Give experiences – the best experience gifts 2022

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day or just as a little surprise – give experiences as a gift is at present fully in the trend.

An experience is something that the recipient will remember forever. But the choice of experience gifts is huge. There are countless platforms and thousands of different experiences you can choose from.

To make it easier for you to choose and know which experience is best to give as a gift, here in this article I have given you a Overview with the best experience gifts compiled.

You will find here the best experience gifts for Men, for Women and for couples. I also have recommendations for you if you z.B. If you want to give an experience as a Christmas gift, or if you can’t decide what exactly to give, I can also show you several options for experience gift boxes.

Every man is different and enjoys different things. One person might be happy about an adrenaline charged experience, another one about a gourmet experience and another one about an outdoor activity.

To many topics such as experience gifts for men or women, I have even created own articles, which I have also linked here.

Here I give you an overview of the best extraordinary gift ideas and show you what experiences you can give to make someone a huge joy.

At the end you will find a few very special experiences, which you have never done before.

My name is Jan and I report here on lebegeil.en already since 2014 about the best experiences and experience gifts. Many of the experiences presented here I have already tried myself and can promise you that the recipient will have unforgettable moments.

Many of the experience gifts recommended here are from Jochen Schweizer. If you buy one of the gifts, I will receive a small commission from the purchase price. However, nothing changes for you in the final price. I recommend the experiences at Jochen Schweizer with a clear conscience, because I know that only high quality providers are accepted here. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with my recommendations for unforgettable experience gifts.

Experience gifts for men

Especially for men it is often difficult to find a suitable gift. Many men themselves do not know what they would like to have. But since there is the possibility to give experiences as a gift, this problem belongs to the past.

The selection of the correct experience gift for men is however still not simple. You should know to it first of all, what type of experience is the man who receives the gift.

If you want to have some suggestions directly, I have compiled a blog article with 25 experience gift ideas, especially for men. here you can find my selection with the 25 best experience gifts for men!

Is the recipient an action or adrenaline type??

Then an adrenaline charged experience gift like skydiving*, or bungee jumping* is suitable.

I have already done skydiving in Australia and New Zealand and I have to admit that it is one of the most extreme experiences I have had so far in my life.

With a Parachute jump counts especially the location, because it makes a difference whether you jump over a city or, for example, over the sea and land on the beach.

A bungee jump is especially exciting, because you have to overcome yourself and jump off. Again, it makes a difference whether the experience is from a bridge, a tower, or z.B. a crane takes place.

A bungee jump is one of the most popular adventure gifts of all. In Germany there are a lot of great places, where the experience can take place. Here in my article about the best bungee jumping places in Germany you can find some ideas.

If the presentee is into fast cars or engine power?

Then you can give him for example a sports car or race car experience, a tank drive or a ride in a Formula 1 simulator.

A ride in a Porsche, Ferrari or Aston Martin is sure to please any car lover. In this article you will find the 5 best places to drive a race car in Germany.

And if it should be a little cheaper, there are also simulators, where you can experience a realistic ride in a Porsche 911, or even in a Formula 1 car. Simulators are available for example at Mydays Erlebniswerk.

Here you can book a flight in a flight simulator* as an experience gift or even a flight with a helicopter, where you are the pilot yourself. Here you will also find rides in the racing simulator or racing cab rides in Germany and Austria.

the presentee likes to spend time with his friends?

Then it is worth to have a look at an experience in a group, like z.B. Paintball*, laser tag* or a game in an Escape Room.

I have already presented many Room Escape Games here on lebegeil. In the meantime I have already done more than 70 of these games and can only recommend them to everyone who wants to experience something new do something exciting would like. Escape room vouchers are predestined as an experience gift.

And also paintball or laser tag are really fun with a group from friends and a voucher for it is super suitable as a gift.

