Forget your ex – a guide to finally let go: 3 steps, 3 exercises

You are just on the way to friends and are looking forward to a nice evening together, as your cell phone rings.

Your heart jumps when you see on the display who the message comes from. Your ex, who has been wondering about you since you broke up approx. 3 months has not contacted: "Hey, how are you??".

Your first impulse is pure joy to finally hear from him/her again. You would like to answer directly with a complete novel from your life.

And then the thought spiral starts:

  • "Why is he/she writing to me right now??"
  • "Does he/she miss me?"
  • "Are there perhaps still feelings involved??"
  • "Maybe he/she never stopped loving me?"
  • "Maybe there is still a chance for our relationship"!"
  • "But what if not? Maybe I’m misinterpreting this completely."
  • "He/she will then hurt me again."
  • "I was devastated right after the breakup…"

Stop! Your thoughts now drift strongly in a negative direction and emotions rise in you: The same Grief, fear, insecurity and anger, the ones you still know from the breakup are very present again. You feel like your heart is being ripped out once again.

Why does this terse text message from your ex hit you so hard?? Weren’t you already over it and looking ahead??..

Unfortunately no! Seemingly you have been mourning your ex since your breakup and are always not yet free from heartbreak. Because why does the news put you in such an emotional mood??

Obviously you have never really processed the breakup and there are still feelings inside you that want to come out

The process of forgetting and letting go of the ex partner is not an easy one. But let me tell you one thing: Even if it may not feel like it right now, you will make it!

So that you succeed as soon as possible, we give you in this article a 3 steps guide with one exercise each to the hand. Our holistic approach will help you to finally find your love Leave ex behind you and be 100% open for new things.

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Forgetting your ex – Why is it so damn hard to let go??

The end of your relationship has torn a hole in your heart. The person, with whom you have contested your life and shared the most intimate moments, you are now supposed to forget just like that?

Of course you can not "just like that! The process of heartbreak can sometimes last for several months and requires an intensive examination of yourself and your feelings and thoughts.

Often abandoned people don’t deal with it intensively enough and manage it sometimes not for years, your Overcome separation. Time heals wounds, but to be able to let go completely, you should You yourself become active!

The problemMost people only scratch the surface and change their actions to forget their ex. On the emotional and mental level finds often only repression instead of. This provides fast and short term improvement, but in regular intervals everything pops up again and the heartbreak continues..

So in order for you to forget about your ex once and for all, it’s important to work on all 3 levels – THINK, FEEL, ACT – to act and CONSCIOUS Perceive. How to do that, you will find out here!

In this article, we’ll roll it up from the back and start with the level of action. For each level, we show you what supports you in forgetting your ex and give you a valuable exercise to do on the way.

One more hint: Reading is silver, acting is gold! Meaning: The fact that you have landed here means that you want to change something and that is the best prerequisite! But in order to achieve real changes, become active and implement the things that we give you on the way here!

Forget your ex Step 1 – Change your actions: Change what you can change

You are now separated and that most likely had a drifting reason. Soberly said: There is nothing you can do about it now. You should manage to get rid of the thought that you might be able to change his/her mind again.

What helps you enormously and is actually the most important prerequisite for forgetting your ex: The complete break off contact!

This is always so easily said, but in reality it presents you with a huge challenge. You constantly feel the urge to write him/her or just stalk them on social media channels. But this is the end of it!

Instead of focusing on your ex and the breakup, change what you can change: YOUR actions! Anything that distracts you, inspires you, or just makes you feel good is useful.

These things help you z.B. to be consistent in breaking off contact:

  • Get rid of all the mementos that remind you of your ex(s)
  • Play sports: This releases happiness hormones
  • Change something on the outside: your home decor, your look, your habits…
  • A healthy diet gives you a good body feeling
  • Get creative, try new things and set goals for yourself

Exercise 1: The early bird gets the worm!

This exercise will help you to focus your actions more on yourself and to remind yourself of this every morning:

Establish a daily morning routine where you do something good for yourself and your body! Healthy and positive behaviors in the morning will lead to you going through the day in a much more positive way as well.

Here are a few inspirations that you can adopt for your morning routine:

  • Put on some atmospheric music right after you get up
  • Do a little workout or yoga in the morning.
  • If you like, meditate for 10-20 minutes (a great app with guided meditations is z.B. Headspace)
  • Prepare yourself a healthy muesli that also looks good.
  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for while drinking your coffee.
  • Read a few pages in a book that inspires you.
  • Take a little walk in the fresh air.

Surely you can think of the best things to do. Everything that is good for YOU is allowed. You will notice after a short time that you will start the day with a completely different energy.

One more hint: Keep at it! We tend to work on ourselves as long as we’re miserable. As soon as we feel an improvement, we get sloppy and all the good intentions come to nothing again. Try to keep your routine going as long as possible. It will give you the support you need in the face of setbacks.

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