“I’m sorry” sayings – 40 sayings from the bottom of our hearts

Love is the most beautiful thing we can have in the world. It beautifies our life. But love can also be a dangerous weapon, for no one can hurt us more than those we love.

There are times in life when we make mistakes and hurt the people we love. When that happens, we feel guilty.

We all make a big mistake sooner or later, but what matters is that we make it up to you. If we give someone heartache, we have to take responsibility and admit our mistake.

Apologies do not undo our mistakes by any means, but they can help us show the loved one that we are very sorry.

It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes from time to time, but true greatness is seen in an apology and a forgiveness.

If you have hurt someone, ask for forgiveness! Forgive if someone hurts you!

I’ll help you find the right words to say you’re sorry. If they hear the right words, they certainly can’t stay mad at you for long!

I’m sorry- Love sayings

It hurts when we see that we have hurt a beloved person. We realize right away that we’ve made a big mistake.

Then we feel like we’re the worst person in the world. We would do anything to undo it, but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way…

What’s done is done. Life goes on and we have to make up for our mistakes.

We must learn "Forgive me from the heart and then we can only hope that they forgive us.

Here are some sayings you can use to say you’re sorry.

1. I know, that my behavior was stupid. Forgive me, even if it takes a while. I long for you. Give me a sign and all will be well.

2. Mistakes are there to learn from. I made one and learned from it. Forgive me! I get another chance like I once had?

3. What I really want to say is I’m sorry. I know, that you don’t deserve to be hurt like this, and I know, That you’ll find someone who loves you and treats you right. The person will make you happy and not hurt you like me.

4. I just can’t bear your pain. Forgive me my mistakes and let’s continue our relationship.

5. I never wanted to hurt you, that’s what I swore to myself. And now it has happened. What I would give to have you believe that this will never happen again.

6. Please forgive me, I’m not perfect either. Don’t think I’ll let you go just like that, for I’ll fight for you!

7. Forgive me! I love you and never want to miss you again. That’s why I have this one request: Cover my guilty conscience with your kisses.

8. I made a very big mistake then, I hurt and offended you. But now I realize that I need you. Please come back to me!

9. When you’re mad at me I feel weak and insignificant. You are my strength and I am sorry.

10. I apologize for my behavior. I can hardly imagine ever meeting a person I care about so much in my life again. Our love means everything to me.

11. I understand now that I was selfish and didn’t pay attention to your feelings. Forgive me because I was stupid.

12. Love is time, life, it learns to forgive people. She blinded me, so I did not see my own feelings. Please forgive me!

13. You can imagine how much I regret my mistake. But I have learned and I know, that it will never happen again. Accept my little gift and forgive me!

14. Life is too short to be angry for long! Forgive me..

15. It makes me smile when I think of you and I know, That our love is real. So I’m writing you this letter so you know how I really feel.

16. I forgot the value of your laughter and after this quarrel I realize how important it is to me.

17. Sorry, I hurt you. I am so sorry. I wish this had never happened! If I had caused myself pain, it would not have been so bad.

18. Stay with me. Even though I made a mistake. Otherwise I will be lost like an abandoned boat drifting aimlessly in the sea.

19. The last goodbye was unbearable. I don’t want it to end like this. I can only promise you mending with all my heart.

20. My dearest treasure. You got angry at me, for which I am very sorry. Can you forgive me again? I lay my heart at your feet and beg your forgiveness.

Please forgive me SMS sayings

Small romantic messages are always a nice sign of attention. With them we can show our beloved person that we think about him and miss him.

But it is very painful when we hurt the person we love the most. A little WhatsApp or SMS message can always help us a bit, so that we prove that we are very sorry and that we still regret our mistake.

Here I have some I’m sorry sayings for you to send as a message.

1. Once upon a time there was a teddy bear, he loved you so much. But he didn’t think, made a big mistake. That’s why he asks: "Forgive me!”

2. A little heart sits sadly at home, misses you, has a guilty conscience and wants to tell you: I’m sorry that I reacted that way. Good again?

3. I have no salt for my tears, they don’t flow because they are ashamed, you were the salt in my life, can’t you forgive me?

