First time in the gym? Tips for getting started!

Maybe you know this: you are constantly toying with the idea of finally venturing to the gym. Just go for it! Getting started is much easier than you think. We have prepared cool tips for your start and a useful packing list for you. Let’s go!

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Everyone was a gym beginner at one time:in

First of all: It’s great that you’ve found the 1. Take your first step and work out in the gym! You probably have a lot of questions beforehand: Where to start? Which exercise or piece of equipment to start with? How do I act as a beginner:in the gym so I feel comfortable right away and don’t embarrass myself?

The studio staff will help you with most questions. And a short briefing will clear up many points – the perfect occasion for such an introduction is a free Trial training . When it comes to your individual progress, a well thought out workout plan that is customized to you is your best fitness buddy.

Tip: Being in the gym for the first time is no big deal. Always remember that everyone has started. Therefore, uncertainties are often unfounded. Just be Be open to the new experience and very important: You do the workout in the gym for yourself. What others think doesn’t matter.

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Rules of conduct for your start in the gym

You’ll get comfortable at the gym with time (or maybe even make it your second home?). Reading the house rules, the Introduction to the equipment and premises etc. – these are all points that you will internalize very quickly. To get you off to the perfect start, we’ve also listed 5 simple rules of conduct to guide you through your first time at the gym.

1. Be a role model for others!

Even if you are new to the gym, behave in the same way as you would like other people to behave. Unfortunately, there will always be people who don’t behave well. Go lead by example and you will quickly notice that you are perceived positively by the other members – even if you are just starting out in the gym.

2. Always have a towel with you!

It’s probably already part of the house rules at most gyms, but still, in our "small" one, we want toGym Etiquette" Again, I would like to point this out: Take towels with you! And especially one that you carry with you during your workout. Use it as a pad when you use a piece of equipment so you don’t sweat the surface unnecessarily.

Note: As much as we would love to give you the towel as a constant companion but we are still in the gym and not on vacation in Mallorca. So it’s not meant to reserve equipment and then not actually use it until half an hour later.

3. Concentrate on your training success!

Use your time at the gym to focus on your workout goals. Therefore, avoid being in the middle of your workout unnecessary distraction. Only take your smartphone with you to the training area when you z. B. You don’t need the time to listen to music or to check your training plan via app. You can also play games and make phone calls after your workout. This way you do not disturb other people around you.

4. Train only when you are healthy!

It’s not good for 2 simple reasons if you z. B. with a flu or Going to the gym with a cold leave:

    You leave germs on all the equipment you use. This leads to the fact that other members can infect themselves with you.

Therefore, in case of illness, treat yourself to sufficient rest. As soon as you’re fit again, you’ll be back at the gym in full force.

5. Leave your training place tidy!

To prevent the gym from becoming a mess or unnecessarily dirty, always leave your space tidy after your workout. Don’t leave weight plates, balls or other objects lying around and put them back where you got them from. Finally, wipe the equipment with your towel and use the towel provided Disinfectant. And keeping things tidy in the locker room also applies – so don’t turn the showers into a second pool area!

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