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Removing stickers from glass: Four home remedy tricks solve the residues

30.01.2022 updated: 16:03

Removing stubborn price tags and labels made easy: With these simple home remedies, you can combat even the most annoying sticker.

Dortmund – Most glass containers are much too beautiful to throw away after use. Jam jars and empty glass bottles are far too suitable for reuse such as storage. At least, if there are not just annoying stickers stuck to it.

Product Food label
Information Ex. über ingredients, allergens, quality characteristics
Use U.a. on jam jars, drinks, honey, nut nougat cream

Removing the label from the glass: Four home remedy tricks against the residues

Labels not only look terrible, but often stick so tightly to the glass that it is almost impossible to remove them. That is above all extremely annoying, if the glasses are not only to be used as storage, but also as Deko. Fortunately, gasoline and nail polish remover can help. In an emergency, even the sticker remover from the hardware store works.

However, consumers can usually save themselves the trouble of going there. Before they spend their money in the hardware store, they should try home remedies – they are often an absolute miracle weapon for removal. In addition one protects thereby its skin and also the environment. When using home remedies, there are some tips and tricks on how to get rid of those pesky stickers especially well.

Remove labels and price tags with water and washing-up liquid – no guarantee of success

Many stickers can be removed with hot water, because many adhesives are water soluble. Sometimes you need additional conventional dishwashing detergent to remove it. But that doesn’t work in all cases either. The stubborn labels are successfully tackled with other tips and tricks for this purpose.

For the first trick, a hair dryer is used for removal. To do this, the appliance must be set to medium and held about ten centimeters away from the product with the sticker. This is done until the adhesive is loosened by the heat, and the label slowly comes off (all Lifehack news on RUHR24).

Removing stickers and labels with a hairdryer becomes child’s play

In contrast to the hot water and the washing-up liquid, the guarantee of success with the hairdryer is as good as guaranteed. The annoying stickers are not only on glasses, but also on books and dishes. Also the vignette for the passage to Austria on the car window can be very persistent.

The hair dryer method is great for removing stickers from items that shouldn’t get wet. However, the trick should not be used frequently. And for good reason: it’s absolutely not energy-saving and leads to additional electricity and heating costs in the long run.

Grease as an alternative: How to put an end to labels and stickers without heat and chemicals

If you want to get rid of annoying labels and stickers without a hairdryer and chemicals, there is still a cheap alternative. Greases are ideal for removing stickers. In most cases, you don’t even need to go to the supermarket to do this. In addition, the method is also environmentally friendly and the materials can almost always be found in the household.

Butter, margarine and cooking oil are often an absolute miracle weapon. For this trick you should first peel the label off the glasses as well as you can. The adhesive residues are then rubbed properly with butter or oil. The containers should be put aside for at least an hour to allow the grease to soak in. Afterwards, the remains can be easily removed with a little water and a dishwashing sponge.

Get rid of stickers with baking utensils: Removal made easy with baking soda and lemon

If all else fails, there is still the option of removing the stickers with baking utensils. The stickers can be removed especially well with baking soda and baking powder. To do this, simply add a little baking soda to a glass of water and brush it on the stickers.

After a few minutes of exposure, the sticker can be easily removed, and you don’t have to grind it off for hours until your nerves are shot.

If you don’t have baking soda or baking powder at home, you can also use a lemon. With the lemon juice the glue can also be loosened well. After a while the label comes off by itself as if by magic. However, since the juice is even more aggressive than detergent, it is not suitable for all surfaces. However, the trick can be used on glasses without any problems.

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