How to apply correctly

Application as a model – What model agencies want

How to apply as a model at a model agency?

Application as a model – What model agencies want

We are often asked what makes an application as a model to a modeling agency so special. On this page we would like to give you some hints on how to apply correctly, which documents are required, what kind of pictures are needed but also how to distinguish serious model agencies from the black sheep of the industry. But right at the beginning the tip: There is no "perfect" way to apply to a modeling agency. Each agency is a little different in the criteria.

The first step: Application as a model

Application as a model

Often you can find important information on how to apply for a job already on the agency’s website. We ourselves try to make it as easy as possible for the models by providing a Application form which first asks for all relevant data and at the same time offers the possibility of uploading pictures. The advantage is that we as an agency can then see everything directly at a glance. Alternatively, however, there is also an application as Data sheet.

It is important that you do not intentionally give false information about your measurements, because at the latest when you are invited to a meeting, the wrong information will come out and you may have traveled a long way for nothing.

The picture selection

Suction. Polaroids or Polas

When applying for a job as a model, the most important thing is the choice of pictures you send to an agency. The agency does not necessarily expect a finished portfolio of pictures, because not every model has a large portfolio right at the beginning, but there are often years of work behind it.

Important for agencies that you send at least one portrait picture as well as a full body picture of you. Very welcome are also always sog. Polas (also called Polas / Polaroids). Even if you think that you have no chance with these natural and unedited pictures when applying as a model – this is not so. On the contrary: Often agencies can estimate so much better what can be made of you everything.

How to take my measurements?

When applying as a model, it is important that you know your measurements and take them at least every three months to forward changes to the agency. The "measurements" are the three circumferences of the bust, waist and hips, because these are essential for perfectly fitting clothes. We often find that there are problems with measuring, so here is a little help, which by the way applies to both men and women.

Take chest measurement

It’s best to pose for a big mirror where you can see yourself completely. Stand upright and wrap the tape measure around your chest from behind over your back. It should go around the fullest part of your chest. Bring the tape measure together in the front so that you can see the number. Don’t pull the tape measure too tight, so as not to get a wrong value.

Measure the waist

It is best to take your measurements in your underwear or bikini, if possible, as this ensures greater accuracy. Stand up straight and bend to one side.
Where your body bends in is your waistline. Here you take the same measurement as for the chest. Make sure the tape measure is as parallel to the floor as possible.

Take hip measurement

Finally, take the measurement around your hips. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips and butt to get the correct hip measurement.

Every now and then there are other measurements that an agency would like to know from you, such as your height.B. Arm length of leg length. But this is rarely the case when applying for a job as a model. If you need this measurement, let the model agency advise you how to take the measurement correctly.

If you have sent an application, you should receive at least one piece of information within the next few weeks. Agencies often have a lot to do and receive numerous applications, which is why such a process can take some time, after all, agencies want to deal with each application extensively. If you should take. If you haven’t heard from an agency in 4 weeks, it’s always worth giving them a call.

If you get a rejection from an agency, take it sportive and don’t let it get you down.
Agencies often have different evaluation criteria and different customer base. The agencies usually think one step further – namely whether there are potential customers in the customer base for whom you are interesting. Since agencies should never charge you money for a shoot, agencies invest a lot of time in advance in creating online presences etc. in you and therefore do not want models to end up as deadbeats.

If you get positive feedback, they will often ask for more pictures to show you in the best possible light on the website. In the digital world also Videosedcards more and more popular. See an example here. Clients often make decisions based on the material they send in, so bear with the agencies if they keep asking you to send actual pictures and to expand your portfolio. Use tools like WeTransfer or Dropbox to make your image portfolio available to agencies. You can then assume that your application as a model will be accepted.

Often the last step is to get to know the people in charge of the agency personally. If you know each other, it is always advantageous for all sides. The agency knows you better and can offer you targeted to the customer. And for you, getting to know each other is the first step to building trust. Should you already have a model book, all the better. Bring it with you at this appointment.

What agencies don’t want in a model application

Again and again we experience that seemingly self-evident things are not adhered to when applying for a job as a model. With incomplete contact details, age information and / or missing pictures, an application is usually sent to the trash without comment – because what are we supposed to evaluate there??

How to apply correctly

Please apply only with current pictures, because pictures on which you have blond hair, for example, do not help us if you currently wear dark hair.

Agencies also have a sense of whether an application for an agency is serious or just a mass email with general information sent to all agencies in the country. With one it will already work out. Choose only ONE agency to represent you in a few cities. It does not help anyone if you are represented by all agencies in one city. This will only harm you, because often several agencies are requested. This way a client will be offered the same model (possibly with different prices) by several agencies.

Still, don’t go crazy when applying for a job as a model. An application does not have to be 100% perfect and flawless. Even behind agencies there are only people. Most important are a few meaningful photos, your own contact information, and a few nice lines about why exactly you want to apply. The rest will then follow on its own!

Should you now have the desire to apply as a model, then we are pleased! In addition to fashion shows, we also specialize in advertising shoots and image films, for which we are always looking for model types from a wide variety of fields

We look forward to your Apply as a model at the model agency Fisher’s House.

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