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If you have a long face? Then you tolerate distinctive frames and high lenses. You can find out what else you should look out for here.

A long face

The long face usually looks narrow. The distance between the eyes is often shortened. These faces often appear more angular and striking due to the lack of fullness. The contours are heart-shaped and rectangular as well as oval – or they are mixed shapes.

Often these faces are very plastic, i.e. the opposite of flat. This often makes finding the optimal version even more difficult. If a pair of glasses is not curved, but has normal-sized lenses, the frame often protrudes far from the face at the temple base. In the half profile this does not look very flattering.

Glasses for a long face

The following models of glasses are well suited for a long face.

Striking faces

If the face seems relatively long compared to its width, a prominent frame can visually interrupt this length. This makes the face appear shorter and thus more harmonious. The more contrasting the color of the glasses and the thicker the frame – the greater the effect.

High glasses

Tall lens shapes are ideal for a long face, as the top and bottom contours of the glasses interrupt the face more effectively than narrower lenses do. Here, too, striking full rim frames enhance the positive effect. However, you should make sure that the glasses really match your style type in terms of color and style. If the glasses are too conspicuous, they could "steal the show" from you. If there is little distance between your brow and your eye, try glasses with less height.

Round frames

Do you have a rather angular, long face? Then the following applies to you: round and curved shapes of glasses make a rectangular face look softer and visually compensate for overly hard facial features. If you like to emphasize your angular facial features, because they fit well with your personality, you can of course also resort to angular shapes.

Glasses shape follows side contour

If you have a heart-shaped face, the dominance is clearly in the upper or. the forehead. Lenses that follow the outer contour look harmonious on you: They become wider towards the top, narrower towards the bottom. A dainty upper rim accent or a delicate full rim frame may be suitable to visually recede a dominant forehead. Shapes of glasses in which the lower contour rises sideways look very harmonious on this face shape. Under-rim accentuations or prominent full-rim frames can quickly appear dominant due to the narrow facial area below the cheeks. Rimless frames are recommended for very narrow faces.

Image: Curatorship of Good Vision

Opt for top rather than bottom set temples. Their pronounced forehead-sleep area accommodates them better visually. Striking, prominent frames are less good for a narrow, heart-shaped face because of the small face area.

If your face is not narrow but wide? Then read about our eyewear tips for a wide face.

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