How can you have three parches with five cards

The instructions for the assignment game can be found here!

You can download and print out the Proverbs matching game here:

Exclusive: The employment booklet in February

How can you have three parches with five cards

The employment booklet for February is here. We wish you a lot of fun with it!

My father was a wanderer. A song story for seniors

How can you have three parches with five cards

Sing the given verses of the song "My father was a wanderer" at the designated places in the story.

My father was a wanderer

I have always enjoyed hiking. Used to be always by my father’s side as a child. I loved it Read more.

Exercises for sitting gymnastics with empty yogurt cups

How can you have three parches with five cards

Household objects are ideal tools for working with seniors. They are known and associated with memories. Ideally, they stimulate several senses at once or help people rediscover their own preferences. Read more.

Sports. Reference word searched! A keyword puzzle

Exercise is good for you! In today’s keyword puzzle, things are getting a little sporty, too. Read the four keywords slowly and in order. The task of the seniors is now to guess which term belongs to the topic Read more.

What are the tasks of a caregiver in a nursing home??

Caregivers in nursing homes have the important task of activating and promoting the residents’ physical and mental health. Through active activities such as painting, handicrafts, cooking, caring for pets, singing, light gardening Continue reading.

Two left hands – A movement story about tools

Two left hands

Hans has two left hands – there is unfortunately nothing to gloss over. The handAll the work that has to be done in and around the house is therefore the responsibility of his wife Claudia. Hans is a banker, he is wonderful with numbers. For example, he compares prices while shopping, using his eyes only briefly skim the signs. That’s why the distribution of tasks at Hans’ and Claudia’s is a bit different than in their circle of acquaintances and friends. There it often already before astonishment the one or other open Mouth, twitching Shoulders or rolling Eyes given.
Today, however, Hans did something special with his hands in front of. Claudia is with the women of their Dammerschoppen for two days in the Sauerland. As a surprise Hans wants to hang a shelf in the laundry room for Claudia. Hans is sure that she is jumping for joy around his Neck fall, having talked about it for a long time but never finding the time to do it.
Even before breakfast, Hans has been working hard with his feet pedaled and rode his bike to the hardware store to get the right screws. That he could.
On the way back a strong wind blew around his Nose. When he arrived home his cheeks all red and the muscles in his thighs hurt a little. After a freshly brewed coffee on the Tongue and a jam roll in the Belly he was already feeling well again.
He got up in a good mood, a Foot after the other, down the cellar stairs.
Now he stands here: in the right hand the screws, in which left hand the drill. The shelf is stuck between his legs. Realizing relatively quickly that he can’t make anything happen this way, he first places the tools and the shelf on the floor next to his feet. "Spirit level" comes to him all at once in the head. He quickly finds her in the tool cellar and goes with light foot Back to the laundry room.
Hans works with hands and feet. Sweat drips from his forehead and not only once he hammers himself on the finger..
In the afternoon the shelf hangs. With interlaced arms before the Chest look at his eyes the work of art. "It’s a little crooked," he mumbles through his almost closed

ABC – riddles for memory training with seniors. 25 questions about the letter N

ABC – puzzles for memory training with seniors. 25 questions about the letter N

  1. We are looking for the word for a short comment that can serve as a thought starter, for example. This remark is written down.

Exclusively: Assignment games with folk songs, hits and proverbs. Ideas and practical tips

How can you have three parches with five cards

The materials for matching games on the following topics will appear here in our exclusive section in the next few weeks:


Twin words


Folk songs


Matching games – the classic version

In our copy templates you will find the game cards, each of which should be assigned to each other. Print the PDF and cut the couple apart. If you laminate the cards, you can use them more often.

Distribute the cards on a table and ask the players to match the cards that belong together.
Depending on the size of the group and the resources of the participants, you as the game leader choose a suitable number of pairs at the beginning. The matching can either be done in order or the seniors can freely choose the appropriate cards. In this case, it should be ensured that players who are limited in movement or vision also have the opportunity to find a matching pair.
When all the cards are matched, look at the pairs again with the group and read the full song titles, proverbs, couplets, etc. once in front of.


