Gemstones of the lion

Depending on the date of birth, orthoclase, citrine and yellow tourmaline or yellow fluorite are assigned to Leo as strengthening birthstones.

Birthstones and balancing stones for Leo

The healing stones for the zodiac sign Leo are composed of birthstones and balancing stones. The Birthstones are the healing stones that Strengths of the sign promote. They are assigned to the three decades of the sign:

  1. 23. July to 1. August: Orthoclase (yellow, clean, rough, also called gold orthoclase)
  2. 2. August to 12. August: Citrine (main stone of the zodiac sign Leo)
  3. 13. August to 22. August: Tourmaline yellow or Fluorite yellow (less good, but much cheaper)

The Balancing stones Kunzite, Herkimer diamond (better but more expensive alternative would be a diamond) and tourmaline brown (= dravite) compensate weaknesses and imbalances.

Zodiac Gemstones Assignment

For the zodiac sign Leo (23. July to 22. August) can be assigned bright, bright yellow Edeslteine, which correspond to the solar plexus chakra. The healing stone of the second (middle) decade – the Citrine – is also a birthstone (Main stone) for all Leo-born. In this phase of the zodiac sign the typical character traits are most prominent.

1. Decade (23. July to 1. August)

The Leo of the first decade radiates authority, dignity and self-confidence. Orthoclase promotes these qualities by giving the lion courage and confidence, without the sign losing sight of reality and his fellow men. In addition, the Orthoclase dispels mistrust in the Leo, which has a particularly negative effect when the sign wants to shine as a leader, and strengthens his sense of responsibility.

2. Decade (2. August to 12. August)

One of the most striking characteristics of Leo is his great self-confidence, which, however, quickly suffers when he takes criticism personally. Citrine, as the zodiac sign’s main stone, clears away unnecessary doubts in the Leo and stimulates his physical and mental energies to lead him to freedom and self-determination, regardless of the opinions of others.

3. Decade (13. August to 22. August)

Self-realization is a major theme of the lions of the third decade. The yellow tourmaline conveys dynamics and harmony and thus supports the Leo in a balancing way in the purposeful implementation of his plans.
A somewhat weaker, but cheaper alternative to the yellow tourmaline is the yellow fluorite. This supports the self-realization of the lion in such a way that it never lets him lose sight of his surroundings and remain open to other perspectives and possibilities.

Compensation stones for typical weaknesses

If typical weaknesses come to the fore in Leo, then he should wear a balancing stone instead of a birthstone until his constellation is in balance again.

The lion has a great self-confidence, which sometimes goes so overboard that it is difficult for him to adapt or even to submit. He then gives himself egoistically, presumptuously and in the professional environment uncollegially. He lacks modesty and respect, which the Kunzite can give him.
Leo often have a problem with criticism. They equate this with a lack of support. The fire sign then becomes "biting" and gets the feeling of having to fight for everything. The diamond can give the Leo in such phases the necessary self-knowledge and more feeling for the concerns of his environment. Since the diamond is a very expensive gemstone, a cheaper, if somewhat weaker, alternative can be found in the Herkimer diamond. The Herkimer diamond has a structure very similar to the real diamond and can thus have a very similar effect on the zodiac sign. The Hercimer Diamond also sharpens the Lion’s eye for his surroundings and increases his self-knowledge.
Lions enjoy being the center of attention. In large groups, this can become problematic for the sign if it fears being lost in the group or stands out negatively by clumsy attempts to bring itself to the foreground. The Dravite (brown tourmaline) strengthens the sense of community of the lion and lets him get along better in groups.

For more information and an overview of all zodiac signs and their associated gemstones, see the article Zodiac Signs and Gemstones.

The most important gemstones of the lion

Birthstone and Decadal Stones of Leo

Leo is arranged with the eleven other signs of the zodiac in a 360 degree circle, of which it comprises 30 percent. This 30 percent is again divided into three decades of 10 degrees each (corresponding to about ten days). In each decade the typical characteristics of the lion are differently pronounced resp. accentuated. Thus, the three decades are also assigned different stones, the so-called decade stones. The assignment of gemstones to the decades of Leo are based on common properties of stones and the phases of the zodiac and are closely related to the lion as a sign of the solar plexus chakra and the associated color yellow. The three decades correspond to head (1. Decade), Heart (2. decade) and base (3. Decade) of the chakra. In the second decade the typical characteristics of the lion are most prominent. Thus, the corresponding stone is also the birthstone (main stone) for all Leo births.

Depending on the exact date and place of birth, a more precise assignment of stone and zodiac sign can be made, but the assignment of decade stones is usually quite sufficient.

