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01.02.2022 updated: 11:26

In the cold season, many car drivers are annoyed by fogged windows. The ADAC now gives tips on how to solve the problem quickly and easily.

Germany – Moisture in the car can occur at any time of the year. In the cold season the problem is particularly present and so it comes that the windows fog up much faster than in spring or summer. It is especially annoying when you want to drive off and the windows immediately mist up and prevent you from seeing the road. What do?

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Fogged-up windows in the car: ADAC gives simple tips to solve the problem

Car windows fog up when the humidity in the car is too high. Therefore, it is essential that the humid air is effectively and quickly removed from the vehicle. The ADAC now gives tips on how best to do this.

Probably the best way to clear the windows as quickly as possible is to turn on the heater and fan in the car. The ADAC recommends setting the heating to the warmest setting and the fan to the highest setting. This binds the moist air and dries it out. Important: Ventilation and window must be directed directly upwards against the windshield, otherwise it will not clear (more lifehacks at RUHR24).

Air conditioning and heating can help to clear the windows inside the car

When the weather is nice, it makes more sense to leave the heating off and instead simply open the window. The reason for this is simple: if the sun is shining outside and it is not raining, the air outside is drier than inside the vehicle. By exchanging air with fresh air, the windshield clears faster. In rain or fog, however, the windows should remain closed.

ÄLike a heater and fan, the air conditioning system also ensures that the air in the car becomes drier. It quickly and effectively pulls the moisture out of the air and the windows are quickly cleared. But beware: below an outside temperature of about five degrees, the air conditioning switches off. In icy temperatures around freezing point, the tactic therefore makes little sense.

The trunk should also be checked at low temperatures: Not all objects in the car can withstand frost.

Dirty windows fog up faster – regular cleaning can help

It makes more sense, however, to always have a rag or sponge ready in the car. If the windows are wet and heavily fogged, they can be wiped free in no time with both utensils. Especially helpful if you have to go to work in the morning and the heating is still cold.

By the way: Moisture settles less on clean windows. Therefore, the interior windows of the car should be cleaned regularly, preferably with glass cleaner.

Fighting the cause instead of solving the problem: Preventing dampness in winter is important

Owners of modern cars have a considerable advantage over owners of older cars when it comes to clearing the windows: the new vehicles often have a button with a windshield symbol that allows maximum ventilation and heating directly onto the windshield. In addition, many cars nowadays have a front window heater.

The aforementioned tips clear fogged windows, but they don’t solve the underlying problem: too much moisture in the car. But how do you manage to keep the vehicle dry and prevent fogged windows in the cold season and when it rains??

Garages can cause car windows to fog up more quickly

The ADAC recommends checking the car for leaks and switching to rubber floor mats in both fall and winter and removing the water from them regularly. Otherwise it evaporates through the heating air and condenses on the windows.

The right parking space is also decisive for whether the car gets damp or stays dry. Especially in poorly ventilated garages, moisture can develop quickly and the vehicle cannot dry properly after driving. Therefore, the garage should be ventilated regularly. If that’s not enough, a built-in ventilation system can provide a remedy.

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