Get life under control

Get life under control

If you don’t really want to succeed in anything at the moment, maybe you had to deal with a stroke of fate and now want to get your life back under control, you should read on now..

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to make drastic changes to reverse a negative trend and make a noticeable improvement in your quality of life. You can grow from every challenge you overcome, as well as every losing streak that seems to be a curse on you.

What does it mean to get a grip on life?

Does this mean you will be able to solve all problems in your life overnight? Or perhaps that you will never face serious challenges from now on and can be happy 24/7? Unfortunately not quite. However: you can, with the right approach

    , of your goals& Success hinders,
  • fill up with new self-confidence and make bolder decisions,
  • learn to deal with problems and misfortunes better and
  • Give your life new impulses and become more relaxed overall.

The most important thing: come from reacting to acting. People who have seemingly turned a run of bad luck into a run of good luck all report that being proactive has made all the difference for them. If you want to take control of your life, you need to stop moping around and take charge instead.

Inspirational Video: 11 signs that you may be on the wrong track:

It’s never too late for change or even a fresh start. Here are 6 tips that can change a lot if you want to get your life back on track…

Conduct a life audit

A life audit is a kind of inventory of your entire existence. You get an exact overview of all partial aspects of your life:

  • Job, career, activity
  • Relationship / Partnership
  • Family relationships,
  • emotional well-being,
  • Health, fitness, physique
  • possessions, money, home
  • Spirituality& Creativity.

All these things you should detailed and separately examine – in written form, of course. While some people prefer to create a bar chart, others prefer to answer a list of questions to. Another possibility is to create sub-items to the mentioned aspects and evaluate them with a point system.

It is important that you are honest with yourself here. If your life is off track, this is a sign or. a call from the universe for you that change is required of you. Acknowledging an imbalance is the first step to be able to do this at all. Take your time with your life inventory and work conscientiously through all that touches your existence.

regain your confidence

Confidence in yourself is perhaps the most important prerequisite for achieving goals, mastering life and feeling comfortable in your skin. But if your life is out of control, your self-confidence is certainly not at its best.

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A cracked self-confidence paralyzes you and you should look for opportunities to do things that you are good at or. in which you feel great joy:

  • They have a passion? Go after this vehemently!
  • You are particularly talented in one area? Encourage your talent!
  • You have had success in a particular activity? Perform this activity!

Besides, you still have your notes from the first step (life audit). Take it at hand and dedicate yourself to the most urgent tasks. To get your life back on track, you should take more initiative. Logical insight: the more (competitive) you become, the more you learn to trust yourself.

For example, if you want to advance professionally, then turn over every stone, no matter how small, to acquire knowledge and necessary requirements. Search the Internet for mentors as well as trainers and connect with like-minded people briefly (z. B. in an online forum). The same is helpful if you want to get physically fit or even get relationships back on track.

Create a thought garbage dump

On average, we have a whopping 50.000 to 70.000 thoughts per day. Although it is impossible to perceive every single thought that comes into our mind or. to pursue, each of these thoughts flows into the Subconscious a. Thoughts can thus create a kind of traffic jam that makes us incapable of acting and making decisions.

Take a moment to observe yourself: some of your thoughts may trigger inspiration or excitement in you, while others may trigger stress or feelings of being overwhelmed. And yet other thoughts seemingly do nothing to you – or so you think. But this is a mistake, because these thoughts end up on the unconscious level.

The multitude of useless or. harmful thoughts arise because of useless or. harmful (bsd. medial) influences.

What you should do about it now is obvious: reduce your Being receptive to information, that do not concern you! Not every rumor is worth paying attention to, not every trend needs to be jumped on by you, not every majority opinion needs to be parroted and not every advertising message needs to be followed by you.

Focus on things that affect you, your family and your community. Everything that does not fall into this category, you can safely throw on your personal thought garbage dump. In English, this is often referred to as "information overload", which makes people unhappy and paralyzes them. If you learn to distinguish between useful and useless, you will get your life back on track faster.

Master the little things in life

This point is a wonderful segue from the general avalanche of information you need to contain to sorting out your superfluous habits. So in terms of habits, you should learn to prioritize just as you do in terms of your thoughts.

how do i get a grip on my life

People who want to take control of their lives tend to take the second step before the first. to expect too much at once. The situation you are in is most likely not the result of yesterday’s event, or the result of the event of the day before yesterday. Your status quo has developed from patterns and habits over a longer period of time. Instead of wanting too much at once, it’s better to start with small changes and gradually expand them.

Habits are like old carpets. You should tap them out from time to time. (Ernst Ferstl)

Small changes can have a big impact: maybe you should go to bed earlier to get up earlier, maybe you should change your diet, maybe you should cut off contact with negative people – all these "little" things add up and can also help you get your life back on track.

Find and pursue your main goal

Goals are more than just a few disorganized ideas buzzing through your head. Goals are tasks and the more passionately you pursue them, the faster you will achieve them. In order to release old blockades and make life dreams come true, you should find out what exactly you want:

  • What are your innermost desires?
  • What exactly do you want your life to look like?
  • Which plans do you want to implement?
  • What have you always wanted to try?
  • Where exactly do your personal talents lie?
  • In which activities do you forget space and time?

Diving into your deepest desires can help locate your true purpose. Every human being is in your skills (finished – so he is born with them) unique and writes his own incomparable life story. By the way, it can be helpful to write down all your goals, thoughts and feelings.

Note: see your goals unordered or. as a fuzzy picture in your mind’s eye or recognize a clearly drawn painting with fine contours? If the latter is the case, you are well on your way towards self-determination.

Just enjoy yourself

When life feels like you’ve completely lost control of it, you’re often being way too hard on yourself. It is not uncommon to start blaming oneself, to consider oneself not good enough and to blame oneself for the whole misery. That such thoughts are destructive and usually end in complexes of inferiority is obvious. Enough of this!

Even if it is no patent solution for that, how to get a grip on life, you should start to love and appreciate yourself (again). Surely you are not flawless, but what does that matter? No one is flawless. People who acknowledge their mistakes and shortcomings are often the happiest and most successful of all. Why? Quite simply:

That we are imperfect, when we realize this, the realization can already be called an improvement. (Friedrich von Logau)

In other words:

Even the great, (success-)rich and celebrated people cook in the last respect only with water. What you need is self-respect (see Learning to Love Yourself) and a good portion of lightness. Tip: rediscover the child in you! If you manage to go through everyday life as carefree as you (probably) did as a 9-year-old, you can considerably increase your success rate in life.

Being in control of life means being a fighter

The above 6 tips certainly do not offer a secret solution or even a push-button method for happiness and joy in life. However, they can show you one thing: life is made up of ups and downs and the more you are willing to acknowledge the constant change, the better you will get a grip on your life.

Tip: change your life at the push of a button

Get life under control

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When life beyond our control That we are imperfect is also a sign that we need to re-evaluate ourselves. This is especially true for our habits, which can either lead us to self-fulfillment or to ruin. To be successful and self-determined, you have to fight – especially with yourself.

When you think it can’t be done, a little light comes from somewhere. (German proverb)

we all grow only with the challenges we face. Happiness is not a given, nor is it a "random" circumstance. Rather, it is determined by our certainty of being inseparably connected to the creative original source and therefore already carrying within us all the possibilities for a fulfilled life. However, it is up to us to move from thinking and feeling to acting.

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