4. Sorry that I never showed you properly how much I love you. I’m sorry I never really took the time, I hope it’s not too late.

5. Dear little cuddly toy, be so kind forgive me! You are my best friend and I meant no harm!

6. I’m sorry, I never meant to, that’s what the tear that rolls down my cheek says, I’ll never do it again, because we mustn’t fall out.

7. We can’t change the past we have only the future left. Please forgive me!

8. It was all my fault. Only now I feel to love you properly. I’m sorry to have to ask for your forgiveness again.

9. New beginning! As all dreams once fizzle out, I want to start all over again with you alone.

10. Everyone makes mistakes you know that too. So please forgive me.. then you make me happy. Then we can go again as before also through thick and thin.

11. I am really the last! You can never make it up to me, but I love you very much. Please give me a chance to make everything good!

12. I would fetch the stars from heaven for you, I would give my life for you only so that you would forgive me! Please forgive! I love you.

13. The days, weeks, years were much too beautiful to see them fade away now. Forgive me, give me another chance. I need you, with you I’m like in a trance.

14. There are lucky people who fall flat on their face, but they still find something in the process. Forgive me and stay with me. I do not want to lose you.

15. I was really mean. But that’s not what I wanted to be!! Please do not leave me alone. For I know, I don’t want to be without you! I love you!

16. I’m a fool, an idiot, a dumbass, an ass! Call me what you want, but forgive me! I don’t want to lose you!

17. Alternately a tear rolls from my face, one for you, one for me, so that they unite into a sea and wash away all the sorrow and pain.

18. You know I love you. Even if we have a fight, I still love you; and always will. Sorry honey, I’m really sorry.

19. All last night I was thinking about what I did wrong, I really hurt you and I’m sorry, can you forgive me again??

20. A little star is in despair because it cries a tear. This tear speaks to you and asks: Do you forgive me??

I am sorry- 15 Wisdoms of life

We all make mistakes and that’s no secret. But every mistake we make should be a lesson to us.

We must learn from our mistakes so that we do not hurt those we love.

As soon as we hurt our loved ones, we have to show them that we love them and that we are very sorry, then they will forgive us.

You could certainly use some life wisdom to learn how important it is in life to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness.

Forget- not only the great ones forgive!

1. To receive forgiveness is just so sweet to my heart than gratitude deserves, indeed sweeter; for the sentiment is more unselfish. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2. Never blame others to excuse yourself. – Unknown

3. The meanest person is the one who accepts no apology, covers no sin and forgives no fault. – Arabic proverb

4. The outward forgiveness, so I show with the deed, is a certain sign that I myself have forgiveness of sin with God. – Martin Luther

5. Asking for forgiveness is often hard, very hard. But it’s a fortune and a mercy to have someone you can ask like that! – Karl May

6. More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies if they are sincere. – Greg LeMond

7. We should always forgive: To the penitent for his sake, to the impenitent and for our sake. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

8. You have to be able to forgive. Man’s life is too short to spend it with grudges and vindictiveness. – Frederick II. the Great

9. When a woman has forgiven a man once, she doesn’t have to rehash his sins for breakfast. – Marlene Dietrich

10. The weak cannot forgive. Forgiveness is a quality of the strong. – Mahatma Gandhi

11. If women love us, they forgive us everything, even our offenses. If they do not love us, they will not forgive us, even our virtues. – Honore de Balzac

12. Women are always ready to forgive and forget. But they never forget what they have forgiven. – James Stephens

13. Forgive and forget is the revenge of a good man. – Friedrich Schiller

14. Isn’t forgiveness a pleasure for a good heart?? – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

15. Forgive others much, yourself nothing. – Proverb

ConclusionHurting a loved one is painful for them and for us. Just the memory of hurting our loved ones, we regret for a lifetime.

We love them and never want to see them suffer. We want to protect them.

But we all do something wrong sooner or later and then the guilty conscience comes into play. A big mistake we cannot undo.

Sometimes our only option is to simply confess our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

We forgive the people we love, so if you apologize from the bottom of your heart, your loved one will forgive you.

I have collected for you 40 I’m sorry sayings with which you can express your regret. Put your pride aside and say you’re sorry!

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