Experience gift for gourmets or connoisseurs

If the person receiving the gift is a foodie, you can give some great experiences as a gift. How about a cooking course for men*, a spirits tasting* or a beer brewing course*?

Dinner experiences like a Dinner in the Dark* or a Krimi Dinner* are also extremely popular adventure gift ideas and come into question for gourmets.

adventure gifts for outdoor lovers

Now let’s go out into the fresh air. Also for people who like to be active outdoors and don’t cry immediately if there is a little mud splash on their pants, there are really cool adventure gifts as well. How about an outdoor survival camp*, or an off-road quad tour* with lots of mud?.

Also a canyoning tour*, or a rafting experience* are suitable Ideas for outdoor lovers.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to find an extraordinary adventure gift for men. If you know in advance what the person you are giving the gift to will enjoy, it will be much easier for them to choose.

If you are looking for more experience gift ideas especially for men, then definitely also read this article.

Experience gifts for women

Women can make with experiences naturally likewise a large joy. Many women are much happier about this than about material things for clothes, perfumes or flowers.

So an end to replaceable standard gifts! Give away experiences from now on!

Of course, it looks at the selection of the right experience looks a little different to men. A round of tank driving usually doesn’t go down well with a woman and a beer brewing course may not be the best choice either.

Of course, there are also exceptions, but the search for the right gift, if you want to give a woman experiences, looks a little different.

Especially for women I have therefore created an article for you, in which you will find the best experience gifts for women. Also here in this article I would like to introduce you to some of them.

adventure gifts for women adrenaline lovers

Of course, there are also many women who Adrenalin junkies are. A skydive*, or a bungee jump* can therefore also go down well with the female audience. Whether the presentee really like something like that, but you should find out beforehand.

Because it would be a shame if the gift experience is not redeemed at the end and the voucher expires.

Other ideas for adrenaline activities that can go down well with women are z. B. Quad tours*, white water rafting* or a day with a sports car.

Moderate experience gifts for the quieter types

For women who are into extraordinary experiences, but not necessarily so much adrenaline there are also more moderate experiences, such as a wellness day.B. a paragliding flight* or a flight in a hot air balloon*.

A really great experience, which actually always works quite well, is a day in a Therme or a Wellness day*. Or maybe even a wellness weekend with your partner or best friend.

Experience gifts for female gourmets

Also to women can be great Gourmet experiences as a gift. A cocktail course*, where the participants learn how to mix a delicious cocktail, or a sushi course, where the art of sushi preparation is taught, are for example super suitable.

experience gifts for mother’s day

Mother’s Day is always a special occasion for gift giving. As a rule, mothers get lots of flowers, chocolates, or even the odd massage voucher or spa voucher.

But there are also many other great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Have you ever thought about giving an experience as a gift for Mother’s Day?

Great ideas are for example a painting course or a paragliding flight. In this article I have compiled 8 extraordinary ideas for experience gifts for Mother’s Day.

So mom, wife, or girlfriend gets guaranteed a personal gift, which she will not forget so quickly again.

Experience gifts for couples

Experience gifts are also incredibly suitable for couples.

The usual suspects are of course a common Wellness weekend* or a romantic candlelight dinner. Concert tickets, tickets to a theater performance or tickets to a musical are also frequently given as gifts to couples.

If you want to give experiences to couples, but there are other great ideas that are a little more unusual and perhaps not so often given as a gift.

So you can make great surprise factor and the couple receiving the gift may have the opportunity to try an experience that they have never done before.

Besides the romantic candlelight dinner there are also other extraordinary dinner experiences like z.B. a mystery dinner*, where you have to solve a mystery during the evening, a dinner in the dark, where everything is served in the dark, or a musical dinner with a musical show.

There are also extraordinary dinner experiences* in certain extraordinary places like under water, or in the snow.

Even if the presentee couple is into adrenaline activities, there are great adventure gifts like z.B. a tandem bungee jump*, where both partners jump at the same time, bodyflying or a couples paragliding flight*.

