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Touching friendship beyond retirement

Ex-police officer finally gives loving home to his former service dog

A former police officer can’t imagine life without his service dog. He gives everything so that the old dog is finally allowed to retire – and to him.

Forest Park- A police officer quit his job and didn’t want to leave one thing behind: his former and loyal companion who had accompanied him on many tours of duty. To his great astonishment, the police department in Forest Park did not want to release the senior dog- although the four-legged friend had reached an old age and was no longer the fittest. With a lot of assertiveness, the policeman fought for his animal partner, to whom he absolutely wanted to continue to be a good friend even in his well-deserved retirement, as* reports.

Forest Park Town in Clayton County in the U.S. state of Georgia
Height 301 meters
Area 24.27 square miles
Population 19.723 (2019)

Off-duty police officer adopts former K9 police dog – friendship goes beyond duty

Nathan Gray shares a common past with senior citizen dog Yoeri: The two were active members of the police department in the small town of Forest Park for six years and spent nearly every tour of duty together. Together they were in the field and became close work colleagues – and loyal friends. After Nathan quit his job at the police department, he didn’t want to leave without his animal buddy, but trying to adopt him was harder than expected. Indeed, the police department refused to even release the already elderly dog.

Police dog Yoeri probably more than deserves to retire, because the four-legged friends are always energetically on duty for us humans: A female dog fetched help after a car accident and thus saved her owner’s life*. In dicey situations, the animal protectors are often there with all their heart: A dog saved a family from suffocation*. Nothing beats the human lives of those they love for loyal dogs- Or spontaneously choose to love: A street dog kept a girl lost in a snowstorm warm all night by cuddling her*. No matter whether wind, rain or snow, you can always rely on the four-legged friends!

Ex-police officer fought to adopt his service dog – and finally gets the dog grandpa a pension

For Nathan Gray, it was therefore only natural to stand up for his animal friend. Friendship is also mutual between animals and humans- a young man let came up with something special for his four-legged friends and inspired numerous other people: The homeless man brought his whole neighborhood together by having a doggy birthday party*. That giving is much more significant than taking is also the motto of one landlord: A restaurant chef cooks an extra meal every day for street dogs*, who are now among his most popular regulars. In return they gave him loyalty, love and a precious friendship every time they visited him.

Nathan also wants to help his fur-nosed friend Yoeri to give him a well-deserved retirement. Forest Park Police Department initially denied Nathan’s request to adopt his former service dog. After Nathan’s other unsuccessful attempts, even Forest Park’s city management stepped in after the cops stubbornly refused. The city management finally released the eleven-year-old dog from his service as a police dog. "I don’t know what they (the City Forest police officers) were thinking. I’m just glad they finally retired him!", Nathan told FOX 5 news channel.

Adoption of police dog by former officer succeeds with worldwide support on social media

Nathan had finally achieved what he had intended for the former police dog: Yoeri was allowed to honorably retire in early November. However, it took until the adoption, but fortunately Nathan got there support on the net. His friends and acquaintances spread Nathan’s cause on the Internet and even started a petition. "Let the police dog go back to his former partner!", wrote the dedicated users.

A veterinarian ultimately helped Nathan to his happiness: she recommended retiring the dog and leaving him with Nathan instead of the police department. „I’m very, very pleased and relieved that sooner or later it came to this. We are just happy to welcome him to our home!“, Nathan said in an interview with FOX 5. After this long struggle, both friends were now united and can stay together as they did in their earlier days on duty. *county Is a quote from IPPEN.MEDIA

Columnist image:© Facebook screenshot/Forest Park Police Department

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