How to write a book review

You don’t have to be a professional reviewer to write a book review. You can also write book reviews for many online portals. If you take into account a few tips and tricks, you can easily write your first review.

How to write a book review

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Preparation for writing a book review

In order to write a good book review, it is important that you make some notes about the book beforehand. This way you won’t forget anything important and you can structure the content of your review much better.

  • Take notes: Take notes on the content of the book as you read it. First, you should write down the most important information about the book: Which author, original title translated, ISBN, genre, and the publisher where it was published. Then note what you particularly liked and what you did not like about the book.
  • Create an outline: Create an outline in advance and organize your notes according to positive and negative aspects. In this way, you do not forget any important points when writing.
  • Pay attention to your language Write understandably right from the start and stick to a neutral tone as much as possible. Insults do not belong in a review. Use irony and wit only if you know that no one will take it the wrong way.

The introduction of a review

Now you can start with the actual writing of the review. This consists of three different parts and the first deals with the introduction.

  • Be sure to name the author, title, genre, year, and publisher where the book was published, and possibly the target audience as well.
  • Likewise, you should the protagonists, (the main characters), briefly introduce.
  • Give a briefoverview of the plot, without giving away the ending.
  • Explain Topic of the book, this may differ from the plot. (Example: Plot takes place in the Middle Ages, the theme is an unrequited love story)
  • Keep this part relatively short, because the second part is much more relevant.

You do not have to be a professional critic to write a book review

The main part

The most important part of your review is the main part. There you write down all the important points of criticism and explain your opinion. This is what makes a good book review.

  • Analyze the plot of the book. Is it expressed in a coherent and understandable way? Does the content fit the time in which the book takes place?
  • Explain whether the characters Be believable and their actions understandable.
  • Also go into the language one that the author uses. Are stylistic devices used? What kind of language is used? Is the book easy to understand?
  • How did the overall impression of the book on you? Compare your first and last impression of the book. What expectations did the book raise in you and could it fulfill them?
  • Give reasons for your statements always, instead of simply throwing assertions into the room.
  • Don’t jump back and forth between points, always finish your thoughts. This makes it easier for the reader to follow you.
  • Do not forget to your opinion to express your opinion about the book in a factual and precise way.

The final part of the review

To round off your book review nicely, last but not least is the concluding part. Also here you have to consider a few things, which should definitely be in the last part.

  • Give a short Conclusion to the book from.
  • You can briefly highlight special features again.
  • Depending on how you liked the book, you can recommend or advise against buying.
  • say who the book would be suitable for, for example, what age group or target audience.
  • Evaluate the book with a Rating Scale, stars, for example, are easy to understand.

You don’t want to write just a book review, but your own book? In the next article we have the 10 best tips on how to write your first own book. We also have 5 tips on how to write better.

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