Homeowner’s allowance can be applied for now – but deadline causes confusion

Since the 1. September 2018 can be applied for the Eigenheimzulage in Bavaria. However, there is a lot of guesswork in many places about the actual effective date.

The Eigenheimzulage is intended to support home builders in Bavaria with a cash injection from now on. It can be used since 1. September 2018 are applying to the Bayerische Landesbodenkreditanstalt (BayernLabo). To be eligible for the allowance, however, the deadline must be right in addition to some financial criteria. And that is where the crux lies.

What is the Bavarian home owner allowance?

The Bayerische Eigenheimzulage is a grant paid by the state to encourage home ownership in Bavaria. This involves a one-time fixed amount of 10.000 euros.

Who can apply for the homeowner’s allowance?

Anyone has been living in Bavaria for at least one year and you want to build a one- or two-family house or buy an apartment there, you can apply for the homeowner’s allowance. It doesn’t matter whether you have a family, single or childless are, as BayernLabo writes.

Also extensions to existing houses are promoted, as long as a new dwelling is created. Families can also apply for Baukindergeld or Baukindergeld Plus in addition to the homeowner’s allowance. But even that Annual income of a household plays a role and must not exceed the following amounts:

for a one-person household 50.000 €
For a two or more person household without a child 75.000 €
for a household with a child 90.000 €
plus for each child counting to the household 15.000 €

When is the cut-off date for the Bavarian homebuilder’s allowance?

It is precisely this question that politicians and citizens are currently arguing about. Until now, the latter have assumed that the cut-off date for the homeowner’s allowance is 1 January 2009. January 2018 be. This means that all building permits and purchase agreements concluded after that date, are eligible for the subsidy. Many home builders safely assumed they would be subsidized and firmly planned for the allowance in their expenses.

However, the Ministry of Construction later explained that the Cut-off date on the 01. July 2018 will fall. The confusion apparently came about in connection with the Baukindergeld, a subsidy that is retroactive from 01. January 2018 is available and should start together with the homeowner’s allowance.

Many citizens now feel deceived and recently started a petition to the Bavarian Parliament, the 01. January 2018 as the cut-off date calls. Officially, however, the 01. July as the deadline. In order to qualify for the homeowner’s allowance, it must Within six months of moving into the home be made. As of the 25. September it can also be applied for online.

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