Have your biography written – your own biography as a book

Writing a biography requires a time commitment that is limited, especially for people who are professionally engaged. Even if your priorities lie in day-to-day business or you have a low affinity for literary writing, your ideal legacy need not remain in the bottom drawer. With such conditions I support you in writing your personal life story and tracing your life theme. It goes without saying that a high degree of trust is necessary for collaboration on a biography, because it often involves quite personal matters. Therefore, the first step is always a strictly confidential conversation.

Having memoirs written – The amount of work involved

Even if for simplicity’s sake, the term "biography" is used throughout is used, its original meaning is a literary work of an author about another person. If someone describes his or her own life in book form, it is an autobiography, which is often called "one’s own biography" called. When you cook your have your own biography written it is helpful if you already have some kind of Archive have created.
Have you already kept a partial diary, made notes on special events, dated photographic material or even videos? All the better.
As far as you have only a rough idea of your Biography you have, I will help you with Finding a topic and can also take care of the basic research. During this initial orientation phase, I will show you various possibilities in which direction the appreciation of your work could develop in terms of content.

Who will write my life story? – The collaboration

Your biography is the chronological representation of your life on a time axis.

Your personal author works intensively with you and writes your work individually aligned to you. The author brings personal experience, empathy and, of course, the talent of writing to the task of writing down your biography. My authors come from a wide range of backgrounds and have very different backgrounds. After an intensive conversation I select the appropriate author, who will then contact you.

Have your biography and life story written

For reasons of time and space, we will concentrate mainly on the important and defining sections and turning points. How did your life turn out? What is your life theme? Together we will work out the main idea(s) of your autobiography; the common thread. The primary source is your life memory, which is recorded in conversations. In addition, depending on your wishes, external sources are included, assigned and interpreted. Family, friends and colleagues are contemporary witnesses and often have a decisive influence on the course of your life. However, as far as third parties are documented in your life story, a protection for the personal rights is necessary. The historical events of the time also play an important role in understanding the connections. Contents or views from times long past should be formulated as contemporary as possible. Because with comprehensible and broad sources, the risk of memory errors can be significantly limited. After all, we want your biography to become a meaningful narrative. You are informed about the state of affairs at every stage of creation and can intervene in an explanatory way in direct conversation or by telephone and e-mail.

Your personal autobiography – the work

For the book form, we find the writing style that takes into account your personality. You are not a fictitious character, but a real person with an authentic life story. This is also proven by those contemporary documents and pictures that are closely connected with your life. A well labeled photo album can be an advantage there. However, especially in the last 20 years the possibilities of documentation have increased enormously. Thanks to smartphones, today we are confronted with a veritable flood of images. Especially if illustrations are desired, the experience of professionals is important. After all the steps have been completed to your satisfaction, the sense of achievement awaits you. For the first time your biography, resp. your own life story, in your hands, then you know: this will be remembered.

The aftercare

Together we determine the size of the edition. There are works that are intended exclusively for family and friends. In this case, it is primarily a matter of regaining sovereignty over the meaning of one’s own life. It also happens that certain biographies arouse public interest or hit the spirit of the times. Then the demand increases significantly. Of course, you can also make use of my support after publication.

What does the creation of a biography cost?

The cost of a biography varies greatly and depends on the amount of work involved, the scope of your work and the hours spent on calls. To receive an individual and non-binding offer, you can contact me at any time. By mail or telephone at .+49 160 2049163

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