For advanced learners

Turn a part of the cards over so that it is not visible. It is easier to turn over the first part of the proverb, song title…, then only needs to add. Very fit players can also do the exercise if you cover up the second part of the pairs and then have to search for the first part. Now, one by one, seniors uncover the flipped cards and find the matching counterpart. The pair is laid to one side.

The memo variant

Place all the cards of the matching game face down in the middle of a table. Now the seniors turn over two cards at a time in clockwise order. When a pair is uncovered, it’s that person’s turn again. If the cards do not match, it is the next person’s turn.
The number of pairs depends on the resources of the participants. As with any memo game, it is also possible to leave some of the pairs face up, so that the seniors only have to match up the pictures.

Continuing offers

Depending on the occasion or theme, it is always possible for you to add or start short matching activations to the matching games. Thus, biographical conversations lend themselves to some groups, which can be structured, for example, using the proverbs, folk songs, or hit titles. For example, seniors can choose a couple they would like to talk about.

Choose songs that you can sing together with the seniors. Offer puzzles that match the theme, read poems or stories, and include movement exercises. This way you can easily create comprehensive and creative activation activities.

I’d much rather ski. A rhyming puzzle

How can you have three parches with five cards

This and more rhyming puzzles can also be found in our book Rhyme puzzle, which was published in cooperation with the SingLiesel publishing house. Please have a look at our book presentation on this subject. You can find more poems for winter under the keyword winter poems.

The snow melts. Sleep story for adults

How can you have three parches with five cards

The snow melts. Fall asleep story for adults

When the elegant but also monotonous white of winter slowly disappears and the snow melts, it means change. For life is returning to the previously silent landscapes. Animals and plants leave the quiet of winter behind and enjoy the first rays of sunshine after a long period of darkness.

A lively atmosphere is in the air. Frolicking squirrels and chirping birds welcome spring and are happy about the melting snow.
But we humans also look forward to warmer days and blooming meadows. Soon the trees will shine again in a beautiful green and give us shade.

Clear air accompanies the thaw, gentle rays of sunshine warm the scene and
the certainty that it is now getting lighter and lighter leaves us very relaxed. As we watch the world around us grow steadily greener and everyone goes about their day’s work cheerfully and in good spirits, we can hardly wait to greet the next morning.

Slowly our eyes fall closed and we imagine how springlike it will look tomorrow. Is there still snow or has it all thawed away by the next day?? Is there still something reminiscent of winter or is it already almost summer around us? By these thoughts we become more and more sleepy and have already almost arrived in the dream world.

Suddenly we see it clearly before us. Bright flowers and insects lightheartedly buzzing around greet a wonderful day. The higher the sun rises, the more the sun’s rays warm the landscape of forests and meadows, where many animals such as rabbits and hedgehogs romp about.

The birdlife also awakens to the rising sun and loudly greets the new day. In the midst of this blossoming nature, we sit comfortably on a bench and watch as loving couples hold hands and children play happily with each other. It has been a long time since a spring day was so beautiful and harmonious.

While you are still enjoying the beautiful surroundings without snow and ice, you slowly wake up and realize that you just had a wonderful dream and are in your bed and not in the middle of nature. As fast as you can, you go to your window to see if it looks like your dream outside. Full of joy, you realize that spring is really here and greets you with lots of sunshine.

If you also want to dream so beautifully and can’t wait to be woken up by spring, now is the time to close your eyes and fall asleep full of relaxation.

Good night, sleep tight and have a nice dream.

Especially when spring is just around the corner, you can delight seniors with this story and get them in the mood for the upcoming season. But at other times of the year, this bedtime story for adults is very well received and makes you want to dream. You can find more exciting or even cheerful stories for adults and seniors at this link.

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