How to make the introduction to your job application a success – examples& sample

All beginnings are hard and that goes for job applications too. Are you also close to despair, because you simply lack good ideas for a suitable first sentence in the cover letter of your application?? Then you are right in this article!

In the following, we will tell you what is important for a skilful introduction to an application, what you should basically bear in mind, and also provide you with valuable tips as well as templates for introductory sentences to a classic and a speculative application, with which you can convince recruiters:

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The correct salutation in your cover letter

With the wrong form of address, in the worst case you can already lose all chances of reading on. If specific contact persons are named in the job posting, be sure to address them directly: "Dear Ms. …," or "Dear Mr…," Be very careful to spell the name correctly, because this is where a mistake is guaranteed to stand out.

If you can’t find the appropriate contact person even after a long Internet search, keep it general with "Dear Sir or Madam,". According to DIN 5008, which governs letter specifications, a line is left blank after the salutation before your introductory text then begins.

What should generally be considered when introducing an application??

The introduction of your application is like the first impression: It decides in many cases immediately whether you arouse the interest of your counterpart, whether you attract positive attention and one looks at your application more exactly or the application is directly sorted out.

Besides, applying for a job is like dressing for an interview: it also depends on the type of employment (internship, apprenticeship, full-time job, etc).), the type of industry (commercial, industrial), the position (executive, entry-level) and the company (conservative, traditional, modern) to which formulations fit and which do not. For example, you should be more conventional in an application as an executive in banking, while your application documents for an internship in an advertising agency can also be more experimental.

Ask yourself some questions in advance of your application to find out what is most important and cannot be missing:

  1. Why exactly are you applying?
  2. What attracts you to the job and/or the company?
  3. Why you are just the person to do this?
  4. Why should the relevant personnel decision maker also see this and invite you for an interview?
  5. Was there an experience in the professional past that generates attention and shows a connection to the job (convince with concrete examples)?
  6. If possible, avoid phrases like "I hereby apply…" or that you "read the job advertisement with great interest" – these phrases have been used too many times before. It therefore sounds neither individual nor creative. Remember that employees in the personnel department receive many applications every day and you want to distinguish yourself from the others.

What does the perfect introductory sentence look like (classic vs. speculative application)?

One of the usual characteristics of a "successful introductory sentence" is that you stand out from the crowd. Try to create positive emotions such as surprise and curiosity – similar to a journalist who wants to encourage readers to read on with his first sentence. So, the first sentences of your application should be as individual as possible, make your reader want to get to know you better, and tend to be short and snappy.

Here are a few examples of good introductory sentences for a job application. These are really just to give you some initial stimulus and need to be customized with your ideas to the individual job and your person to give you the best possible chance of success with your application.

The simple introduction of an application

Dear contact person,

the position you have advertised as a desired job has aroused my interest.

While this opening line for a job application isn’t exactly creative and honestly seems rather trite, it does allow you to show in the sentences that follow exactly why you are the perfect candidate for the advertised position. Explain why you find the offer exciting and why you are an equally exciting candidate for the company.

The confident introduction of an application

Dear Mr. Contact,

I have good news for you: Your search for a new job title (bspw.: human resources manager) is over!

If you want to go into your cover letter in this way, you should be aware that this raises expectations accordingly. So you should also be able to deliver what you promise. Clearly demonstrate that you are a perfect fit for the advertised position. Then in many cases the chances are good that you will at least get a chance for an interview. However, such a brash appearance is not welcome everywhere, so you should weigh whether it is suitable for the company and your intended job or not.

The introductory sentence of an application for the first job after the education

Dear contact person,

This coming August, I will successfully complete my training as an apprentice and would like to use the skills I have learned in your company.

Every recruiter will now almost certainly ask whether or not you have received an offer of employment from your training company. If this is the case, you should explain why you still want to change to another company ("get to know another company that offers me options A, B and C").

The introductory sentence of an application for a career change

Dear contact person,

for many years I have been working as a sample profession, but for this good reason, it is now time for me to face a new challenge. I have intensively studied the tasks as a new sample occupation and convinced myself in an internship at the sample company that a job as a sample occupation is exactly right for me.

Whereas in the past people mostly stayed in the same job from training to retirement, it is now much more common to see regular breaks in people’s resumes. The biggest possible step here is certainly the change of the practiced profession. An employer is often rather skeptical about such an application. Therefore, it is important that you make it clear that you are serious and have really thought about it. In addition, you should also explain to your employer of choice that you have the necessary skills and convince them that you are willing to learn what you need to learn. still missing.

The introductory sentence of a job application when changing industries

Dear Mr. Contact Person,

You are looking for someone who understands their craft, but brings a fresh eye to the tasks at hand in your company? Then we should definitely talk!

Changing industries during your lifetime is not uncommon. One or the other employer tends to give preference to people with experience in their own industry over inexperienced applicants. To avoid such situations, it makes sense to show that you are consciously taking this step. Explain why this is an advantage from your point of view (challenging entrenched processes, fresh ideas, etc.).).

The introductory sentence of an application for a training position

Dear contact person,

my enthusiasm for suitable characteristic and further suitable characteristic have made one thing clear to me: I would like to become a desired profession!

Show the reader of your application that you have already thought about the career you want to pursue. If you can then also convincingly explain why exactly this company is your employer of choice, your chances are not bad that you will be allowed to prove yourself in a personal interview or during a trial period.

Unsolicited application: How to formulate the cover letter successfully

If you would like to apply without referring to a specific job offer, apply on your own initiative. If you are lucky, there are open positions that have just not yet been advertised. Then, of course, your chances are greater, since significantly fewer people have applied for this position. If there is no vacancy at the moment, there is still the possibility that you can present yourself positively for the future and remain in the memory of the personnel decision-makers.

Make sure you find out who the right contact person is and get in touch with them. In the case of a speculative application, you must never use the general form of address "Dear Sir or Madam"!

Even if you are not referring to a specific job offer here, you should focus on why exactly you would like to work at your chosen company: For example, emphasize the positive appearance on the homepage, in other job offers, etc. and thus make the connection to the company. You also want to find out for yourself whether this company could be something for you.

Focus on your professional strengths as much as on your soft skills, which you demonstrate by example. Explain why the company will benefit from you, but also what motivates you to apply there.

In a speculative application, it is even more important than in a classic application to write in a particularly attention-grabbing and targeted way and to arouse interest: Be emotional, write in an active style and show especially much of your personality! Again, short and sweet works best.

Of course, attach copies of your job references, references from former employers and your resume here as well.

In summary, you can remember the following tips for the introduction of a job application

  • Write individually instead of using empty phrases
  • Arouse interest and curiosity
  • Use positive phrases
  • Short and snappy instead of long-winded
  • Only form meaningful sentences
  • Naturally faultless: Better to be controlled by another person

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