In demand this is what members of the bundestag from the rhein-sieg district have to say about compulsory vaccination

Do we need mandatory vaccination to overcome the Corona pandemic? And if so, how should this be designed? To this end, members of the German Bundestag launched a so-called orientation debate last week. How do the deputies from the region position themselves on this issue? The editorial team asked the five parliamentarians from the Rhein-Sieg district to explain their attitude. Three of them answered.

Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker (CDU)


Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker (CDU)

"We need a higher vaccination rate, to protect against a possible next wave. From a general vaccination obligation I am nevertheless not yet completely convinced. A solution based on counseling, persuasion, and clear 2G-plus rules would be better; I favor mandatory medical counseling with vaccination offered to reach those who have not taken this step due to lack of time or dubious information from the web.

An immunization registry would be necessary to target citizens. Open questions about proportionality and enforceability can only be answered if the government provides robust figures on infections, hospitalization and vaccination status and makes an implementation proposal – both of which Chancellor Scholz is known to reject."

Sebastian Hartmann (SPD)

"The vaccination rate is too low, although we defeat the pandemic through vaccination. I already voted for facility-based vaccination obligations at Corona or a measles vaccination obligation as suitable instruments. Whether a vaccination obligation is a suitable as legally and actually realizable measure, I weigh under impression of the orientation debate. It is an open question whether only three vaccinations are sufficient without later boosters.

Whether current vaccines stop the spread or only prevent severe courses of the disease. Successful more vaccinations – possibly against patient will – without straining the trust relationship doctor/patient? Offences against duties are to be punished, otherwise duties run into the void. But fines the following forcible detentions are unacceptable and also legally safe to exclude."

Nicole Westig (FDP)

Nicole Westig, FDP

"For a very long time I thought about how to decide on this question. As a health politician, I naturally want to protect our health care system and all those who work there from overload as best as possible. At the same time I feel a general vaccination obligation just as a Free Democrat as a serious encroachment on the fundamental rights of the individual.

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Therefore, I am glad to be able to tread a middle path, which first relies on eliminating the still prevailing information deficit in the population by making counseling mandatory for all adult unvaccinated people. If that doesn’t help to significantly increase the vaccination rate, then a mandatory vaccination requirement should be introduced for everyone aged 50 and older.

I am against a general vaccination obligation and for an age-related vaccination obligation, flanked with a powerful communication campaign for the general public and for individual target groups as well as outreach or low-threshold vaccination offers, as they already exist in the Rhine-Sieg district in many municipalities."

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