Flowery exception valentine’s day

Despite closing day and Corona lockdown, flower stores are allowed to open on Valentine’s Day – under strict conditions. The flower stores in the Wurmtal are prepared and accept also spontaneous orders.

Wurmtal – Red roses and hand-tied bouquets from Wurmtal florists can also be given to loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Despite rest day and Corona lockdown may be on Sunday, 14. February, fresh bouquets are picked up at flower stores. However, only from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and exclusively to pick up pre-ordered flowers. The State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs has provided for this exception.

Only the collection of pre-ordered flowers is allowed

Already since November flower stores have to remain closed. Only the collection of pre-ordered flowers is allowed – and that also only since January. "It took a while for word to get around, but now it’s being well received," says Wanda Breitenhuber of "Blumen& so" in Neuried. She gets her flowers delivered fresh daily from a wholesaler. For Valentine’s Day she has also already received some orders. "Until Friday, I am also happy to accept more orders," says the florist. Since her customers can no longer look around the store themselves, she offers video calls in addition to phone consultations. "Quite well" also runs the sale of her flowers via the delivery service Fleurop. Overall, it could be "better, but also worse". Compared to hairdressers, she said, as a florist she’s still been lucky with the pickup and delivery option.

Delivery problems at the wholesale flower market

"We already have a good number of orders for Valentine’s Day," says Monica Fridl from the flower store Mo’s Roschen in Martinsried. The order-and-pickup option is well received by her, she says, and is "almost breaking even". At the flower wholesale market in Munich, however, there would be some delivery difficulties due to corona, for the upcoming Valentine’s Day she is already well prepared: Hand-tied bouquets, roses in all colors and dried flowers can already on Saturday, 13. February, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to be picked up at their store. Short-term orders that are picked up by 12 noon are still accepted on Sundays.

Filled tulips to parrot tulips

Tulips in all colors, from normal tulips to filled tulips to parrot tulips can be picked up at the nursery Wiedemann in Krailling. All homegrown – so as not to expose herself too often to the Corona danger in the wholesale market hall. For Valentine’s Day, the nursery also has roses on offer and also accepts spontaneous orders on Sunday.

Good sale via Euroflorist

At Blumenhaus Wieser in Stockdorf, bouquets for Valentine’s Day can still be ordered until Saturday. Some orders have also already been received, but he knows from experience that most flowers are procured just before the last minute, says owner Herbert Wieser. He makes his main turnover anyway as a member of the flower delivery service Euroflorist. Since Corona the on-line orders had become also again clearly more. „In December alone, we sold over 100 bouquets through Euroflorist", according to Herbert Wieser. Lara Listl

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