How to create a mind map

The 5 steps to your mind map

I actually tried it myself and it’s not just fun but also works: MIND-MAPPING- a creative thinking tool, with which you train your memory or your brain. find topics and develop them further.

A intuitive thinking aid, the Creativity and idea development supported. It is a way to think effectively and a way that is easy to implement!

The 5 steps of a mind map

  1. Start with it a Term or. of a Graphic write or draw in the middle of a sheet of paper.
  2. Then draw around that term the ideas, words, things that you associate with that term and draw one Line of each idea etc. to the idea in the middle. This ensures that your thoughts and your creativity will be more effective stimulates and associations are awakened.
  3. Then add the next level ideas (second ideas level) at the ends of these lines. Lead this process go on and on.
  4. Use different colors for different ideas strands. That stimulates additionally.
  5. You can do this for any length of time and infinite continue until you have a representation in front of you that basically looks like a Projection, a reflection or associations and creative thoughts in your head are!

It is valid here always only ONE WORD or. A NOTION respectively. add ONE DRAWING, not a whole sentence! Why? Because every word etc. which you write down work for you and Free space to develop further, so to speak!

What are the advantages Mind-Map?

  • You get a Üoverview üabout your ideas
  • You structure your associations
  • It helps your creative Potential to continue infinitely
  • It’s a good one Training for your memory

I find such aids, just a times when you have writing frustration, or a writing inhibition (ebook, pdf), a good mental Loosening exercise.

Have you ever created a mind map? How do you proceed and what are your tips??

Read here how to put your ideas into a web-text or a story!

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Very great tip, just the right thing for me. I am a very chaotic person and my thoughts are always going around in circles. This would be ideal to create some order in my mind.
Very dear greetings

Dear Sigrid – almost namesake ;O)! That makes me happy! We inspire each other! Thank you! VG! Sirit

Hello Sirit,
I like mindmaps very much and have been using them for many, many years. By the way, not only for finding ideas, but also for learning. For example, during presentations: When the content is collected, I use a MindMap to design everything so that I can pass on the info fluently. Of course, not only do I learn to internalize everything well, but it also helps me to identify gaps in my story. In the end, thanks to the MindMap, I can say everything fluently without having to read from the screen or stare at the monitor ("what comes next?")?!") or even put a lot of text on my slides (to remember). I can really recommend this approach.
Many greetings,

I think this is great! How great, this idea! I’ll take it with me to my presentation next week!! Thank you, Bianca! VG! Sirit

Thanks for the great inspiration about mindmaps.

So far, I actually use these rather rarely; had to do this all the time at school back then, because I had a teacher who was kind of crazy about mindmaps. Probably that’s why I do it so rarely today and have developed a different way of working.

Then of course I would be interested to know which! Thank you! VG! Sirit

an interesting contribution dear Sirit! i have honestly never thought about how a MIndmap should be built … when i create such a mind map it happens i.d.R. quite intuitively&

dearest greetings also,
❤ Tina from

Thank you Tina! Intuition is such a valuable quality! LG and have a nice weekend!

I hated mind maps in school and still did when I started at the ad agency… But now I love the method – it just really comes out a lot&

Love, Katii

Thank you Katii for your comment! LG and have a nice WE! Sirit

Good idea with the mind mapping. I’ve heard of it, but I never really understood it.
However, I think you have a typo in the subheading – it says 7 steps to mind mapping and only 5 are listed&
Love greetings,

Tam: Thank you! That’s so nice of you to let me know about the 7 and 5 ! There used to be 7, I shortened them because I found it too confusing. Thanks! LG! Sirit

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