How to build a processor

Please note

Mainboards and processors are highly sensitive. Therefore, the greatest care should be taken during installation and a few points should be observed. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing warranty claims if damage occurs during installation. Our assembly instruction explains what to pay attention to for a successful assembly.

Please note that depending on the composition of the PC components, a different procedure than the one presented here may come into question. Therefore, please regard our instruction as exemplary.

Please "ground" yourself before each step, z.B. by touching a heating element o.a. Otherwise, a static discharge can lead to a hardware defect. Do not use any metal tools, as they may scratch the surface. This can result in reduced cooling performance.

How it works:

Assembly instructions Intel CPU and cooler

Before inserting the processor, the socket bracket must be unlocked. To do this, the locking bracket is opened. The bracket is first pulled away from the socket and then folded away upwards. The socket automatically swings open when the bracket is moved far backwards.

The place of the actual processor is first taken by a plastic panel. This can be removed after opening the base. Caution! Please proceed carefully, otherwise the contacts may be bent. The processor can only be placed on the socket in one way. This is ensured by two side notches.

In order to lock the socket with the installed processor again, only the locking bracket has to be brought back into the original position and hooked in.

For the respective socket the socket holder must still be mounted.


  • Please take care that the base plate is not accidentally scratched when screwing it together. The grooves and bumps can lead to a blatant decrease in cooling performance.
  • In order to guarantee a faultless function, the screws must not protrude over the cooler base plate.
  • In order to ensure a secure hold of the heatsink, the backplate is screwed onto the underside of the mainboard as a counterpart.
  • If the fan cable is loose, there is a risk that it will get into the fan blades and cause them to stall. Therefore, it is recommended to fix it with cable ties by tightening the screws.

Building instruction AMD-CPU and cooler

Before inserting the processor, the cap must be opened. This is the case when the bracket is pointing upwards at a 90° angle.

The CPU is inserted with the pins into the corresponding recesses

Please note: Although the CPU base is square, mounting is only possible in one position. The matching corner is marked on the CPU as well as on the socket with a small triangle resp. Arrow provided.

Before closing the shutter, the CPU must be flush in the socket. Otherwise, the pins or the socket may be damaged when the cooler is attached.

When the CPU is in the socket, close the locking lever. Use light pressure to prevent the processor from slipping out of the socket.

The cooling paste should be spread evenly on the heatspreader with a small spatula

After mounting on the retention module, the fan must be fixed in place. The enclosed installation instructions provide exact information on how to mount the cooler properly. Please work with extreme care here, as physical damage to the board and/ or heatsink will void any warranty claims.

CPU installation in video

To make the installation even easier, we have prepared a video for you in which we show how to properly install a processor including a cooler.

PC building for beginners

From the individual parts to the finished system:
The ultimate step-by-step guide

CPU installation video

To make the installation even easier, we have prepared a video for you, in which we show how to properly install a processor including cooler.

PC building for beginners

From parts to finished system: the ultimate step-by-step guide

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