Fitness after anorexia – so you do body and soul good

The ways out of anorexia and bulimia are as different as the reasons that led to it. Many former eating disordered people decide to combine a healthy eating behavior with sports to find a better body feeling again. But what is important for Fitness after anorexia to note?


Strength training after anorexia helps you regain your balance

During your anorexia, your body has not only lost all its fat reserves, but the muscles have also suffered. Because the disease has weakened you so much that in the end there was no more movement to think of. When you start with fitness after anorexia, it is not about the dream biceps and a superbly defined body, but simply about your body being properly supported again. The task of the muscles is now to keep you in balance and to protect you from injuries. Many former anorexics were found to have precursors of osteoporosis. Especially then it is important to work on muscle building with targeted strength training.

Moreover, fitness after anorexia helps you to establish a healthy eating behavior more easily. Finally, you need a lot of power for training, which you can achieve with the right diet. Ideal are so-called superfoods, which provide you with valuable energy and fiber, so that you can keep up your training sessions. With a light but balanced breakfast like SHAPE BABE PORRIDGE mixed with milk you can start the day in good shape. Packed with valuable proteins and chia seeds and nutrients, porridge stirred with milk is also suitable as a light meal two hours before exercise. As a side effect, you may enjoy shiny hair, strong nails and better skin appearance.

Fitness after anorexia – this is what a program can look like

If you want to start with fitness after anorexia, you should first get the green light from your treating doctor. If possible let a studio recommend you, because a professional trainer is important as a contact person. Do not start on your own and take it slow. Fitness after anorexia is important for the development of your personality and to strengthen your body, it’s not about looks. It is ideal if you manage to do a whole body workout two to three times a week with a focus on strength training. Leave endurance training to the left for the time being; if you like, you can go for a walk or a hike. For warming up in the gym, five minutes on the bike or treadmill is enough. Leg exercises such as lunges and leg presses or the leg curl machine in the gym should be integrated into your strength training program. You can train your back and shoulders with dumbbells or do pull-ups.

With the chest press you take care of the muscles in the chest area and with the arm exercises you should take care of both biceps and triceps. For abdominal exercises you can use planks or you can also use a machine. Choose your weights so that you can do ten repetitions and aim for three to four repetitions. When you can eat more abundantly again, you will notice that you will be able to increase the weights continuously. If you are still underweight, you should refrain from cardio training at the end of the day. But what you can definitely treat yourself to is a protein shake like the SHAPE BABE GYM, which helps build muscle after a workout.

Your soul also needs attention

Fitness after anorexia means shifting your perspective from a thin body to a trained body. However, this only works if your soul gets a workout as well. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle of perfect body, calorie counting, and thoughts of food. Give yourself and your inner life time. The eating disorder did not come out of nowhere and so it needs some patience until everything is back on track. With the will to get out of the disease and to do something for your health with fitness and a balanced diet, you have already done the first, important step. Deal with your desires, dreams and plans.

Don’t look at perfect bodies on Instagram, meet real people – a gym is the ideal place to make new contacts. Continue to train and seek support from a therapist if you feel you have hit a low point. Above all: Be good to yourself.

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