Find out your own cell phone number: how to have your number displayed (instructions for forgetful sailors)

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You want to display your find out your own mobile number, and that fast, easy and uncomplicated in a few steps? Understandable. Remembering a new mobile number is not always easy. No knot in your handkerchief will help you to remember it. How good that there is the function to show your own cell phone number by displaying the number on the cell phone display. Without this assistance the one or other forgetful sailor would be quite lost. You also? Therefore, we’d rather show you how you can help your number memory and how you can determine your cell phone number in different ways.

Show own number for Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge), iPhone& Co. – our tips& Tricks

Display your own cell phone number

With time, everyone develops his or her own little tricks and aids to avoid being at a loss when asking for one’s own cell phone number. One always has a small note with him, the other has the number tattooed on his hand& – and a third has stored himself as a contact in the cell phone.

Forgotten or just not at hand: Who wants to quickly find his find out own mobile number would like, finds in addition simple means and ways on the Smartphone – we help you thereby

Besides, you can always call the other person, who surely knows his cell phone number by heart, or?

It’s just a pity if you then have suppressed your own phone number display. Small tip, if it must go times fast: With the prefix *31# a preset number suppression can be deactivated.

That’s all well and good, but it’s much easier to get your mobile number by entering a short code into your cell phone (yes, you have to remember it) show own mobile number to let. Depending on the network provider, this works a little differently. We have collected the most important codes and numbers and two universal phone number query methods for you.

your cell phone number on the display by entering a code – this differs depending on the network

1 Depending on the network provider, there is a so-called USSD code (control commands in the GSM mobile network), by entering which you cause the mobile number to appear on the display.

These short numbers usually work even if you are with a provider that uses one of the networks (ALDI Talk, congstar, Klarmobil etc.).) – and does not operate its own cell phone network at all.

In order to do this, you first have to find out in which mobile network your tariff is running by doing a network query.

Telekom network: Find out own number

If you are in the D1 network of Telekom (formerly also: T-Mobile), you can enter a USSD code via the dial keypad to have your mobile number shown on the display.

  • Just type in *135# and confirm with the green icon. After a short waiting time of about 10 seconds your own cell phone number will appear.

Vodafone network: Show own mobile number

If you are in the Vodafone network (D2), also D2, you can dial the short combination *#62# to have your number displayed on the screen.

o2: see your mobile number on the display

For users of the o2 network, there is also a USSD code for the Query your own cell phone number. However, this does not work in many cases, so o2 customers have to use the other methods more often. It is still worth a try.

  • Enter *101# into the dialpad and start the query. If you are lucky, your number will appear shortly. Otherwise you can still go to the device menu as described in the following point or call a free hotline.

Show own cell phone number on E-Plus

To be able to see your mobile number as an E-Plus customer, proceed as follows:

  • You dial normally via the numeric keypad the speed dial: *100# . You confirm this as with a call via the green handset. After about 10 seconds you will see your phone number displayed on the screen.

In the course of the network merger of E-Plus and o2, it is quite possible that both methods are successful either in parallel for o2 and E-Plus tariffs or in parallel for o2 and o2 tariffs. vice versa, i.e. the E-Plus procedure for o2 tariffs.

General code for displaying your own mobile number

2 If you don’t know exactly which mobile network you’re roaming through or your network wasn’t included in the examples above, you can use a universal code that works on all networks . But only if the mailbox is activated .

By entering *#62# on the keyboard (and confirming the green handset) you will be shown a number. Attention: This is not yet your exact cell phone number. Because between the area code and your personal cell phone number are two digits that do not belong to it and you have to delete them mentally.

Usually these are 33, 55 or 99 (very easy to remember) – take them out of the displayed number, done!

Find your own cell phone number in the phonebook / menu

3 The cell phone number is usually stored in the mobile device or smartphone. However, finding it is sometimes like a treasure hunt. Therefore, we have created a treasure map for the most common devices, with which you can find the number quickly.

Show own phone number on Android smartphone

If you have an Android device like HTC One, Huawei, Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy S7 (resp. the predecessors Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 resp. If you own a Galaxy S4) or other devices, you can find your cell phone number in the menu.

Smartphones running with Android operating system show the own mobile number like this:

  1. On Android, look for the menu item → Settings
  2. Here → Select options
  3. Then go to → Device information
  4. Under → Status you can find your own number

If you want to call the show own number on Android smartphones If you don’t want to leave the phone number, you have to go through several steps to do so

Tip: With the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you can click from the status to 5. continue to → SIM card status, where your number is also displayed here.

Oops, you will be surprised by several or a completely unknown number? This can happen if you have changed the SIM card. If you can’t identify your current cell phone number, try another way.

Basically the procedure works the same from Android smartphone to Android smartphone – nevertheless there are some modifications for some devices, i.e. customizations of the Android system or. Upgrades to the latest Android generation.

So it may be that this description for your android does not fit. But don’t throw in the towel – we have more tips in store for you. And at the end one that fits universally for all cell phone types.

Show your own iPhone mobile number

On your iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s (Plus) / 7 (Plus) with iOS operating system, you can find your own mobile number by following this route:

  1. First tap → Settings
  2. Next → Phone (green handset) in the fifth block

Look at the Show own number on iPhone It’s actually child’s play to have the number displayed on the iPhone – if you can find your contact list&

Here you should find what you are looking for. Otherwise, a phonebook entry with the phone number is usually created on iPhones.

This is saved under the name "My iPhone" and directly via the green handset (contact list) at the top (but with country code, so +49 in Germany).

In our example you can see that the display is directly below the search field in the contact list in the iPhone.

Display cell phone number on Windows Phones

Also in Windows Phone, such as the smartphones of the Lumia series, your phone number is stored and can be found by you. To do this you just have to start the normal phone application, as if you wanted to make a phone call and pull up the menu bar there. Here you select the settings and immediately find at the top your current mobile number.

Have your own phone number announced on the hotline

4 If all ropes really break, the can cause by calling a free hotline that the own cell phone number on the smartphone is announced. To use this service, dial 0800 9377546 .

This is a very charming solution, because if you put it on speakerphone, the person asking for your mobile phone number can write it right away. The only catch is of course that you then first remember the number of this hotline or. in the telephone book must store.

That means that in the end probably all other ways are faster to get your own mobile number. &

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