Great hotel experiences* can also be given as gifts to couples. How would it be for example with a night in an old castle, in an ice hotel or in the tree house in Austria??

A city trip over the weekend* is also a great idea. In Europe there are many interesting cities that you can explore for a few days. You are guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye when you give such a short trip as a gift.

For couples there are so cool gifts. I hope one of my friends will also give us an experience someday. I get something like this much rather than material things.

Shared experiences are simply something that you will remember forever!

Experience gifts depending on the season

Of course there should always be right time of the year chosen are, if you give away experiences.

A skydive can usually only be done in the summer, and a canyoning tour is not so suitable for the winter either.

If the experience takes place outside, then the ideal time to give it as a gift is perhaps rather in spring or summer, so that it can be redeemed right then and the presentee is does not have to wait for several months, until he gets something out of his gift.

A husky sledding trip* or a heliski trip, for example, can’t be done in summer. So when the presentee to his birthday in June get such an experience as a gift, then he has to wait until December or January before he can redeem it.

Something like this is more suitable for a later date, or for example as a Christmas gift.

Indoor activities like Escape Rooms, adventure dinners, laser tag, body flying, etc. are suitable as a gift all year round and are not tied to a particular time of year.

If you want to give an experience especially at Christmas, I’ve put together a great list of the 10 best experience gifts for Christmas here.

There you will surely find something suitable for the season.

For the indecisive: Experience boxes as a gift

If you want to give someone an experience, but you are not quite sure whether the recipient is an adrenaline type, or rather the gourmet type, then you can for example a general experience box gift for men, for women, or for couples.

But it can also be that you are sure that the presentee would really like to do an adrenaline activity, or would definitely enjoy a gourmet experience.

Then there is themed experience boxes, where the person receiving the gift can then choose from certain experiences in a category.

Available themes are z.B. "Outdoor fun", "For cooking lovers" or "Dream car driving".

If you don’t want to make a mistake and don’t want to give the wrong experience, then you are right with an experience box on the safe side, but then the gift is not so personal.

Such an experience box is suitable, for example, for friends you do not know so long, work colleagues or People you just don’t know that much about and you are not sure what they would be happy about.

The most extraordinary experience gifts

I could certainly give you some ideas for cool experience gifts for men, women and couples, but it also goes a little crazier.

The big platforms such as Mydays and Jochen Schweizer also offer very extraordinary experiences you probably didn’t even know existed before.

Here is a small selection of the craziest experiences you can give as a gift.

Drive a steam locomotive yourself

Has it always been your dream to drive a steam locomotive yourself*? Probably not. I didn’t know before I wrote this article that such a thing is actually offered as an experience gift.

At Lutherstadt Eisleben you can get behind the wheel of a real steam locomotive and become a real train driver. You get to know all the controls and learn how to start, accelerate and brake.

Such an experience gift is of course only something for real lovers, because for the proud price of 500 € you can also buy other things.

Watchmaker seminar

A watchmaker seminar? There is such a thing? Yes, you can actually give a watchmaking seminar as an experience gift*. At such a watchmaker seminar you will learn how a watch is built and how the inner workings of a watch work.

Of course you will be with a real watchmaker who will explain everything to you and then also with you create your own watch, where you can choose everything from the dial to the case to the bracelet.

With almost 800,- € such a watchmaker seminar is also not exactly cheap. But it is definitely an extraordinary experience gift!

Parabolic flight

Do you have 6.000 € left, then you can give someone a parabolic flight experience. On a parabolic flight in Russia you can experience weightlessness on your own body without having to fly into space.

Of course, there will be real astronauts who will train on board the aircraft. That’s probably one of the most exciting experiences you can give as a gift!

If you don’t know how such a parabolic flight works, then watch this video.

Have you ever given an experience as a gift or received an experience gift yourself?? Then leave me a comment and tell me what the experience was about. I am curious!

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