The solar plexus chakra as the main theme of Leo

The Solar plexus chakra is in resonance with the color Yellow and is located as the third main chakra at the level of the outgoing costal arches, in the middle of the upper abdomen, just below the solar plexus resp. Solar plexus. Like the lion is Element Fire Assigned to. It is the Seat of the will, of personality, personal power, strength and intuition and is therefore often rashly dismissed as "ego. But if the solar plexus chakra is properly activated, it also unfolds Sense of responsibility, Drive and Balance, Virtues, which also the likewise often hastily called egoisitic lion calls his own. The color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow and yellow is also the color of the stones of Leo, which strengthen its positive qualities.

Planetary ruler Sun

Radiant, sun-yellow stones are also appropriate for the planetary ruler Sun, which unfolds its greatest power in midsummer, the time of the lion. As the center of our planetary system, the sun symbolizes the center of the Personality of a human being as well as the solar plexus chakra associated with the lion. The Sun represents Strength and Radiance, which reach their peak with the zodiac sign Leo and here work closely together with the solar plexus chakra.

Character traits of the lion

The world, which was revealed to Cancer in his inner being and which he approached silently, is transported outward with Leo and used creatively. The lion is able to effectively express his innermost in his creations. He is characterized by a strong will to create. He would love to model the whole world according to his wishes and ideas. In addition, the lion has pronounced leadership qualities. For him life is a game, the rules of which he wants to determine. So he is often the impulse giver, like in our body the heart, which is assigned to him as a body part. In midsummer, the time of the lion, we can draw from the full thanks to the ripe fruits, so the zodiac sign also likes to give itself generously to lavishly. Depending on the decade in which the lion was born, its characteristics are pronounced differently. Accordingly, the decadal stones are selected.

Strengths/Leo in balance

If the Leo is in balance, the appropriate stone can be chosen for him depending on the birth decade to support his strengths. The zodiac sign Leo belongs to the extroverted zodiac signs with the greatest charisma and a strong will to form. He is extremely creative and has a strong connection to his inner child. The Leo is a playful nature, with the ability to be master of all situations, which makes him the perfect leader. The zodiac sign loves to be in the center of attention and takes for it. At the top he is generous and warm-hearted. If the Leo is balanced, he acts calmly, confidently, optimistically and resolutely and is outwardly warm, generous and open. The decadal stones or. Birthstones of the lion should support and strengthen his positive qualities and balance inhibitions.

Birthstones of Leo

The gemstones of the lion are of particularly radiant power. They mainly represent the solar plexus chakra, but also the sun as the ruler of the planets and the element fire. They are powerful and warm and support the Leo in shaping and realizing ideas, which he loves especially. In the first decade (23.7. to 1.8.) promotes the Orthoclase the optimism of the lion and gives him a good feeling for the right action at the right time. The Citrine strengthens the self-confidence of those in the second decade (2.8. to 12.8.) born lion. The most important healing stone for the lion of the third decade (13.8. to 22.8.) is the yellow tourmaline. The tourmaline strengthens the lion’s faith in his own abilities. A more favorable alternative, which however also works somewhat weaker is here the yellow fluorite.

More details about Leo in the three decades and its Decadal Stones and their effect in detail can be found in the article Birthstones Star Sign Leo.

Typical challenges of Leo (in imbalance)

The lion wants to be seen and loved for what he is, therefore he does not like criticism. If he is questioned, he can stick very doggedly to his role, especially if he thinks he has already reached the top. Leo can sometimes be hurtful to those around him, because he does everything to always be in the right light. However, one must be careful not to interpret the Leo’s great zest for life, the affirmation of his self that comes with it, as arrogance, which often happens. The zodiac sign often tends to be a loner, if his friends do not slow him down now and then in his quest for fame. These challenges for the lion result in three typical imbalances: lack of self-knowledge, lack of modesty and adaptability and too little feeling for the community. If the Leo is in one of these typical imbalances, wearing a birthstone (decadal stone) would strengthen it if necessary. Better now to use a balancing stone.

Balancing stones for the lion

Kunzite (Modesty/Adaptability), Diamond and Herkimer Diamond (self-knowledge) and Dravit (sense of community) are the most important balancing stones for the zodiac sign Leo. Since there can theoretically be an infinite number of imbalances, if you do not find yourself in the typical shapes, you should first get to the bottom of the imbalance and determine it in detail, and then use this knowledge to determine the appropriate stone with the help of a good reference book, a specialist dealer or stone therapist. More information about the typical imbalances of Leo and its balancing stones can be found in the article Leo Balancing Stones.


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NoteWe have followed in particular Barbara Newerla in the assignment of the balancing stones. We have developed the assignment of the decadal stones/birthstones independently on the basis of our own experiences.

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