also with it.

How do you study for it?
Since the point of this task part is to test if you can you can create connections between two topics, which at first sight do not belong together.

Therefore it is very difficult prepare for this part of the exam.

However, there are one or two ways you can prepare for it:

1) Just like with the application knowledge, you can type your topic into google and then write "transfer task" behind it.

However, the results are not as numerous as when you use it, so this method is of limited help.

2) For example, you can also ask your teacher after class, how to prepare for this part of the test, because often they know an exercise book, which would help you super.

3) If you are lucky, your teacher will even take from this himself Exercise book or book Tasks for class work and then it is of course much easier to write a good grade.

4) Look also old classwork and try to understand which part was recall knowledge, application knowledge or transfer knowledge, so you can get a feeling for it and prepare the better for it.

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